Reporting to Engineering

Posted Sept. 30, 2018, 2:50 p.m. by Cadet A-J Spicer (Engineer) (Ashley Spicer)



AJ listened to the CE’s entire speech and understood everything it all made perfect sense,
“Well as for being late that wont happen I hate being late I am usually in at least 10 minutes before my shift starts, and as for questions ma’am I have none you have made it all very clear”.

AJ smile at the Chief and was fairly certain he had no questions to ask.

Cadet AJ Spicer. Eng

Ang nodded and stood up. Coming around the desk, she held her hand out to the young man and smiled. “Well, welcome aboard. There’s a reason there’s an open doorway to my office. Remember I’m here if you have any questions. Since you are fit and ready for duty, feel free to start investigating your surroundings. Make sure you are familiar with every way in and out of engineering that can be walked, crawled, or jumped. After that, find one of the Ensigns to tag along with for a while till you find your feet. Once a week we get together on first shift and go over maintenance schedules, and upcoming docking schedules. So please make sure anything you think needs to be brought up is remembered. Or just tell me when you think of it.” She laughed and nodded towards the door. “Now… scoot…” She smiled and looked at him to see if there was anything else they needed to discuss.

Lt Ang To’kar

AJ shook the Cheifs hand and smiled, “Thank you ma’am I shall keep it all in mind and work my ummm tear end off”.

AJ continued out the doorless office and into main engineering to have a look and familiarise himself with everything.

Cadet AJ Spicer. Eng

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