Sickbay - Cadet Starr boarding exam

Posted Aug. 23, 2018, 7:49 p.m. by Cadet Simon Starr (Security Officer) (Ben Simons)

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Posted by Cadet Simon Starr (Security Officer) in Sickbay - Cadet Starr boarding exam

He turned to one of the medical cadets, “Hello there, I’m here to see the Doctor for my boarding exam, are they available?”
Cadet Simon Starr

Alex looked up from the console she’d been hunched over, and smiled. “Depends what you mean by the doctor, I guess.”

She turned, took a step towards the newcomer. “I’m not exactly top banana around here, but I am certainly a doctor. If you’re willing to settle for being poked and prodded by a lowly Cadet, I’m your woman.”

She extended her arm towards a nearby empty biobed. “Hi,” she said. “I’m Alex. Alex Winters. Step into my office.”

Cadet Alex Winters, Doctor

Starr nodded and gave a slight smile “Well, I guess it being done by a fellow cadet makes it a bit less intimidating,” he began, with a southern British accent. Looking over Starr, he looks in a good physical condition from first glance. The time at the family farm definitely built up his muscles for sure.

“I’m Simon, Simon Starr” he introduced himself, as he followed the doctor’s direction to the biobed, and sat himself on the edge of the one Alex was gesturing too.

Cadet Simon Starr

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