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McMorran simply nodded for much of the duration of T’Mor’s utterences without so much as turning her head.

Lt. J.G. Aili McMorran - CSO

Matthew glanced at the Vulcan and gave a half smile. “Great minds, Cadet,” he responded, then looked at the biologics scanner display. “That should give us any DNA evidence from the clothing, both the wearer and any other sources.” He pondered for a bit. “We may need to set up a filter by decay rate to rule out any sources older than the timeframe of the, uh… death.”

He was quiet for a moment, then resumed checking for tears on the second article of clothing. “I was certainly not expecting my first assignment here to be a murder investigation.”

He paused, then turned back to her. “And I am so sorry, I did not catch your name. I’m Matthew Riley.”

  • Cadet Riley, Science

Investigation into the clothing found that there were three sets of skin cells present. Also there were hair fibers consistent with three separate individuals. The glasses had two sets of finger prints, but exactly two as if the glasses were clean then pressed one into Pey’s hand and one into Eric’s.

GM Wombat

She glanced over, eyes slightly wider than before, “Not need to apologize, I am the one who negeliced to introduce myself. I am Cadet T’Mor.”

T’Mor said this with a nod, as she was accustomed to doing. It was never her custom to greet others with a handshake, perhaps it was because she was so used to working in a laboratory setting, and it is good practice to avoid spread contaminants as much as possible. (OOC: I might have forgotten to mention wearing gloves, but it is totally in her character to not forget them.) IC: After looking over back at the scanner, she raised one eyebrow in fascination.

“Very interesting. Perhaps a decay filter is not necessary. It appears to be clean of all skin cells and hair samples except for exactly three of each.” T’Mor began setting the scanner to isolate the skin cells and scan the DNA, and wrote a quick command to feed the data though the main computer to search for any matches to personal onboard.
“Very odd, do you not agree Cadet Riley?”she asked.

Out of sheer curiosity, she also set the machine to list the microbes present along with the percentage of alive verses dead for each species. One benefit of her rather human-centrist course on microbiome studies it that she could tell almost instantly if a set of skin or hair samples was exclusively human, even without DNA. It could also give her an indication of how the uniform was so clean, such as if it had been recently disinfected.

Cadet T’Mor, Science Department

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Cadet T’Mor.” He returned her nod. As both were gloved, shaking hands would not be expedient anyway.

Matthew nodded as he looked over the results, and watched her key a comparison search among the ship’s crew. “Theoretically, we’ll have a DNA record of everyone aboard,” he commented, approving. One of these sets would be the victim, and the others would hopefully help narrow down the suspect pool.

He glanced at the results of the fingerprint scanner across the way. His head recoiled a bit as he read. “Commander Holmann?” He turned to T’Mor. “The first officer?” Riley carefully lifted one of the glasses, looking it over and then to the print pattern on the display. “This… was definitely wiped,” he commented. “Even picking up the glass once should leave more than this.” This felt like a frame job; Matthew guessed one of the three sets of skin and hair cells would be the commander’s - and the third hopefully would be the actual suspect.

He considered their next steps. “Have the contents or interior of these glasses been checked?” he asked.

OOC: Gloves always seem so secondary on the shows - I think we only ever saw Pulaski wear a pair, during a surgery. But we’re scientists, dang it! haha

  • Cadet Riley, Science

“It has not,” she responded.

Using a small pipette, she took a liquid sample from one of the glasses, the one identified as belonging to Janga Pey, and ran and a chemical analysis on half the sample. With the remaining, she put it in a dish and took the magnifier station across from where Cadet Riley was working. (OOC: no idea what it is called) IC: Her thought was to take a look at was had been happening at the microscopic level. Though she was not and expert, she did know that champagne in particular had active cultures of bacteria. Perhaps in the back of her mind, she hoped it was a mere accident, that the Ensign was poisoned by an anomalous bacteria bloom or something along those lines.

“We must not rule out any possibility.” she said aloud, though it was uncleaner if she hand meant to.

“The reality of the situation is still unknown, and can only be deduced by evidence. However,” T’Mor stopped and looked up at Riley, “because of the Commander Holmann’s involvement, I suggest we carry on with a level of discretion.”

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