Check In - Cadet T'Mor to CSO's Office, Reporting for Duty

Posted Aug. 21, 2020, 6:53 a.m. by Cadet T’Mor (Scientist) (Ava Henson)


T’Mor tilted her head ever so slightly, and placed her hands on her lap, fingers interlocking. She stared off for a moment and tried to think of what she considered her skill-set. She tried to avoid boasting as much as possible. So instead she listed off each point rather dryly, as if reading from her resume.

McMorran sat still but not too still, keen to be as unintimidating as possible. In some way she couldn’t quite place she saw her cadet self in the other woman, despite their difference in age and demeanour.

“I am able to work in cooperative settings and independently with equal proficiency. The ability to stay organized and set priorities are also skills I have not only developed but seek to continue to improve upon. In addition, my ability to observe situations and apply logic, while not extraordinary, is sufficient. Overall I tend to work as quickly and efficiently as possible, however, never at the expense of protocol.”

-Cadet T’Mor, Science Dept.

“Excellent, excellent!” Aili smiled warmly. “They are welcoming and open people, those in my department and on this ship, but they’re also sharply professional.” She leaned forward, as if to share some secret inner voice, and whispered. “I think you’ll fit in perfectly.”

The CSO sat back once more. “Well, unless there’s anything you’d like to ask me, I have just one more question for you. I’m here to help you find your feet in Starfleet. We all take different paths, we have different goals and ambitions.” A finger gently poked out from an otherwise clenched hand of Aili’s, pointing at the cadet. “What do you see in your future? The lab, the command chair…” Her prompts tailed off as she waited with genuine curiosity.

Lt. J.G. Aili McMorran - CSO

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“As far as my personal plans, am primarily interested in my studies,” she responded, “I do not believe I am the type to be well-suited for a office of command. That is not to imply that I would necessarily reject the opportunity, but at this moment…” For a brief moment she paused, looking for the correct wording. It seemed to be written on the wall behind McMorran, as she stared for a moment before again make eye-contact.

“I acknowledge that personally, I may need some time to grow.”

T’Mor took a breath, slightly heavier than normal, bring her hands to rest on her knees. It was a sort of subtle nervousness or excitement. She could feel it, but was more focused on not showing it. After straightening up her shoulders she continued,

“If you don’t mind me asking one question, Lieutenant, I noticed the ship specifications indicated an arboretum on board. Would it be possible for me to visit and study the specimens onboard? On my own personal time, of course.”

OOC: I know she’s going there in the future, just seemed in character to ask first

-Cadet T’Mor, Science Dept.

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