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Posted by Cadet Rexar Omtala (Engineer) in Cargo Bay - Main Sim

Posted by Cadet Rexar Omtala (Engineer) in Cargo Bay - Main Sim

Posted by Lieutenant Ang’er To’kar (Chief Engineer) in Cargo Bay - Main Sim

Posted by Cadet Rexar Omtala (Engineer) in Cargo Bay - Main Sim

Posted by Gamemaster Wookius Furrius (Gamemaster) in Cargo Bay - Main Sim

Posted by Lieutenant Ang’er To’kar (Chief Engineer) in Cargo Bay - Main Sim

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In his inquiry, Rexar discovered himself in a space of mind he was dreadfully uncomfortable with as he grasped at the unknowns before him to better wrestle a belief he couldn’t yet accept.

Cdt. Rexar Omtala (Engineer)

Ang heard her comm response and called out over the din in the bay. “OK FOLKS!” Once she had a bit more silence, she continued. “We are shuttling down. Transporters will mess with the things we are taking. So let’s set up priority. Necessary parts and tools for the landing dock are first. Can’t bring the rest till we have a place to put it.” She nodded to everyone and smiled. “Ok, let’s get it going.”

((Can move this forward to the first shuttle departing if you thread for the surface, or continue here?))

Sorry for the long post I felt there was as much to convey. I’ll do better to restrict it going forward.

He twisted and faced her squarely, looming over her with his head arched downwards. He seemed cross. His features were straight, expressionless and void of compromise, yet inside him his mind raced with realization that something beyond their mission here lurked around them, unseen.

“No, and I can’t explain why. I’m going to report this to the DH, she needs to know about what’s going on.”

Dashing away from the CPO, Rexar rushed at pace to stand before the Lieutenant.

“Aye Lieutenant. All equipment has been controlled, quantified and accounted for and I’ve delegated the Chief to supervise the transport here in the cargo bay. Tags are in place and awaiting your approval.”

Rexar passed the data onto Lt. To’kar for review. He was satisfied with his work and acted as such with his head raised high, his shoulders back and his chest broadly presented outwards. His enjoyment of a well planned task was often mistaken as arrogance with his forward demeanour and aggressive mannerisms when the fact of the matter was he could simply not be satisfied with anything less than his best. Standing radiant in his pride Rexar beamed with sheer confidence though a telling gaze consumed his placid visage. Shuttering azure blue globes widely shined a battling glare and reflected the rooms luminance solely on the pastel flesh of his narrow face.

“Request permission to proceed to the shuttle loading zone for final inspections and priority confirmation. I’ve determined by the equipment and components here that our issue lies with the repulsor lift modules and I know this technology well.”

While his eyes peered into hers, Rexar was conflicted by the nature of his feelings for Any and the uncertainty of the contents of the classified containers.

“I’ve something more to report, lieutenant. It’s difficult to explain. Firstly, as I’ve been informed by Chief Bobbi of the 13 classified containers for the Seahawk. One had been broken into around the time of death here in the cargo bay, coinciding with the attack of the dimensional beings. It’s likely either its contents my be contaminated or possibly stolen, I’ve yet to discern this in fact.”

Rexar paused as he spoke and drew a long, lingering breath as his antennae bowed to the floor.

“Additionally, as I searched the bay I detected abnormal sensations emanating from these very same cases. An energy source, or perhaps multiples of them from within and it was as though they were…aware. I can’t surmise more as I don’t understand how.”

Cdt. Rexar Omtala (Engineer)

Ang listened to Rexar’s report and nodded. “Thank you, Ensign.” She took the Padd and glanced down the list making a couple minute shuffles.

As the man mentioned the ‘awareness’ coming from the containers, Ang’s face shifted from pleased to concerned. “You mean you sense ‘consciousness’ from the containers?” She didn’t like that. “Those containers stay put for now. Rex, I need you to stay here. See if you can get any more from the containers. I’m going to see about them.”

She headed for the Chief and frowned. “I need to know what’s in the secured containers. One was breached during the incident? I need to know what’s in them and where they are going.” She also tapped her comm badge, =^=Lieutenant zh’Vheris, Lieutenant To’kar… we could use your expertise in the Cargo Bay, please.=^= She looked back at the Chief. “We need to know what’s in those containers or they aren’t leaving the ship.” She wasn’t going to be mean if she didn’t have to. But if there was something the Captain needed to know about, better here than on an unsuspecting planet.


((reposted from Science Dept.))
Realizing that Lt. Eshrallias was lost in thought and failed to hear her comm chirp, Kanto decided to take the initiative and respond.

=^=Lieutenant To’Kar, this is Cadet Kanto. Perhaps I could be of service?”

Cadet Kanto, Science

“Anything that I can learn, we’ll know in an hour.” Rexar remarked as his receptors bounced back into their lively stance.

He walked off after her only to deviate onwards of the classified cargo units. His movements were swift and lithe as he progress through the bay. Antennae in full arrest, Rexar marched between the sealed units and observed their surfaces thoroughly. First with a keen eye in search of any disturbances or alterations to the containers external structures. Then by hand about the areas that couldn’t be seen. Inspecting them for something hidden, or something innocuous if that would be the case. Examining simply to know that he had done so as best as could be done. When satisfied, he placed himself at the centre of their section. Gathering his thoughts, Rexar closed his eyes to seek out the energies about him. Putting himself into a quiet state of open focus, with his arms at his side and his palms face up. He took long, even breaths and let his mind be a vessel, and his antennae the funnel with which to summon the consciousness before him.

Cdt. Rexar Omtala (Engineer)

There were thirteen of them. All of them were in silvery cases, not unlike a standard Starfleet kit box, only in this case they were of a silvery metal that on close examination was finely woven. It was hinged at the back where the top would just flip up, though the hinges were covered and protected. Indeed at the front of the case where a latch or something would normally be there was only the top overlapping the front as it would normally be. There was nothing to suggest a key or latch or anything at the front. Only on top was there something and it was an intricate, slightly depressed mechanism that, on the surface looked to be a ‘standard’ biometric ID pad. While Rexar would be familiar with ‘standard’ ones as they were common, this looked to be more sophisticated and suggested higher degrees of security. On a scan the threads that were woven making up the case was what looked to be, if it could be believed, ceramic duranium.

The sensations persisted. Indeed whatever it was - he couldn’t explain it - seemed to ‘notice’ him though again it was hard to explain just how. It wasn’t a mind that was there, but he had the distinct feeling it noted his ‘antennae’. Something about that got his hairs on the back of his neck tingling … was this a good thing?
- Wookiee

Rexar held his eyes shut and pushed himself to home in on the radiating forces at their strongest point. Holding his hands out in front of him he took several deep breaths and slowly followed the flow of vibrations to centre himself with the aura and its waves. As he came to a stop he opened his eyes. He removed the tricorder from its case and spoke aloud.

“Computer, using the electromagnetic spectrum at its widest possible range. Perform a narrow bandwidth scan within a three metre radius of my position. Eliminate the readings of my tricorder and commbadge and isolate individual emissions by frequency and type. Once complete, refine the sweep to include categorically defined causes for said emissions while focusing on the most potent source.”

Rexar paused a time as the computer ran its scan and searched the database within his tricorder for ever known relevant link about the ceramic duranium weaves of the special containers. Properties, metallurgy, origins and purpose of usage were the highest listed requests of his search buffer.

Cdt. Rexar Omtala (Engineer)

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