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Dar looked stunned for the captain to ask his opinion. “Ah. Well. It just seems odd that the cargo ship didn’t tell you what they were hauling. We don’t know what they’re hauling but we could look it up but I don’t think it would be factual. I think they are hauling something rare or weapons or something that is expensive or could benefit a people, nation or world by not only being important to them in some industrial way or to benefit from the ransom. It seems like it may be an inside job. Either someone from inside the ship will prosper from it or… if hate to think about it, but someone from Starfleet. We could check the cargo ships roster to see who is newer and or who is in financial strain. We can try and see the same thing about the Starfleet department that the orders were originated.”

Lt. Commander Sorazo Dar CNS

Aaron nodded. “Agreed. Despite what people say, it’s not exactly easy to stumble upon ship while flying around. You have to know what you are looking for.

“From what we’ve seen, my gut tells me it’s not weapons. Gun runners aren’t typically known for flying around in under powered ships. But we do need to know what they are carrying…”

He stopped to think for a moment as he looked at the viewscreen showing the external view of the ship. There was still something that was soothing to him watching the stars fly by.

“Alright Commander, contact Command, see if you can track back what they are supposed to be carrying. Take a look from the Starfleet side on everyone connected to this transfer and see if anyone stands out as a potential source of the leak. But let’s keep the reason quiet for now. If the leak is on our side, we have a chance that they won’t know about the transfer until it’s to late. But if we arrive and the Orions are already circling, I’d be willing to wager that the leak is on that freighter.”

Capt Foley - CO

Dar nodded. “I would agree with that Captain. I’ll get on it right now.”

Working at his console on the bridge he sent the required information with the cargo ships NCC number to our ships quartermaster to inquire on getting the crew manifest and what it is hauling. He would then cross reference that with his CNS database and look into the mental files of that crew and of those e who created it from the shipyard where it was loaded.

After it was complied and sent he looked back at the captain. “Messages sent Captain. I’ll know more once I get the information back and will keep you updated.

Lt. Commander Sorazo Dar CNS

Pilar, leaning against the console with a skeptical expression, chimed in, “Captain, I understand the need to gather information, but isn’t there a saying about curiosity and the cat? We’re risking our necks here for cargo we know nothing about. What if it’s some sort of biohazard or a diplomatic nightmare? I’d hate to find ourselves knee-deep in trouble just because we couldn’t resist poking around in someone else’s business.”

She glanced at the viewscreen. “I’m all for being proactive, but sometimes ignorance might be our best friend. Do we really want to uncover Pandora’s box, Captain?”

Halcyone, XO

“True, we don’t know what sort of cargo they are carrying. But what I do know is that we received a distress call, and that we are obligated to render assistance. After that, we will hopefully have a minute to breath and find out what’s going on. I’m hoping that we can find out some more information on whatever this cargo is before we have to take it on ourselves. The last thing I want to do is bring something on board that will put the crew at risk. But I think in this case, the only way we will know how risky the box is, is to open it.

“That being said, if this is a legitimate cargo ship, and carrying cargo headed for a Federation facility, it should have all the appropriate paperwork for us to check against. We just don’t know who is listening, and I don’t want to tip our hand too early.”

Capt Foley - CO

The SS Jarot was a legitimate freighter, and despite it being Corvallen had a good reputation for running legal goods. It was registered to Captain Kutan who seemed to have a clean record. The Jarot however was not involved in doing anything for Starfleet, so there were no records from that side that would help with anything, aside from the fact that . Despite that, there were records of the ship being recently in the area of Federation space near the Breen border where a Federation archaeological dig was happening, so it was possible the Federation cargo they were carrying was related.

OOC: the region is located in D7 of the Star chart:

~Mischief Maker

Pilar listened and when the limited information they were able to recover about the the freighter came through she raised an eyebrow as she studied the data on the data. “Captain, I get the whole ‘render assistance’ thing, and for the most part the freighter does check out, but it doesn’t sit right with me. The fact that they’ve been near a Federation archaeological dig raises more questions than answers. Also its dangerously encroaching upon the Breen border. However my first concern is the different ships that have been attacking them all at once. How are they finding them? They must be tracking them somehow and if it’s through the cargo, we prepare the ship to defend against an attack at any moment.”

Halcyone, XO

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“I think we need to be prepared for an attack no matter what. Whether they are tracking the cargo, the ship, or something else, I would not be surprised if they found us.”

Aaron sat back as he looked at the viewscreen for a moment just going through what they knew. Which was dangerously little.

“Have the ship prepared in case of attack XO. Let’s get to the freighter and figure out what is going on. There are a lot of questions that we need answers to, and we will only get them once we arrive I fear.”

Capt Foley - CO

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IC: “Aye, Captain,” Pilar responded, her gaze fixed on the tactical display. “I’ll coordinate with security to reinforce our defensive measures. Given the unknowns, it might be prudent to run a diagnostic on our sensor systems too. If they’re being tracked, we need to ensure we wont fall into same trap as well.” As Pilar spoke, she contemplated, trying to find any patterns or anomalies that might reveal the how those ships were able to track the freighter down not once but multiple times. The proximity to the Federation archaeological site and the Breen border only deepened her unease.
“Captain, I assume we will be inspecting the cargo upon its arrival?” Pilar confirmed, her thoughts racing through the strategic implications of the decision.

Halcyone, XO

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