Sickbay - Cadet Omtala Boarding Physical

Posted Dec. 5, 2018, 5:08 p.m. by Cadet Thomas Buckingham (Doctor) (Steve Alliss)

Posted by Cadet Rexar Omtala (Engineer) in Sickbay - Cadet Omtala Boarding Physical

Posted by Cadet Thomas Buckingham (Doctor) in Sickbay - Cadet Omtala Boarding Physical

Posted by Cadet Rexar Omtala (Engineer) in Sickbay - Cadet Omtala Boarding Physical

Posted by Cadet Thomas Buckingham (Doctor) in Sickbay - Cadet Omtala Boarding Physical

Posted by Cadet Rexar Omtala (Engineer) in Sickbay - Cadet Omtala Boarding Physical

Posted by Cadet Thomas Buckingham (Doctor) in Sickbay - Cadet Omtala Boarding Physical

Posted by Cadet Rexar Omtala (Engineer) in Sickbay - Cadet Omtala Boarding Physical

Posted by Cadet Thomas Buckingham (Doctor) in Sickbay - Cadet Omtala Boarding Physical

Posted by Cadet Rexar Omtala (Engineer) in Sickbay - Cadet Omtala Boarding Physical

Posted by Cadet Thomas Buckingham (Doctor) in Sickbay - Cadet Omtala Boarding Physical

Posted by Cadet Rexar Omtala (Engineer) in Sickbay - Cadet Omtala Boarding Physical

Posted by Cadet Thomas Buckingham (Doctor) in Sickbay - Cadet Omtala Boarding Physical
Heeding the instruction of his Department Head, Buckingham turned to Cadet Omtala and smiled. “If you’d like to follow me Cadet, we’ll get your Boarding Physical started.”

Tom grabbed a PADD and made his way over to an empty Bio-bed and stood by it, waiting for Omtala to join him.

Cadet Thomas Buckingham, Medical

“Of course.” He stated as he turned to follow swiftly to the end of the bio-bed Mr.Buckingham stood by nearest. Shortly before passing Lt. To’kar he halted abruptly to address his DH.
“After I’ve completed all evaluations I’ll report according Lieutenant.”
Facing away and returning to the attention of the cadet. Rexar remained motionless, a stern gaze across his brow with his chin held high his excitement was palpable and could only retain it through his strict, regimented focus on his up coming duties.
“Proceed.” He calmly murmured with a sharp inhaled breath as he mental recited the Endeavors’ schematic.

CDT. Remar Omtala, engineer.

“If you wouldn’t mind taking a seat on here for me.” Buckingham said as he gestured toward the Bio-bed. “I’m Doctor Buckingham, but most people call me Tom” He held his hand out for a hand shake. “While I pull up your Medical File why don’t you tell me your name and a little bit about yourself?” Tom said.

Cadet Thomas Buckingham, Medical

Rexar lunges his opposing arm suddenly to grasp Tom’s hand with a firm and certain hold as he has yet to share this cultural experience outside the academy. A few short pumps from the shoulder as he glares deeply into the eyes of CDT. Buckingham with his face squared, his brow relaxed, leaning slightly towards Tom. Rexar believed that as he’d observed previously the hand shake was performed in good order and was optimistic this was a strong first impression. While his antennae fluttered outwardly onto Tom unbeknownst to Rexar in his brimming, irrepressible exuberance.
“Rexar, of the Omtala keth. I’m looking to graduate into an engineering department role. Warp field mechanics or computer diagnostics.”

“A pleasure to meet you Rexar” Buckingham smiled.

He stalled briefly to examine the conversation in thought.
Tom was a peer, not a superior. A change of tone may garner him more respect in this situation, and even still a friend perhaps.
“I’m interested in your own aspirations, Tom. Do you have a career plan or a particular specialised skill you wish to obtain. Enlighten me please?”
Quickly leaping onto the bio-bed, Rexar sat upright with his hands at his side. Truthfully Rexar hadn’t any interest but he knew well enough that this line of inquiry might possible lead to further their mutual understanding.

CDT. Rexar Omtala. (Engineer)

“Well, I’ve already had the beginnings of a career before this, so I’m just here… well, to be here really” Tom said, intentionally sounding obscure.
“So, Rexar” Tom moved the conversation along before the chance for his patient to ask any questions arose. “Before I perform a scan of you, is there anything you feel I need to know about regarding your health and condition that isn’t already mentioned in your Medical Profile?”

Cadet Thomas Buckingham, Medical

” I sustained critical injuries, internal and external nearly 5 years ago. An accident at an anthropological site in the Thran Mountains on Andoria.” As he drove out the last of his sentence a deeply hidden sentiment for those he lost that day arose in an unprecedented wave of remorse and guilt. He knew these days would come. It was to be expect and to face it with others especially strangers, gave him a notion of pride. Even his father had told him that his survival was an irrepressible mark of strength, strength he drawn upon now.

“A full recovery was documented by the ADF and all should be within my file.”
His face was dry and blank for a moment as he pondered on his response. Sitting at the edge of the bio-bed he slowly worked forward from the images of ruinous expedition from his mind. His antennae floundered creeping onward to the floor as though he’d lost something irreplaceable. Then something caught him. As he listened closely to Tom they twisted and snaked at him, searching all his face while they pulsed at the words he uttered. A change in vibrations pulled Rexars’ attention from his own thoughts and sensed the awkward deviations in tones and speech patterns that he did not find troubling, but his innate inquisitiveness could not refuse.
“Have I offended you Tom?” Rexar asked as he straightened to face CDT. Buckingham. Leaning inwards to follow his receptors and take greater stock of Tom himself and not just his professional nature. His experience with humans was enough to know that sometimes what they speak is not how they mean.

CDT. Rexar Omtala (Engineer)

Buckingham paused a moment before continuing the Physical. “Not at all” Tom said warmly “Why do you ask?”

Cadet Thomas Buckingham, Medical

The antennae scrutinize all of Tom’s reactions. Every motion, every line, every wrinkle that appears and every sounds of every word. He knew what he’d felt moments ago when Buckingham spoke of his place aboard the Endeavor, even though he sensed it no more. Rexars’ brow deepened as his chin rose while he began to sit back with his head tilting off to the right. As the lighting beamed off his brilliant eyes, Rexar lifted his sight to meet with Tom’s gaze. Half closed, he appeared to scowl at him with the dour reflection of repugnance blatant on his face.

I know what I feel and I must be true. But I won’t judge this human. He’ll tell me what he’s able and what matters will follow.

While the receptors slowed in their search, Rexar mulled over his thoughts and released a long, quiet sigh.
“My apologies doctor. Perhaps I heard you different when you told me of your position on-board but I may have sensed a reluctance in your voice.”

Shifting hastily into an upright stature, his voice lightened with a more boisterous tone.

“Forgive me. I have built my whole life on the excellence of my studies and so…social interactions are often misinterpreted. Please, if you would continue. I haven’t any existing medical conditions you’ll need to be aware of and I thank you for your time.”

CDT. Rexar Omtala (Engineer)

Buckingham listened closely to Rexar. “Let me just say that the my story is much too long to tell you here” Tom Explained. “Besides I wouldn’t like to bore you Rexar.” He joked. “However, perhaps sometime you’ll join me in Nine Forward, and we can get to know each other a little better.” Although the idea of suggesting meeting with Rexar in Nine Forward had only just occurred to Tom, it was something that he would like to honor at some point.

“Now then” He said, returning to the Physical. “I’m just going to perform a quick scan of you” Tom removed his medical tricorder from his Lab coat pocket and began to move it around Rexar’s body.

Species: Andorian, Male
Biological systems: Nominal

Vascular, Pulmonary, Thyroid, Neural, Skeletal and Muscular.
All functions within nominal range.


Reconstituted muscle structures: 34%
Poly-organic vascular lines: 17 meters
Restructured skeletal forms: 22 units
Reconstructed vascular pump:1/ Poly-organic
Reconstructed pulmonary filters:2/ Poly-organic

All surgical installations registered current and function within standards.

IC: Tom stared at the Tricorder and awaited the readings to come through.

Cadet Thomas Buckingham, Medical

“Fond of a drink, Tom? Andorian Ale is a fine brew I would share…with a friend.”

Rexar rolled his shoulders back and let his arms fall across his lap. He spoke in a low, soft manner before letting out a long breath that added an almost sensual quality to the words. His forehead dipped and brow lifted as his cold eyes peered about the Doctor as he scanned Rexar, his receptors intuitively paralleling his movements.

“Tell me Doctor. How do you keep yourself beyond the confines of Sickbay?”

Genuine honesty swooned about Rexar as his posture sloped onwards to Tom. His left hand perched on his knee, he leaned in towards him. His thoughts wandered into vague presumptions of what Tom might find interesting. His curiosity palable, Rexar began hunting for his answer. His smirk began to return in an almost cynical fashion but this of course was only his excitement breaking through his visceral field of self-control.

CDT. Rexar Omtala. (Engineer)

Buckingham studied the read out of the Medical Tricorder closely as he listened to Rexar. “I don’t mind a drink every now and then. ” Tom said. “Though I only tend drink beer and the like when I’m with company, though I have never tried Andorian Ale.”

Tom folded his Tricorder up and put into his lab coat pocket.

“In terms of what I do beyond here. My free time is mostly spent listening to music, playing my instruments and reading.” Tom smiled. Whilst he wished to continue this line of conversation he returned to the matter at hand.

“Well Rexar, everything looks quite alright to me. So, if you haven’t got anything else that you wish to bring up with me, I’ll be pleased to clear you for active duty.”

Cadet Thomas Buckingham, Medical

Slipping off the biobed Rexar straightened his uniform with a few short tugs then ran his hands down his the face of his jacket, content with its form. As he turned sharply onto Tom his face wore a tight smile while he stood at a relaxed attention. A moment passed in silence as he contemplated their dialogue and gave consideration to whether or not it was worthy of Rexars’ pursuance.

“Thank you for your time Buckingham. I hope I won’t have to see you here to often.”

He paused to offer his hand as Tom had done for him earlier. Lifting his arm to towards him he decided to extend further his curiosity and spoke in a wavering tone still questioning his own comments.

Tom took Rexar by the hand and shook it.

“I too have found music to be a constructive pastime. Andorian Blues is a fine gendre if you enjoy those styles and rhythms. I myself have recently become involved in an older Earth music you might be acquainted with, Heavy Metal.”

“Perhaps when we meet you can recommend me some songs” Tom said.

Waring on his words, Rexar could no longer withstand this reserved behaviour he’d portraited previously. Pushing his broad, blueish lips up against his slight nose while it wrinkled across his suggestive visage. One eye closing more so than the other he tilted his head and threw off his warbling features.

If he’s looking for a friend, then so should I be infact.

“Yet know this Buckingham. My people take nothing lightly and I make no assumptions of the strength you may possess. But I’m not interested in half-hearted proposals, nor with I relent in any effort of a friendship. All I ask is that you honour the commitment. I play a little guitar but I prefer to drum, perhaps you might join me after a few ales to a session sometime?”

Satisfied with his honesty, Rexar held no qualms with himself but he did contemplate if his notion to be frank with Buckingham would only serve to drive him away.

Cdt.Rexar Omtala. (Engineer)

Slightly surprised by the seemingly curt nature of Rexar’s response, he paused a moment and smiled before answering, owing the tone to cultural differences. “Believe me Rexar, had I not intended to follow through with my proposal, I wouldn’t have asked you to begin with. You only go though the Academy as a Cadet once, so it would be silly of me to not try and make a few friends along the way. How about I’ll let you get settled in, and then when I’m free I’ll Comm you and we can arrange to meet up?”

Cadet Thomas Buckingham, Medical

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