OOC: The Captain is back!

Posted Jan. 1, 2019, 3:49 p.m. by Gamemaster Wookius Furrius (Gamemaster) (Gene Gibbs)

Posted by Commander Keena Vahl (Executive Officer) in OOC: The Captain is back!

Posted by Captain David Johnson (Commanding Officer) in OOC: The Captain is back!
That’s right, my unexpectedly extended LOA is over. That vacation finished with me catching the flu, unfortunately. But I’m back now and catching up. If there’s a post that needs my attention, please let me know. We’ll be ending our relaxed posting requirements shortly, and I expect our sim to be taking off again at that point as we arrive at the Craxus system…


Welcome back Dan. :)


Welcome back! My time off ran into a similar .. issue .. a nasty cold snagged me and rendered my brain cells inoperable. I had considered it an EMP that centered on my brain to be a viable equivalent. This is my first day back in where as I read a post I actually understand it. Go me!

I’ll be posting up a recap and launching us off at our arrival at the Craxus system and jumping into the sim later today.


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