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Posted Jan. 27, 2019, 12:05 a.m. by Cadet Vel (Doctor) (Cyndi VV)

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Posted by Cadet Vel (Doctor) in Counselor’s Office Psych Eval Cadet Vel USS Endeavor
Vel walked purposefully towards the counselor’s office, knowing she needed her evaluation before she could begin her duties, but wondering if she NEEDED a counselor. Surely logic could help her asses all of her issues and lead her to the correct decisions.
She had read the counselor’s file and knew she was held in high regard, so perhaps it would it hurt to see her side of things, to see how she came to conclusions. It fascinated Vel how other species used intuition and emotion to help make decisions and lead their lives.
As she approached the office she put her head down ever so slightly, as was her way, and fingered the comm. & listened to it’s chirps, “Cadet Vel, reporting for my scheduled Psych Eval.”

Cadet Vel-Doctor

=/\=Come on in,=/\= a slightly cheery voice replied through the comm from inside the office.

Lidra had a small but cozy office, and she had arranged things in a fairly practical and standard way. There was a sitting area (a small sofa and a couple slim armchairs) tucked on one side across from the desk where another chair was opposite where she worked. On the wall above the sitting area was a moderate sized painting that was clearly abstract with washes of yellows, blues and greys. Beside her desk was a large leafy dark green plant with a single stalk of trumpet shaped flowers in a vivid violet.

The pink-haired Denobulan gestured to the sitting area as she lifted a stealing mug containing something sweet smelling from the replicator near her desk. “Welcome. I’m Liadra. Who might you be and can I get you anything to drink while I’m over here?”

Lt. Cmdr. Liadra, CNS

Vel noted a light tone in the counselor’s voice upon her answering the comm as she stepped inside to take in the Lt. Commander’s office.
“I am Cadet Vel, as previously stated, I am reporting for my psych eval. You would be wanting more information than I have provided I would assume? Vel took in the pink liquid the counselor was about to imbibe. “Green tea with ginger, thank you. Would you mind if I asked what you are having?” Vel stepped into the room further and rested her hands behind her back at parade rest awaiting further instruction.”

Cadet Vel-Doctor

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