Sickbay: Cadet Kanto boarding physical

Posted Jan. 10, 2019, 9:45 p.m. by Lieutenant Marlene Judas (Chief Medical Officer) (James Harrison)

Posted by Cadet Kanto (Scientist) in Sickbay: Cadet Kanto boarding physical

Posted by Lieutenant Marlene Judas (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay: Cadet Kanto boarding physical

Posted by Cadet Kanto (Scientist) in Sickbay: Cadet Kanto boarding physical
The pain in his chest was subtle, so faint that he barely noticed it. It only started when he was remembering how he left things with T’Lyr.

She was stoic in her resolve as she watched him board the shuttle to Starfleet Academy on Earth. His father refused to even show up for his departure. That was slightly distressing to Kanto, as he admired his father above all others. If only his mother could have been here. Unfortunately, she had long ago left for Romulus to take part in Ambassador Spock’s reunification efforts. He was not sure if she was even alive at this point. As he gave the Vulcan salute to T’Lyr, his thoughts were now of his parents and he almost asked the pilot to disengage so that he could return to his betrothed. He did not, of course, for that is not the Vulcan way. He watched T’Lyr through the viewport until she became a speck on the horizon. Now he could only look forward, to Starfleet…

He arrived at Sickbay feeling much more pain than before, and as he walked through the door, even the nurse immediately came to his side and asked, “Are you alright?”

“I am fine,” Kanto replied in a curt manner. “I am here for my physical – I mean.” He straightened his chest and regained his resolve. “Cadet Kanto reporting for boarding physical.”

Internally, he cursed himself. Why am I letting this pain get the better of me? I am a Vulcan, and Vulcans do not act this way! He almost let a smile escape his lips as he remembered his father, and how he was starting to sound like him.

Cadet Kanto
Science Officer
USS Endeavour

A green skinned woman walked by in a tight fitting uniform covered with a white lab coat, but not hiding her curves. She stopped when she overheard Kanto addressing NE Nurse, and she spun around in her tracks. With a wave of her hand, she dismissed NE Nurse who scurried off like a frightened kitten.

“You don’t seem fine to me,” The woman said bluntly, making no attempt to hide her gaze as she looked him over from head to toe and then back up, making eye contact. “What is troubling you Cadet by all means spit it out.”

-Lt Marlene Judas, CMO

Kanto looked over the the Orion woman in return and realized that this must be the ship’s doctor. She was attractive for a humanoid, he noticed.

“Ahem,” he composed himself, “As I was saying to the nurse, I am here for my boarding physical. I am having a mild discomfort in my chest region, but it will not impair my duties, I promise you. Cadet Kanto, reporting.” As he said this last part, a barely perceptible sigh escaped him. “You must be Dr. Judas, I presume?”

Cadet Kanto
Science Officer

“Yes,” She said, scowling at him. She hurriedly waved her arm in the direction of the examination area. “That way. Take a seat on one of the beds.”

Marlene followed him and pulled out her tricorder, scanning his body. “I don’t see any physical symptoms that would be causing you to experience any discomfort in your chest. Are you feeling nervous or anxious?”

-Lt. Marlene Judas, CMO

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