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Posted by Cadet Rexar Omtala (Engineer) in Main Sim - Engineering (all engineer personnel)

Posted by Lieutenant Ang’er To’kar (Chief Engineer) in Main Sim - Engineering (all engineer personnel)

Posted by Cadet Rexar Omtala (Engineer) in Main Sim - Engineering (all engineer personnel)

Posted by Lieutenant Ang’er To’kar (Chief Engineer) in Main Sim - Engineering (all engineer personnel)

Ang was halfway to Main Engineering when she tapped her comm badge. =^= All engineering personnel to Main Engineering asap. We are in orbit.=^=

She entered the bay and looked around. Those already present turned to face her and she smiled. “Once everyone is here we will begin. Right now I want at least two people on each station. We can’t afford to blink and miss something that makes our dear ship start to deteriorate. So keep an eye on ‘everything’. If there are acceptable specs, I want to know when we enter the lower 20% of those specs. We will be on a two shift rotation while on site. So please, be vigilant, and sleep when not on duty. I don’t want to hear of anyone playing around in Holo programs when they should be sleeping. We can’t afford for any mistakes this time. It’s not just those on the planet counting on us, it’s our own shipmates as well.” She nodded to them, trying to meet the eyes of everyone at least briefly. She then turned and headed into her office to await the muster of the rest of those due to arrive.

Lt Ang To’kar

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=^=Omtala reporting, only my way Lieutenant.=^=

Folding his tricorder into its holster in a single movement letting his arm drop passed his hip and swing in a fluid motion. He rested still and listened a moment. The bulkhead on Deck 12 hummed softly as the Endeavor maneuvered in its orbit. Bleeping of the terminals’ control authorizing Cdt. Omtala to complete his diagnostic of the waste management mechanisms and the subtle whine of its micro-servos as it collected, condensed and recycled excess particles into storage. Rexar had held his breath all the while waiting for the clatter of his recorder against the floor.

I’ve got it!

No thud or trundling clash made him smirk into the duranium wall in front of him as he reached down to seal the Jefferies tube hatch and snatch up his toolkit. As he crouched to turn the latch, something jabbed him in the side, just above the waist. Glancing across his shoulder expecting to find himself caught against the struts of the bulkhead. His bold grin fell into leering when his eyes saw his recorder half open, hanging from his holster with the base plate pinched between the wall and his jacket.

“Frostbite!” Rexar chortled. Throwing his hand along his pants he slapped the scanner back into position and stood to walk onwards of the nearest turbolift for Main Engineering.

He marched through Engineering straight towards the DHs’ office in a hastily manner, rushing passed everyone else and their work stations.

“What’s the red alert, Omtala?” Giggled a small voice from across the room.

“You know they only give us what we can handle NCdt.Rilley. I’ll let you’ll know when you’re ready.”

Rexar articulated as he shot a stern glare from under his drouping brow towards his fellow cadet. He wasn’t bothered by her comment and would never had said anything if he didn’t feel comfortable. In fact, he found it rather humorous and would have laughed if he knew her and the crew better.

Arriving at the Lieutenants’ office, he chimed the door and entered as the opened. Ending in a few long strides, Rexar came to attention at the head of her desk.

“Cdt. Omtala, reporting as ordered Ma’am.”

Cdt. Rexar Omtala (Engineer)

And smiled to herself at the banter. Rexar had been more than capable since joining them and his ease with his fellow crewmates reiterated that thought.

As he reported, she glanced up. “Good job on waste panel 12 Echo. Whatever the hiccup was, it’s not registering anymore.” She tapped off her computer and stood up. “Go join the rest of them,” she nodded to the small crowd assembled outside her office.

Following him out, she glanced at them all and smiled. “Ok, so you know we’re above a planet that pretty much hates everything that’s not original. Replicated objects are wiggly broken down and disintegrated. So only original issue uniforms, and gear marked appropriate for the planet. That pretty much excludes everything from in here,” she laughed.

“The cargo bay is set up with containers of parts and equipment that should be fine on the surface, or at least last long enough for us get the job done. Half of will rotate on and off the surface, half of you will rotate in and out of here. There is NO tolerance limits on anything as of this moment. Things start getting out of alignment or out specs, report it immediately.” She glanced at them all and shook her head with a smile. “I doubt the Captain wants the ship falling from the sky because it’s slowly disappearing.”

Making sure everyone heard her, she finished with, “Any questions? Rexar, you’ll be with me. NLt jg Braxton, you have engineering.”

Lt. Ang To’kar

Questions?! Where do I begin?

He stood back, arched in a lean with his arms in each other contemplating the enormity of such a statement. Rexar didn’t bother to consider much more on the matter as the task at hand would surely reveal more questions needing further information, going on to beckoning another onslaught of questioning.

I’ll leave that to the scientists. They can come up with the problems and I’ll just stick to fixing them.

A short nod acknowledging the DH was all that was needed but in secret, deep within his heart he fluttered. He became stiff and upright. Tightly he grasped his arms at either end and shifted his stance onto the balls of his feet. Long had he awaited a moment to work along side her but of course he would hold himself removed so as to never let on his feelings.

Cdt. Rexar Omtala (Engineer)

Ang made sure everyone was set before tapping Rexar’s shoulder on her way out. “Grab the landing kit inside my office door. We’re going to the cargo bay.” She headed for the hall knowing Rex would be only a step behind her.

When he caught up, she smiled. “I need you to double check that whatever we take to the surface is stamped with the symbol showing it’s not a replication part. We can take a tool or two, but we need to make sure they are out of calibration or too weak for the job each time they are used. Even just minutes apart. It will make the refits take longer but we can’t trust anything down there. Understand? I need you to be more precise and perfect than you were in your holosim. All right?” She smiled to let him know she was encouraging his perfection and not teasing him about it.


In that moment he wanted to take her hand, clasp it firmly in his own and pull her close against his chest. He wanted to feel her lithe, supple form press into his tense muscular embrace, to sense her breath on his cheek and her whisper of her wishes to him. Unfortunately Rexars’ reality was a vivid shade of black and he well understood that any contact other than what was expected would initiate a violent combat. He did though enjoy those times as well and looked forward to their next match. So in the instance his passions took flight they had settled and as soon as she had lifted her hand he just as quickly gathered the equipment Lt. To’kar requested and pursued her directly.

“Yes Ma’am, consider it done.” He replied as Lt.To’kar informed him of his dubious task. It would be monotonous. It would be tedious. It would be a pain-stakingly laborious process requiring the utmost precision, diligence and perseverance. He was excited.

“I’m aware of the status of the docking pad on the surface and the necessity of the scientific equipment. Do you have any directives on prioritization Ma’am? As I may compile an algorithm based on recent sensor sweeps to determine what repairs are most urgent.”

Although the question itself seemed redundant, Rexar was attuned to the standard operating procedures of his DH and knew she demanded more than just the textbook efforts.

Cdt. Rexar Omtala(Engineer)

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