COS Office - Cadet Simon Starr reporting for duty TAG Casen

Posted July 25, 2018, 12:17 p.m. by Cadet Simon Starr (Security Officer) (Ben Simons)

Posted by Cadet Simon Starr (Security Officer) in COS Office - Cadet Simon Starr reporting for duty TAG Casen

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Simon Starr was nervous, he received his orders to report to the Academy ship for his next stage of his training. The time he had spent in the lessons at the academy were to get him to this point. He checked over himself, making sure that his boots were polished and his uniform was in perfect shape. He brushed a small fringe of brown hair up to the right of his head, making himself look as presentable as possible. He then rang the chime on the door to the COS’s office.

Simon entered, trying to hide the nerves with a confident face, not smiling. His facial expressions serious, and stood at attention when entering the room. “Cadet Starr reporting for duty, sir” he introduced himself to the figure on the other side of the desk. From the assignment, he assumed this to be the Chief of Security assigned to the Challenger.

-Cadet Simon Starr

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