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As with any good starship captain, his first step was the ensure the well-being of his ship. “Commander, a bit of an unusual introduction. How’s the ship’s status?” he asked, walking over to the Command chair.

-Captain Johnson, CO

“We’re in mop up mode, I’ve asked for departments to report in with their status, I expect we’ll hear those come in shortly, repair teams are responding to the shuttle bay and any other areas that need repair,” Keena replied, “I have helm with a course plotted to space dock, waiting for your orders to take us back into the system.”

~Keena Vahl~

Ship systems were, once the Drachin’s energy disruptions, returning to normal status. Items that needed looking at were:
- Warp core which was put offline due to the injectors being affected by the energy. That would need looking at but likely no repairs.
- Numerous minor energy overloads and panels to work at and replace or realign
- Main shuttle bay is a mess. That is the worst of it

The NE at the tactical station coughed politely. =^= Sirs, getting another request from the QM branch on whether we’re ready to take on the cargo into the Bay =^= Apparently they didn’t get the message that anything was amiss.

OOC: That is the sneaky intro to the new sim ..

As the Captain walked in behind her, Ang stepped back wishing she hadn’t come to the bridge straight away. It just seemed like something that needed more importance than the med bay, which she was sure by now was flooded with casualties. Trying to remain largely unseen, she listened to the reports and realized her first day of full duty was going to be full of more work than she planned for.

Lt Ang To’kar

The NE turned to the Captain. “Sir, I have a ‘Chucky’ on the comms. He’s in transport bot 238 and is wondering when they can offload their cargo for us to transport.”
- Expendable NE

Ang glanced around the room and watched it all unfold. There was a lot going on and, sadly, the Chief Engineer was feeling a bit disjointed, not knowing what was happening. She hadn’t been on board long, and the curve to catch up was getting narrower and higher every time she turned the corner.

Lt Ang To’kar

AJ walked over to NE Housen “I am here to relieve you” he said in a slightly relaxed British accent.

AJ stood at the station and took a deep breath and began working.

Cadet AJ Spicer. Eng

‘Chucky’ came on the comms. =^= Bot 3 to Endeavor Engineering. This is Chucky. We have two packages for your bay, orders of the base quartermaster. Where can we stuff’em? =^=

Johnson audibly sighed out loud. He turned to Vahl. “Commander, kindly advise the the Quartermaster that Endeavour has recently had an on board emergency and major internal ship damage and to confirm our current situation with Starfleet Headquarters. In the meantime, take us back to Earth orbit without stressing the impulse engines too much.”

The Captain paused for a moment, answering Vahl’s unspoken comment. “And yes, I know the quartermaster’s office. So come by my ready room after they send us over the updated cargo loading report.”

As he started walking towards his ready room, Johnson spoke up without turning around. “Oh, and Lieutenant To’kar? Unless I hit my head more seriously than I thought, I am fairly sure Sickbay is on Deck Six. The cadets can handle some basic repairs on their own while we are in Earth orbit.”

-Captain Johnson, CO

“Aye sir,” Keena nodded, “Helm take up back into Earth orbit, best possible speed given our condition.”

Turning to Ops, “Get me the Quartermaster’s office.”

~Keena Vahl~

Ang winced at the CO’s rebuke. Yes, she should have gone there first… but wasn’t this more important? In his mind, apparently not. And he’s who counted. “Yes, Sir…” she nodded and headed back into the lift to go to Medical. She glanced at Spicer and winked with a nod. She had confidence enough in the man that he’d comm her if he had an issue. On the bridge, he had plenty of help as well.

She sighed as the door whished shut behind her and she headed for Medical.

Lt Ang To’Kar

AJ smiled as he noticed the wink from the Chief , he began staring at the console to give himself a better view of damages that needed to be repaired.

“If I start with the bridge that’s the main point to get up and running again then I’ll see where else I will be needed “, AJ had realised to late he was talking out loud hoping nobody would think him too strange.

Cadet AJ Spicer. Eng

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