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As Kanto made his way through the corridors of the starship Endeavour, he was unexpectedly hit with a twinge of what he believes humans call regret. After finishing with honors at the Vulcan Science Academy, he spent several years on the Vulcan science vessel Lakur, studying anomalies in the Briar Patch. Recently, after much meditation on the subject, Kanto decided that studying anomalies was not the best use of his abilities. His betrothed, T’Lyr, suggested a career in Starfleet, much to the dismay of his father, the captain of the Lakur. The humans would say that he “missed” T’Lyr and his father, Krynvok. Of course, that was absurd, but he did feel a pain in his chest region. Maybe the doctor could take a look when she took his physical.

He approached the door to the CSO’s office, and composed himself before he hit the chime. “Cadet Kanto, reporting for duty aboard USS Endeavour, as ordered.”

Cadet Kanto
Science Officer
USS Endeavour

“Come in!” A sonorous voice broke through the silence which momentarily followed his brief report. Within seconds, the door would hiss open, revealing the quaint office of a scientist.

At the back of the room, there was a large desk, two chairs situated before the immense surface, which bore holographic images of the Dovarian Nebula, something this particular scientist held close to her heart. There were several small artifacts of the Andorian people, but the most prominent was a glass framed blade, curved in the characteristic ‘u’ of the prominent weapon of their society. Dwelling beyond that small area, the walls seemed to be adorned by several different pictures, ranging from the anatomical structure of a Vulan Sehlat, to the Andorian Blue Ribbon she held framed below an image of a group of seven Starfleet scientists. Beyond those few trinkets, her office was standard and almost bland, if one didn’t know the story behind it.

Sitting behind that desk, a large Andoria sat, writing up a report upon a PaDD. She bore a lean, athletic structure, snowy hair pulled back into the proper do. Pale eyes, born with the indifference of her people, seemed focussed upon the PaDD beneath her. When Kanto entered, however, she rose her head, the intensity of her gaze falling upon him.

“Cadet, please, have a seat.” She rose to a staggering height for a woman, “I am Lieutenant Eshrallias Vheris; yobiu may call me Lieutenant Eshrallias,” She wanted to clarify her last name, due to its formation. “Welcome to the Endeavour.”

Lt. Eshrallias

As Kanto moved toward the seat, his gaze went from the Andorian CSO to the Sehlat anatomy. It was an interesting choice, no doubt included because of its nature to help Vulcans feel at ease in a situation where they normally wouldn’t be. Talking about one’s feelings just wasn’t done on Vulcan. The cadet decided that he would indulge the lieutenant, and engage in the custom of “small talk.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant Eshrallias,” he said, then pointed to the Sehlat. “Their fangs are usually two inches longer than most anatomical depictions would suggest, you know.”

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Cadet Kanto

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“The Sehlat?” Eshrallias rose her attention to the anatomical model of the species native to Vulcan. “Yes.. I always found it peculiar how they model them in such a manner. Alas, I suppose ‘close enough’ is sufficient for them.”

The scientist was never much a woman who discussing meager topics, although, she noticed how it seemed to set the young Vulcan at ease, if it were even possible. “I had a professor, back at the Academy, a Vulcan man by the name of Soren; he always spoke quite highly of the Sehlats. He is the one who gave me that model.. I never did understand his fascination with the species, until diving into their anatomical makeup. Truly fascinating creatures, don’t you think? Quite the formidable match to the Le-Matya’s brutality.”

“Would you like something to drink, Cadet?” Her accent was a bit thicker than most, as it bore both Andorian and Southern (American) tints, as she was raised by both sides of the spectrum. “Please, have a seat.”

Lt. Eshrallias

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