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“Set course back to earth, sir?” the helmsman inquired. The danger seemed to be over now.
- Helm ..

((OOC… leaving room for others to arrive if need be… Meli))

With a brush to the front of her already dirty tunic, Ang stepped into the lift to head for the bridge. She had barely arrived, hadn’t even checked in completely, and she had had more adventure than her whole last posting. A slight smile lit her face. Anyone walking into the lift would see a dirt streaked face grinning like a child at holiday getting their heart’s desire. Odd how the body reacted when exhaustion was beyond them.

She arrived on the bridge and took a breath. Lifting a hand to brush loose hair behind her ear, the Half Klingon glanced around. She hadn’t been to the bridge yet, so getting her bearings was paramount, in her mind. It took her a moment to glance around to see if the CO was visible.

Lt Ang To’kar

“Plot a course, but hold off on engaging until the Captain arrives or indicates we are to return to dock,” Keena ordered.

“Can I help you find someone Lieutenant?” Keena greeted the newcomer with a smile.

~Keena Vahl~

Ang glanced at the XO and nodded as her body straightened slightly, though stopping before she found herself at attention. She had never been on the bridge before, and it was a bit intimidating. Not to mention, she didn’t know a soul in the room. “Lieutenant Ang’er To’kar,” she said with another nod of respect, “I think I am a bit early. The CO asked me to report to the bridge.” She didn’t add that she had been ordered to medical first. Seemed such a trivial thing now… didn’t it? “I was in the bay when… those… things were… fighting.” She was at a loss to explain anything, having come in in the apparent middle of the scenario to begin with. “Oh, ummm… I’m the new Chief Engineer.” Another thing that seemed trivial yet spilled from her nervous lips.

Lt Ang To’kar

Johnson arrived on the bridge at that moment, looking around to get his bearings. He saw To’kar there… who somehow got to the bridge faster than Johnson? And he recognized Commander Vahl from her personnel file, but they hadn’t formally been introduced before all of the… chaos erupted.

As with any good starship captain, his first step was the ensure the well-being of his ship. “Commander, a bit of an unusual introduction. How’s the ship’s status?” he asked, walking over to the Command chair.

-Captain Johnson, CO

“We’re in mop up mode, I’ve asked for departments to report in with their status, I expect we’ll hear those come in shortly, repair teams are responding to the shuttle bay and any other areas that need repair,” Keena replied, “I have helm with a course plotted to space dock, waiting for your orders to take us back into the system.”

~Keena Vahl~

Ship systems were, once the Drachin’s energy disruptions, returning to normal status. Items that needed looking at were:
- Warp core which was put offline due to the injectors being affected by the energy. That would need looking at but likely no repairs.
- Numerous minor energy overloads and panels to work at and replace or realign
- Main shuttle bay is a mess. That is the worst of it

The NE at the tactical station coughed politely. =^= Sirs, getting another request from the QM branch on whether we’re ready to take on the cargo into the Bay =^= Apparently they didn’t get the message that anything was amiss.

OOC: That is the sneaky intro to the new sim ..

AJ srepped out of the turbo lift onto the bridge for the first time, although he was in awe and wanted to prod and poke around all the stations for the first time he realised now was not the correct time to do so.

AJ stood to attention “Cadet AJ Spicer of Engineering reporting to the bridge sir, I have come to see if I can be of any use in this slightly trying time”.

CadetAJ Spicer. Eng

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