Sickbay - Cadet Starr boarding exam

Posted Aug. 24, 2018, 10:33 a.m. by Cadet Simon Starr (Security Officer) (Ben Simons)

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She extended her arm towards a nearby empty biobed. “Hi,” she said. “I’m Alex. Alex Winters. Step into my office.”

Cadet Alex Winters, Doctor

Starr nodded and gave a slight smile “Well, I guess it being done by a fellow cadet makes it a bit less intimidating,” he began, with a southern British accent.

Alex nodded, then looked him over.

Looking over Starr, he looks in a good physical condition from first glance. The time at the family farm definitely built up his muscles for sure.

Alex had a hard time imagining a guy who looked like that being intimidated by anyone – let alone a doctor armed only with a medical tricorder.

“I’m Simon, Simon Starr” he introduced himself, as he followed the doctor’s direction to the biobed, and sat himself on the edge of the one Alex was gesturing too.

Cadet Simon Starr

With a simple flick, Alex set the console to record her readings, then flipped open her weapon of choice and began to run the probe across Starr’s front.

Simon smiled at the familiar sound of the medical tricorder, the whiring noise. One of the sounds of Sickbay he didn’t mind. The Dermal regenerators he was also familiar with on more than one occasion on the farm when he visited the hospital for a broken arm once.

“Just based on the fact that you’re sitting here wearing a security uniform, I’m going to assume you aced your most recent PFT, and are in good physical health, overall.”

“With flying colours” he replied, with a smile. “Probably the only department to actually enjoy them as well” he added.

She pointed at the console behind her. “Don’t worry. If I’m wrong, we’ll know soon enough. The algorithms are pretty good at spotting minute irregularities in repetitive data patterns such as heart rythm and breathing rates, these days. Also, if you have any significant medical history, it’s probably already in your file.” She gave him a small smile. “But in the interest of getting you out of here with a clean bill of health before I can do anything to intimidate you, is there something in particular I should know? Have you had surgery in the past? Major injuries or ilnesses? Near-death experiences? Dismemberment?”

Cadet Alex Winters

OOC: If there are any physical signs Alex should pick up on but Simon can’t or doesn’t want to mention, feel free to suggest some tricorder readings in your reply!

“Nothing out of the ordinary, just a couple of broken bones.” He mentioned, it was at this point the tricorder picked up an irregularity. There was some sort of blood flow restriction to his left hand. Confirmed when Simon clenched his fist on his left hand to get the blood circulation going again, similar to a numbing sensation in the hand at the time. “Oh, and sometimes blood flow problems, but they usually pass pretty quickly, always to the left hand, and no-one has ever figured out why… I’ve always said at least I’m right handed…” he joked.

Cadet Simon Starr

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