Check in with the councillor

Posted Oct. 14, 2018, 11:08 a.m. by Cadet A-J Spicer (Engineer) (Ashley Spicer)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Liadra (Counselor) in Check in with the councillor

Posted by Cadet A-J Spicer (Engineer) in Check in with the councillor

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Liadra (Counselor) in Check in with the councillor


She allowed him some time to sit with the silence and she personally didn’t find it uncomfortable. But after a time, Liadra tilted her head and regarded him. “Alright, I’m going to issue you a challenge then. An assignment, if you will. I want you to introduce yourself to three people you don’t know that are not in your department and invite at least one of them, assuming you get along with them, to coffee or a meal in the mess hall to get to know them better.” She eyed him intently to see how he’d react to her challenge.

Lt. Cmdr. Liadra, CNS

A slight look of shock hit AJ’s face, “I shall try my best I just never know how to strike a conversation”.

AJ began looking around the room not knowing what to do with himself at this point.

Cadet AJ Spicer. Eng

“Well then, why don’t we practice? We can role play it out right here. How about we simply pretend we’re both in the mess hall and I’m a medical cadet. Simply forget that you already know me and forget my rank. I’m new to the ship just like you. Think you can try it?” she said with an eager grin. this sort of stuff was hard for people at first but she found it useful and it could be as fun as it was helpful.

Lt. Cmdr. Liadra, CNS

“Uh yeah sure ok i’ll try” AJ was never any good at role play so he just tought he would wing it.

He cleared his throat “hi I am a new Cadet from engineering, do you mind if I join you”. AJ thought to himself it’s simple and polite.

Cadet AJ Spicer. Eng

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