Lounge- Let's Party Like It's 2400!

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OOC: So, as of Feb.9th, the Challenger turned 25 years old, with its first post occurring on the 16th. With that in mind, and because I wanted to be able to weave stuff on the side for fun, you are all invited to the Lounge to celebrate.
Ensign Naomi Salas was on her third assignment, and she had been surprised to find herself on a cadet ship. Her first days were a strange sense of deja vu from her own Academy training cruise. Now she was here as an operations officer, helping managing the ebbs and flows of life on a starship so that new batches of Starfleet cadets could have a great experience and feel somewhat prepared for life in the fleets.

Who was she kidding? You were never fully prepared.

As she stepped into the Lounge, a cheer went up and Naomi jumped back with a yelp. A banner that said Happy Quarter-Century! along with at least a dozen colourful balloons all swaying happily from the bar and the outskirts of the space. “What the?” She broke into a grin. “Who Squealed?” Naomi searched her friends and crewmates for a culprit and landed on the enigmatic blue haired host that had shown up recently and taken up ownership of the lounge. There had been no announcement, but Naomi felt like the woman’s presence was purposeful. What that purpose was remained to be seen.

“A lady never reveals her sources,” Demara Aryal said, folding her arms on the bartop, her light brown eyes alight. “Happy birthday, Naomi. You can blame the party itself on your friends, but I figured there was room for everyone.”

“Well, thank you,” the petite officer said before she was engulfed in a round of hugs.

Demara winked and reached below the bar, pulling out a giant cupcake with an elegant swirl of dark chocolate frosting and silver and gold sprinkles. She pushed a thin silver candle into the centre and pulled out a powered lighter. Her face was aglow as she slid the decadent dessert towards Salas. “My understanding is that you’re supposed to make a secret wish and if you blow it out on the first try, it will come true.”

“How silly,” she said with a grin, and yet she leaned in and blew at the flame, she couldn’t help but think of a wish. The lean flame wavered before it disappeared in a waft of smoke that Demara waved away.

“Not so silly. If you wish for a drink, let me know, I’ll be back in a few moments,” the host said before sliding down the bar to attend to the other patrons.

~Demara, Lounge Host

The doors parted and Vanessa paused mid-step at the sight of the balloons. Oh, shoot, now I remember that notice. Despite the momentary forgetfulness, the festive atmosphere couldn’t help but make her smile as she saw many officers - and cadets even - mingling, talking, laughing; celebrating. She spotted who she thought was the guest of honor - someone who had joined the crew since she left for temporary assignment to the JAG corps. She hadn’t yet familiarized herself with all of the new crew. She sidled over to the bar, catching the eye of the hostess working, who she could almost guarantee had.

“Could I have a Risa sunset, please?” she asked. She was glad she’d changed before coming down; drinking while in uniform wasn’t against regulation, but she disliked the presentation of herself personally, especially with cadets. Her dark hair hung loose about her shoulders, another difference she tried to make to separate the counselor from the woman.

Demara smiled. “Can do, Counsellor,” she said as she turned behind her to gather a glass and her ingredients. She layered something purple in the bottom, then above that were layers of red, orange and yellow. Turning on the ball of her tall black booted foot, she set the drink down in front of Lofton.

Vanessa admired the colors briefly before sipping, then closed her eyes and smiled. “Excellent pour,” she thanked the hostess.

“Is that Ensign Salas?” she asked the blue haired woman, a slight tilt of the head to indicate who she meant. “Our birthday guest?”

Lt. Cmdr Lofton, CNS

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Resting her arm on the edge of the bar, Aryal smiled. It lit up her pale brown eyes and created one of several contradictions about the woman. She had the appearance of youth, but there was something deep in those eyes that seemed far older. “It is. I do love a good surprise party. At least when it’s appreciated by the guest of honour. Nothing worse when it sets off panic or some other negative response.”

~Demara, Lounge Host

The counselor nodded, eyes widening. “I’ve had more than enough sessions about exactly that,” she replied, shaking her head. She took another swig of the cocktail, and raised her glass. “Thank you again. I should give my regards to the celebrant.”

Demil stepped into the room, faintly smiling. Social situations were certainly not the scientist’s forte, but he thought it was important to be present to celebrate his crewmate. He wove through the crowd to a somewhat emptier, quieter corner, and sat, observing the goings-on.

Lieutenant Demil Lis
Chief Science Officer

The crowd was beginning to grow, and it took some maneuvering for Vanessa to make her way to where Ensign Salas was holding court with her fellow crew members. She waited, looking about the room, as others gave their well wishes and made small talk. She caught the eye of the chief science officer, whom she hadn’t yet had the opportunity to meet, and raised her glass with a small smile in salute. She’d have to make her way over there before she left.

Finally someone pulled away from the crowd about the young ensign and Vanessa was able to step forward. “Happy birthday, Ensign Salas!” she pronounced, her smile brightening her face. She raised her glass and continued. “My ancestors would say ‘À votre santé‘ - to your health!” She took another sip in celebration.

“Do you have any plans or traditions for today?”

Lt. Cmdr Lofton, CNS

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Aaron hadn’t meant to be late, but a Captain’s job never seemed to rest, especially the paperwork. At least at the moment the mountain of PADDs didn’t look like it was about to tip over by itself, so that was a start. It also probably didn’t help that he had taken a minute to stop by his quarters to change into slacks and a button down shirt. One of the earliest lessons he learned that there was not many things that killed a party faster then the Captain walking into a room full of cadets, in uniform.

Nodding to a few people who waved as he walked in, Aaron made his way over to the bar. As Demara made her way over towards him he spoke up, “You know, some people actually don’t like surprises.”

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