Reporting to Engineering

Posted Sept. 29, 2018, 1:54 a.m. by Cadet A-J Spicer (Engineer) (Ashley Spicer)


Ang laughed and leaned back in her seat. “I wouldn’t say I’m the best. There are several engineer and Chief Engineers even I look up to. But I am flattered that they aren’t saying I’m the worst.” She laughed and leaned forward again. “Well, if you were a chef and got sick of it, I promise not to ask you to bring cookies the next time we have a gathering.”

“I won’t say I’m the best, but I am fair. I merely ask the same thing of all my coworkers. I ask you be on time, because you are relieving someone else who’s done a shift and deserves to hit their rack. I ask you pull your weight. This ship has a lot of conduits, plasma issues, and warp possibilities. We need to make sure the ship is available to the Captain to perform on command at peak efficiency if not better. I also ask that you keep an open mind and an open mouth. If you have a suggestion, bring it to me. But bring it with backup and proof. Don’t just say ‘we can do this better’… tell me how you think ‘better’ is. And lastly, don’t keep secrets. If you break up with your girl back home, lemme know. Don’t need to make a big deal about it, but under stress, certain things surface. And I don’t want to be the one being the ‘last to know’ because you were embarrassed. I don’t need names, unless you are dating someone on board. Then I just ask you keep id outside of your work duties and it doesn’t violate protocol or regs.” She leaned back once more and raised her eyebrows as she cocked her head. “Any questions?”

The speech wasn’t long, and it was to the point. But more than one Cadet had stammered out questions, apologies and eve a few excuses before they could even draw a second breath. She was curious how this new one would react.

Lt Ang To’kar

AJ listened to the CE’s entire speech and understood everything it all made perfect sense,
“Well as for being late that wont happen I hate being late I am usually in at least 10 minutes before my shift starts, and as for questions ma’am I have none you have made it all very clear”.

AJ smile at the Chief and was fairly certain he had no questions to ask.

Cadet AJ Spicer. Eng

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