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Posted Jan. 3, 2019, 8:40 p.m. by Cadet Vel (Doctor) (Cyndi VV)

Posted by Lieutenant Marlene Judas (Chief Medical Officer) in Checking in with CMO

Posted by Cadet Vel (Doctor) in Checking in with CMO

Posted by Cadet Vel (Doctor) in Checking in with CMO
Vel took the long way to sick bay to report for duty with Lt. Marlene Judas. She wanted to watch her new shipmates interact with one another in order to get a feel of them and her new home, to learn as much as she could before starting her series of tests after getting her orders.

Ensign Vel, Medical Officer

As Vel would enter Sickbay she would see it mostly empty, with a green skinned woman seated at the desk behind the glass walls partitioning the Chief Medical Officer’s office space from the rest of Sickbay. Lt. Judas didn’t appear to notice her come in.

-Lt. Marlene Judas, CMO

Vel is pleased, as much as a Vulcan can be, to see she would have a chance to introduce herself to her new Lt. without too much interruption. Perhaps Lt. Judas would have time to fill her in on the goings on of the ship because the ensign likes to learn as much as possible so she can have an appropriate amount of knowledge to fullfil her duties while also increasing her ability to file as much away as she could for future reference… Why could she have not been an Android?
Vel took in the Orion officer’s appearance and noted that Orion females are intriguingly attractive. She had learned as much back home, but she had not had the opportunity to meet and Orion in person. What was this strange feeling she was having? Vel did not have time for such a foolish waste of time, exploring a… Feeling? Perhaps the doctor could also do her physical so the process could be as streamlined as possible, and she could check in with the ship’s counselor to make sure she wasn’t malfunctioning… She meant, to make sure she wasn’t feeling ill.
“Leutenant Judas, I am Ensign Vel. Reporting for duty.”
Ensign Vel, Medical Officer

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