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They were met with what looked to be a set of museum pieces. Medical scanners from what looked to be the past century were inset in a foamy base in a neat row. On a second row there were what looked to be thin medical PaDD’s. There was a printout as it were of documentation in the lid. “That’s likely for you,” Bobbi said. “Not quite Christmas but you never know.

“I’m sure this will prove to be quite useful” Buckingham said with an interested tone as he closely examined the contents of the box. This certainly was a collection of interesting artifacts.

The documentation was a brief on the specs of the ‘artifacts’. They were original units, however their internal chipset and software had been upgraded to the current standard. Due to the limitation on not having replicated items apparently this was the medical compromise.

The question Bobbi asked was certainly a deep question. “I’m not really sure” Tom said. “We’ll have to wait and see what the wide open galaxy has in store. But for the moment, I’ll just focus on try to be the best Doctor I can be.” He answered, trying his best to make his response lighthearted.

Cadet Thomas Buckingham, Medical

Bobbi gave Thomas a half smile that looked cute on her round face. “Do life to the full as you see what doors lay ahead in other words. You have any specialties? You know, ‘eyes, nose and throat’ kind of thing?”
- Wookiee for Bobbi

“My specialist field is Trauma and Emergency Medicine. It sounds a little general, but it’s incredibly useful for this sort of area of medical work. You never know what will come through those Sickbay Doors.” Tom said earnestly.

Cadet Thomas Buckingham, Medical

“Sounds like you’d do well on a kind of forward marine ship,” Bobbi commented. ” Not so good at the sight of blood myself, especially mine. How do you do it?”


Ang stepped into the Cargo bay with Rexar in tow, her voice coming out as a laugh. “All right folks, let’s get this show together.” She glanced around to see if there were other ranking Officers around so they could coordinate before heading down.

Lt. Ang To’kar

OOC: The CMO was about and may still be ..

Bobbi saw the engineers coming and said to Thomas. “More company. If you will excuse me, sir.” She smiled sweetly and stood up, approaching the engineers. “Sirs,” Bobbi said. Bobbi was a non com CPO, of medium height, with a round face framed by light brown hair detailed in a bob. “Can I help you? As you can see we have a regular ‘mall’ of things here. Makes a woman want to go shopping.” She smiled again, clutching her large PaDD across her body in front of her.
- Bobbi

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