COS Office - Cadet Simon Starr reporting for duty TAG Casen

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Casen (Chief of Security) in COS Office - Cadet Simon Starr reporting for duty TAG Casen

Posted by Cadet Simon Starr (Security Officer) in COS Office - Cadet Simon Starr reporting for duty TAG Casen

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Casen (Chief of Security) in COS Office - Cadet Simon Starr reporting for duty TAG Casen
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Simon Starr was nervous, he received his orders to report to the Academy ship for his next stage of his training. The time he had spent in the lessons at the academy were to get him to this point. He checked over himself, making sure that his boots were polished and his uniform was in perfect shape. He brushed a small fringe of brown hair up to the right of his head, making himself look as presentable as possible. He then rang the chime on the door to the COS’s office.

Simon entered, trying to hide the nerves with a confident face, not smiling. His facial expressions serious, and stood at attention when entering the room. “Cadet Starr reporting for duty, sir” he introduced himself to the figure on the other side of the desk. From the assignment, he assumed this to be the Chief of Security assigned to the Challenger.

-Cadet Simon Starr

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IC: “Welcome Starr.” The southern accent replied. “Take a seat. Let’s talk.” Casen said as he got up and reached out his hand to the cadet. “I’m Casen. Your Department Head. And at ease. It’s good to have new faces around here. Don’t worry if you’re nervous. I’m new to being a department head. So new adventures for both of us.”

Lieutenant (j.g.) Casen CoS

Simon eased off as ordered and relaxed a little. Having been doing security classes in the academy, this was much more welcoming than he was expected. He took the hand of Casen in a firm handshake. “Thank you, sir” he said, taking the seat the Chief of Security motioned too and “It’s a honour to be finally seen ready for this part of my training.” he concluded, waiting to receive his orders with anticipation.

Cadet Simon Starr

“Tell me about yourself. I like to get to know my cadets. Like family and your reasons for joining.” He said as he put away a padd and went to his replicator and said, “Tea.”

Lieutenant (j.g.) Casen CoS

Simon took a seat and began “Well, one brother, that I haven’t seen for a while” he stared out of the window to the stars for a moment “My mother and father both live pretty simple lives. No other family members that have gone through the academy - I’m the first., he continued.

“As to why I joined, well, I joined because though earth is a beautiful planet, I want to see more of the galaxy, and - to be honest, to prove to my parents that this is the right thing for me to do, rather than the farm work that they had planned in the first place.” He paused, “and well, to hopefully one day find my brother and make sure his OK… if I’m lucky,” he concluded, once again taking a brief moment.

He added in at the last moment “And well, in security as I find that the strongest subject in the academy I do is galactic law, and feel that Security would be the best place to use that”, he finished.

Cadet Simon Starr

“Family. I get that. I have a lot. So from Earth, but wanting to see the galaxy. I believe that indicates bravery. Good. Curiosity, and a will to explore the unknown.” He smiled.

Lieutenant (j.g.) Casen CoS

Simon gave a slight smile and nodded. “Things we do for them, but yes, the unknown is probably the most interesting part of being in Starfleet, and being ready for whatever the galaxy wants to throw at us each day.” He took a moment to think about his parents telling him that the unknown is dangerous, and the slight smile became a little more noticeable.

Cadet Simon Starr

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