Reporting to Engineering

Posted Sept. 25, 2018, 2:21 p.m. by Cadet A-J Spicer (Engineer) (Ashley Spicer)

Posted by Lieutenant Ang’er To’kar (Chief Engineer) in Reporting to Engineering

Posted by Cadet A-J Spicer (Engineer) in Reporting to Engineering
AJ gets out the Turbo lift on the engineering level, he walks up to the chief Engineer stands at attention “Cadet Spicer reporting for duty ma’am”.

He stands in awe of the engineering Department but remains at attention.

Cadet Spicer. Eng

Ang looked up and smiled. “Come on in, Cadet. Welcome to your new family.” She waved her hand out into the engineering bay. There was no actual door, just an opening. And the main wall was 90% window that faced out into the engineering room. Her desk, though covered in flims, tools, and conduit pieces, was fairly nondescript. The wall board was turned on to show a rather large drawing of something that resembled tornadoes, doors, and a stick like representation of the ship. It looked liked a kid’s drawing gone horribly awry.

She motioned to a chair on the other side of her desk. “So have a seat and tell me about yourself, Spicer. I know what’s in your record, but I want to know about ‘you’.” She smiled and leaned back in her own chair. Like most officers, she was in her uniform. But unlike most of them, her jumper was unzipped and the top half of it had been pulled down off her arms and was tied around her waist. The informality of her attire, and the fact her hair was already starting to come out of it’s ponytail, let Spicer know she was definitely a hands on type of woman. Her half Klingon features no less intimidating by her lackadaisical manner. The ridges, not quite sharp enough to let her be the Pride of the Empire, were far too prominent to make folks think she was human.

Lt Ang To’kar

AJ walke in the office from the engineering room as he was invited to do, he sat himself into the chair on the opposite side if the rather cluttered desk, a slight smile appeared on his face as he saw the Chief engineers diagrams.

As AJ looked at the Chief he said with a smile, “You would like to know about me ma’am,well I am 32 so having a very late start in star fleet, I was a chef before starfleet after years of getting sick of food I decided to quit.
I wanted to do something that made a change so I joined star fleet worked my hair off hence why i’m bald” he chuckled at his own joke.

AJ then regained his composure to continue his description of his before star fleet life story, “when I managed to cram my brain full of all the test I beeded to pass to get into star fleet I was eager for my posting, when I was told I was being posted to the Endeavour I was told I will be working under one of the best Chief Engineers in star fleet, I am not just saying that to make you like me either ma’am, I am saying that because that is what I was told”.

AJ took a deep breath and cleared his throat he had pushed himself back into the chair properly as the movement he made while telling his story shifted him to far forward, he straightened out his uniform and sat there awaiting his next question.

Cadet AJ spicer. Eng

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