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“The sensations aren’t bothersome Ma’am. They cause me no pain or discomfort although at first it was disorienting and then after almost intoxicating. I’ve adapted to its presence and it won’t be a distraction but all I can discern is it hasn’t communicated anything to me and it seemed to be attracted to, or fixated on my receptors.”

Cdt. Rexar Omtala (Engineer)

Strangely enough … the computer was not picking up anything. Only Rexar seemed to be sensing this ..
- Wookiee

Kanto diligently set up his equipment, setting the scanners to look for “any” anomaly, including tachyons, chroniton particles, even radio waves. He pulled out his tricorder and began to scan the cadet. “I apologize for the abruptness, Cadet,” he said, “but I want to check all possibilities.”

Cadet Kanto

Ang watched Kanto pull out his tricorder and address Rex. She patted Rex’s arm and nodded to the pair. “I’m gonna let you two see what you can figure out. I’m gonna go ask some questions of my own.” She moved away from the pair and hoped that between them they could figure out what was going on.

She headed off to look for the ones who had come with the cargo. With luck, they were unaware and it was a horrible misunderstanding. Worse case scenario, the ship was being taken advantage of. Soon as she knew which, the Captain was going to be notified. But so far, it was ‘feelings’ and ‘suspicions’. She wasn’t one to jump at shadows in the past, she wasn’t gonna start now.


“As soon as we know anything, so will you Lieutenant.”

He lived quietly for an eternity in the moment her powerful yet slender hand rested itself on his tense shoulder. Rarely did his mind wonder from his task but for the seconds she had wrapped his arm in her supple grasp. Rexar loosened his sturdy bearing by way of his knees but kept his eyes a steadfast point. Bobbing his head along to To’kar’s statements to disguise his infatuation.

He watched curiously as the science officer arranged the equipment. While observing the deployment of his instrumentation, Rexar listened out to the call of the computer’s results. Waving his head aimlessly about the cargo bay in disapproval of the scans’ findings.

“Cdt.Omtala, Rexar. Thanks for getting here as soon as you did. No need for apologies your expertise are imminently required.”

“Cadet Kanto,” the science officer replied, “And I am unsure if I will be able to find out anything more specific, which is why I am attempting to be as thorough as possible.” The Vulcan nodded towards the equipment.

He considered offering his hand but decided against it as such a gesture would have surely been regarded as an, “effective assertion of poor time management.” The words of his Vulcan warp mechanics professor. So instead he simply offered him a short nod and continued his explanation.

“I ordered a scan of the electromagnetic range within a small diameter of this vicinity and it’s was unable to determine any unusual emissions.”

Relaxing in this post as Vulcan scanned over him. Rexars’ tone offered a slight variation of his previous iterations. It hopped up and down with a husky sharpness that seems to bend with his words as though he pondered on each one of them.

“There’s something here, or perhaps someone. I’m not sure and I can’t explain but I’m certain that what I’ve sensed is alive or is in someway a form of life.”

Cdt. Rexar Omtala (Engineer)

Cadet Kanto peered up from the tricorder and arched an eyebrow. “Fascinating. Perhaps I could try a different tactic. Would you be opposed to a mind meld?”

Cadet Kanto

Rexar could yet feel the ‘buzz’ and ‘draw’ of whatever it was, yet Kanto’s instruments seemed deaf and dumb. Were Rexar to find an emotion to define the ‘cloud’ at this time it would be curious amusement. Yet even that was uncertain, here one moment and then gone again.

Ang would easily be able to find the quarters of those who were along as replacement crew for the SeaHawk.
- Wookiee

((OOC… Should I make another thread or is there someone in the cargo area Ang could confront and keep thread here?… GM?))

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