CSO Office: Kanto reporting at 0800

Posted Jan. 23, 2019, 10:58 p.m. by Lieutenant Eshrallias zh’Vheris (Chief Science Officer) (Trinity Fister)

Posted by Cadet Kanto (Scientist) in CSO Office: Kanto reporting at 0800
The following day, Kanto awoke at exactly 0700, enough time to shower, eat a decent breakfast, and clean his teeth. He allowed 15 minutes for quick meditation to prepare himself for the day’s activities, and 10 minutes to walk to the CSO’s office. This would place him there at precisely 0750. He had always felt that you must be early to consider yourself on time. At precisely 0750 on the dot, he tapped the chime to the office, and awaited the response of Lt. Eshrallias, standing at ease with his hands behind his back.

Cadet Kanto

“Cadet, you’re early.” A voice sounded from behind Kanto, rather than before him. If he were to turn around, he would find the Andorian scienist standing with a PaDD in her left hand, and coffee in the other. Taking a few steps forwards, she slid through the doors as they hissed open, gesturing for Kanto to take a seat, should he desire it. “I trust your evening was well?” She inquired, setting the mug down beside another PaDD on her desk, returning the previous to a small shelf, ten feet away. “I apologise for the mess, I only just finished preparing for the day.” She waved a hand, pausing by the replicator. “Tea?”

Lt. Eshrallias

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