CSO Office - Cadet Ashford reporting for Duty - Check In

Posted Oct. 27, 2023, 11:13 a.m. by Cadet James Ashford (Scientist) (John Febuary)

Posted by Lieutenant Demil Lis (Chief Science Officer) in CSO Office - Cadet Ashford reporting for Duty - Check In

Posted by Cadet James Ashford (Scientist) in CSO Office - Cadet Ashford reporting for Duty - Check In

Posted by Lieutenant Demil Lis (Chief Science Officer) in CSO Office - Cadet Ashford reporting for Duty - Check In
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Cadet Ashford closes his eyes with anxiety. He is at the door to the CSO’s office, and he imagines the possibliltys awaiting him with Starfleet. He opens his eyes and walks through the door which opens with a loud swoosh. Cadet Ashford steps inside of the room. A Trill named Demil Lis is waiting at his desk. Ashford sudenly felt hot - he was starting to sweat. “Cadet Ashford reporting for duty, sir.” He barely got out without any voice cracks. He hoped spending some time on the Challanger would help relive him of his anxiety.
OOC: Welcome aboard! Just a note, make sure and write in past tense! “Cadet Ashford closed his eyes with anxiety. He was…”. The two other thing are to make sure not to write other people’s characters for them (I see what you were going for, and this particular instance is probably fine. Just keep it in mind! :) ), and to sign off with your character’s name and position!

Demil turned, shaping his face into a smile. “Welcome aboard the Challenger, cadet.” He stood, crossing around the desk and gesturing to a small silver conference table in the corner of his office. “Please, have a seat. Would you like any refreshments?” His foot quietly tapped as he stood in front of the desk, waiting for a reply.

Lieutenant Demil Lis
Cadet Ashford turned to take a seat. “Um.. No thank you sir” he said, uneasily responding to the refreshment. He was still very nervous about the new assignment. “Thank you for having me on board the Challenger, and it is an honor to be serving here.” Ashford was starting to feel a lot more comfortable on this ship now that he had gotton some words out to someone.
-Cadet Ashford, Science-
“I look forward to your contributions,” Demil said, sitting opposite Ashford at the table. “Now, I’ve read your file, of course, but what would you say your strengths as an officer and as a scientist are?” he asked, pulling out a PADD.

Lieutenant Demil Lis
OOC: I should probably include the following in my bio, right?

IC: “I would say some of my strengths as an officer would be being able to follow orders, adapt to the situation, and communicate with my fellow officers and crew.” Ashford said as he sat down, and felt a lot more confident talking with Lis. “As a scientist, I think some of my strengths would be creativity, curious in what I could find and all of the possibilities, critical thinking, and collaborate with my team.” Ashford said. “I just have one question,” Ashford asked Lis, “What kind of assignments and jobs do you think I will have as a science officer on board the Challenger?” he asked.
-Cadet Ashford, Science-
“You’ll typically be assigned to research teams,” Demil said, “and you’ll rotate through the various divisions of science, to get familiar with all of them. When missions come up, the department will re-organize to accommodate the needs of the mission - I’ll assign cadets as team leads. Between major missions, we’ll conduct research the same as any other science department.”

Lis, CSO

Ashford slowly nodded his head as he quickly thought about what he had just heard. He was exited to do some research, but was nervous about leading a team. He did not know if he had the skills to lead a team, and if something went wrong, it might be his fault. He started to feel hot again, Ashford was sweating. I need to stop being so nervous! he thought to himself. Should I tell Lis that Im nervous about leading a team? He did not know what to say, so he kept silent.
-Cadet Ashford, Science-

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