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Posted Dec. 17, 2018, 10:47 p.m. by Lieutenant Ang'er To'kar (Chief Engineer) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Cadet Rexar Omtala (Engineer) in Side Sim-Repairs

Posted by Lieutenant Ang’er To’kar (Chief Engineer) in Side Sim-Repairs

Posted by Lieutenant Ang’er To’kar (Chief Engineer) in Side Sim-Repairs

Posted by Cadet Rexar Omtala (Engineer) in Side Sim-Repairs

Posted by Lieutenant Ang’er To’kar (Chief Engineer) in Side Sim-Repairs

Posted by Cadet Rexar Omtala (Engineer) in Side Sim-Repairs
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The grasp of his fist stressed the pale blue flesh of the Andorians’ hands, straining it over the rough angles of his near-white knuckles.

Engineering he chuckled. I can finally get my hands dirty.

Bursting through the bay doors his creeping grin shone brightly. Irresistible and certain, Rexars’ excitement could be seen in the glimmer of the warp core as it folded it’s reactions in an endless struggle of power and control. He was no longer concerned with his posture, his decorum or his appearance. Free from his self inflicted scrutiny, he walked with esteemed confidence to the reactor diagnostic terminal. Proceding him at their full length, his antennae drove ahead probing every vibration, frequency and emission. Every report on every monitor was scanned by the aggressive receptors sensing each alert for its seperate tone and chime. Of course he could never process all this information in its entirety but he did feel a rising sensation that chased his focus from the scintillation of the core to the console in front of him. As he turned into the terminal to read the display, Rexar was nearly staggered by what he saw before him.

-318 minor relay or panel/station overloads that require replacements from chips to gel packs to station panels to repair
- 83 minor physical checks of plasma conduit lines that may have weakened in the blasts
- 12 physical checks and likely replacement of plasma conduit lines - listed as moderate in damage rating
- Warp engine diagnostic specifically related to the deuterium injection timings that were affected

Upon digesting all the relevant information available, Rexar fell seamlessly into his role. Firstly, he updated the current reports with a level 5 diagnostic and downloaded all of this into every P.A.D.D in every engineering kit onboard with consideration to the particular system nearest each equipment station. Operational standards, equipment necessities, design schematics and recommendations all implemented into each kit as a level 2 power systems diagnostic was initiated. The computer at work, Rexar poured over plasma conduit diagrams, subprocessor overlays and installation schematics in a pain-staking effort to assist the automatic analysis, decreasing its time to completion. Lastly, he used all the data gathered to formulate a pattern for the exacting specifications of an internal sensor sweep to encourage an increased rate success and efficiency in the diagnostic. After 3 hours of rigorous labouring he slowly began to relent. Releasing the controls Rexar faced the screen blankly with a stoic, absent browse about his entire body.

What am I doing? This isn’t a test anymore.

His head hung low as it swayed between his shoulders. Leaning into the alcove he let out a forced breath from the nose and laughed as he spoke.

“A test is what I need.”

“Computer. Display Matter/Antimatter Reactor Assemblies diagrams including plasma manifold layout and containment field operations overlay. Then begin a level 3 operational diagnostic of the warp core and correlate information with simulations of the Endeavour engaging in everything from a speed trial to a combat scenario.”

Observing the programs, the fledgling engineer lost himself in a place he’d never been. Massive energy grid disruptions, critical overload probabilities, primary system failures. The recording displayed every plausibility at its worst possible outcome and it floored Rexar into a state of voided thought. The monitor had blurred for moment as he the floor shifted beneath his feet, forcing him to press his hands across the panel bracing inward of the terminal. He could feel the controls against his fingertips exactly. He could see where they were, what they were touching but he didn’t feel the texture of the tripolymer panel under his hands, or the coarse grit of his own skin as he pushed his hands into one and other. Anxious and confused, Rexar presses his hands deeper and deeper into each other until his the pastel flesh of his palms became a flat white mire of tension and sweat.

Then a flash. A dancing chime of red, yellow and blue skimmed along the monitor as the computer sung the results of his preliminary scans. Jolting at the sight of its contents, Rexar bounded at the console. Surging with visible purpose, he computed the last of his solutions with the necessary variables equated and struck his commbadge with a fervent blow.

=^=Engineering to Lt. To’kar, Omtala here. The MRI’s require notable realignment and likely replacement of a few components Ma’am. Power distribution throughout the ship won’t be emergency ready until it’s rectified and the fastest way to do that is to shut down the warp core. Best estimate is 11 hours until we can at least run some practicals Lieutenant.=^=

Holding his breath, he stood in the silence, the aftermath of his actions were fresh in his mind and they weighed heavily on his every thought. An eternity before him.

CDT. Rexar Omtala. (Engineer)

The voice that responded seem centered at his back and not coming thru the comm. “Shutting down the warp core isn’t an option.” The sound of footsteps behind him was added to the voice continuing, “Computer, pause program.” The holodeck seemed to freeze. Blinking lights stopped, noises suddenly went dead and it was like looking at the picture of the engineering bay instead of actually being in it.

A woman of Klingon decent stepped towards Rexar. Her hands were clasped before her and she looked impeccable in her engineering uniform with its Lieutenant pips on the collar. “What other options did you have besides a warp core shut down, Cadet?” Her eyebrow rose, further accentuating the tell tale ridges on her brow as she moved to lean on a nearby console, watching her new crewman. She had eyes that were warmer than most Klingons, a gift from her human mother. And her angles weren’t quite so fierce. She was in good shape, with a body like a dancer, not a weight lifter. Her hair was pulled back in a regulation ponytail but it wasn’t as severe as many Klingons wore theirs. She looked at Rexar waiting for his response.

She had been walking down the hall when the occupation of the holodeck had caught her eye. She often had friends running open programs with an open door policy to those explorations. When she saw her own engineering training program running, on a higher level than most folks on the ship messed with, her curiosity had been piqued. Since the program hadn’t been locked, she had chosen to make an appearance rather than let the program’s Chief Engineer answer the man’s query.

“I know you were slated to check in with me tomorrow, but this seemed as good a time as any.” She wasn’t smiling, but she wasn’t being stern. She had learned that her smile looked too intimidating to most. So she tried her best to keep it at bay till folks knew her better and weren’t offended.

Lt Ang To’Kar
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His cheeks lifted just enough to bear his teeth as he inhaled heavily, smashing both fists into the console. As the program froze, a deep, gutteral seething slipped out as he snapped his chin down over his shoulder Rexars’ lithe, athletic form followed in swift pursuit. Aburpt and robotic, his movements under the influence of his anger appeared almost violent as he came about to stand at attention. His azure blue eyes were thrown wide open as he laid them upon his superior with every muscle in his body ridged and pulsing.

I am a fool! Everything for nothing. She’ll send me back down for sure.

His mind afire, the scenario still fresh in his thoughts. Safety margins, proximity of available support, simulation alternatives, manual overrides and every other process he didn’t factor into his program gave fuel to the white-hot fury of his own indignation. Rexars’ heart threw itself against his chest so hard he felt unbalanced in his boots, adding further to the mechanical state of his posture.

“Of course Ma’am.” He snorted as he choked even tighter his own hands, desperately restraining his anger with controlled, short breaths. His sleeves pushed up around his elbows and his jacket askew, Rexars’ knew his only hope was to persevere as he always did and pursue his truth.

“To answer our first question Lieutenant. I might consider other methods other than repair. A simply bypass of the misaligned Matter Reactant Injectors with appropriate reinforcement of containment and control systems would suffice for an extended period. If that was not acceptable than perhaps a redirection of injector flow with gravitic calipers and manually realign each one individually.”

Running out of his mouth with an obvious temperament. His stiffened jaw stressed each word in exact pronunciation, a hoarse grumble in their undertone. If he had been enraged so evidently by anything more than his complete realisation of these simple solutions. lt would be without question his own incompetence and lack of foresight in a place where he was able to seek out new understandings and openly express his fears. Quietly exhaling a long nasal breath, Rexar forced himself to relax while Lt. To’kar observed him closely. He dragged his shoulders down, pushed his fingers apart and scrunched up his lips in an effort to arrest his growing discomfort.

“Yet with regards to the situation as a whole, I should have just asked for help. I understand that now and I will be working on this as a priority.”

CDT. Rexar Omtala. (Engineer)

As his hackles rose, the half Klingon growled in response and bared her teeth, she stalked up on his as he turned and stood less than two arms lengths from him. If he longed, she would tear him apart, Cadet or not. “You need to reign in that temper, Cadet!” Her Klingon accent slipping out in her rage. “I will NOT have a hothead in my engineering department. DO you understand?” She had never struck a Cadet before, or even a fellow crewman. But there were times when, sometimes, things had to be done. She just hoped this wasn’t one of them.

While Rex spouted out his decisions and alternatives, Ang kept her own temper in check. As he ‘finally’ came to the realization that help was what he should have done in the first place, she nodded and looked at him, her rage slowly waning. “Good. We are a team, Rexar, and you would do well to remember that. And,” she smiled, but the ridges made it look more like a scowl, “you let this temper peek out in the bay, or anytime you are working, and I will personally see to your discharge from Star Fleet. Do you understand THAT?”

“Now…” she nodded to him and called to the air, “Computer, end simulation.” The room returned to the simple black cube of a room with golden grid lines. “May I make an offer to you, Rexar? When you are done nearly hyperventalating, how about a nice spar? I give you my word, if you come to me when you need to let off steam, I will help you learn to control that fire in you and direct to more productive pursuits. But whatever it is that is boiling under your skin, you cannot deal with it till you face it.” She reached out with her right hand and touched his bicep. “Beat up on me, not yourself.” She laughed slightly. “I promise I can take it much better than you can.”


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“I understand, Ma’am.”

Staring plainly into her eyes, Rexar shoulders fell down, his hands released their grip and he took a long, slow breath deep into the bottom of his chest. As he settled in place, a dense void of disappointment began to cripple his thoughts.

What a first impression, what a display. I don’t know what I’ll do if I’m drummed out, I can’t go back home.

His sunken eyes and flat face drew the distinct picture of an unsatisfactory disposition. Yet what was on display was no less then the shameful expressions of Rexar’s actions. He sank lower were he stood as Lt. To’kar grilled him further, knowing well he deserved every word and worse.

Then he felt her.

The soft and tender clench of her touch stunned him into a state of shock. His head slipped back to press his lips open as if to take a breath while his eyes broadened to flash a glimpse of their shimmering blue glaze. To’kar’s mouth chattered on but Rexar heard no words. Although he watch her delicate lips play against each other in supple fortitude. His ears were filled with the bombastic thud of his heart as it rung out from his chest. A desperate scramble to control this confounding sensation while the lieutenant waited for his reply.

“I would relish such a session Lieutenant, and I am in debt of you leanecy. I wish to report for immediate disciplinary action.”

With his new beat to brace himself, Rexar stood before his DH with a precarious nature of thoughts juggling about his mind.

CDT. Rexar Omtala. (Engineer)

Ang let her hand drop and smiled. “First off, there is no need for disciplinary action. Think of it as a learning experience, all right?” She nodded towards the door, “Now, how bout you go cool off for a bit then come to Engineering. I am sure there is plenty for you to do without catastrophic failures happening in a war situation. All right?”

She took a step back and set her hands on her hips. “Now, we will spar when you are off duty. For right now, go to your quarters, but I want you in engineering in two hours. And I want you ready to work.” She winked and headed out, “Welcome to the Endeavor.”

Lt Ang

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