OOC: Multiple timelines and the main sim

Posted Dec. 4, 2018, 5:49 p.m. by Captain David Johnson (Commanding Officer) (Daniel Lerner)

When role-playing in STF, it is often impossible to play every thread in perfect chronological order. If we tried that, our sims would last forever, players would have nothing for their characters to do, and the game would never get anywhere. One of the ways STF has been so successful at role-playing in this format for decades is because of something we call “multiple timelines”. That’s when you play in one thread that takes place at one time chronologically, and at the same time play in another thread that takes place before or after the other thread.

This is a skill we want to make sure everyone has mastered to some degree or another before graduating. In fact, most of you had to try this a little when you first joined the ship: having one thread with your character reporting for duty to your DH, and at the same time participating in a thread when your character was getting various evaluations done after leaving your DH.

Well, we’re going to do this now in our current main sim. In some threads, the various departments are still getting ready for Endeavour’s departure. In other threads, the departments are ready. And in some threads, the engines still need to get fixed (avoid the angry half-Klingon chief engineer who’s CO is giving unreasonable times to get th the ship ready :P). So to make this all work, we’re going to start a thread with the ship heading off to our new destination. So you can participate in both time periods: one where your department is still getting ready (and feel free to finish that thread once your department is ready) and one where Endeavour has now left for the new mission.

If you’re still not sure what to do, DM or email your mentor and they’ll help you out.

Have fun!

-Daniel Lerner

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