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Posted by Cadet Barvan (Security Officer) in Distress Call (Merging Threads)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Rexar Omtala (Chief Engineer (Incoming)) in Distress Call (Merging Threads)

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Rexar Omtala (Chief Engineer (Incoming)) in Distress Call (Merging Threads)

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A short, rotund male Tellerite, NC. Gral his black bread shook as he grumbled aloud at Rexars’ sudden arrival.

“Your on shield modifications with Barvan, follow his lead and don’t argue about it.”

Continuing power transfers and EPS regulations to adapt to the upcoming calibrations. Managing auxiliary relays and reinforcing the power grid, he would send the remaining data to Engineering allow them to complete the task. Swinging away from the console, a sly grin would have been detectable by those who might have caught him wearing it in that moment.

“Kanto. Are you versed in particle physics?”

Kanto arched an eyebrow as he looked to the engineer. “Yes, of course. What did you have in mind?”

LT.JG Rexar Omtala (CE)

Just then the turbolift doors parted to reveal Captain Rixan, her blue eyes scanning over the bridge, stepping toward her chair,-

“Captain on the bridge!” Barvan would boom as was expected of him any time the CO arrives on the bridge.

  • she noted her CE, “Report Lieutenant.” She spoke as she stood before her chair. She hadn’t taken a seat as she wasn’t quite sure yet if she wanted to completely intervene, but her ship was at yellow alert and she certainly needed to know why.

    ~Cassandra Rixan~

    “We’re answering an urgent distress call Captain. Two prospecting vessels have had a collision and are in critical condition, about the region of the asteroid belt. Communications were lost but we’re attempting to reestablish.”

    Announcing from over his station, Rexar finalized a few calculations then stepped away from the terminal and positioned himself adjacent to his superior.

    “If we can bring the Endeavour closer to situation without putting her at too great a risk
    then we can use our resources to assist.”

    Motioning over to Tactical Rexar explained further.

    “Mr. Barvan suggested a shuttle which might be our best option if we can’t make range for a transporter or tractor lock. I don’t want to endanger such a mission without adequate support.”

    Rexar was conflicted with his actions in this moment as he dearly strained to contain the urge to jump head-on into the problem and solve it. But he knew well enough to trust his training and understood that were they to be so rash, they could risk the lives of both the miners ships and they’re own. As he consciously became aware of his own duality and began to reign it in. He realized himself he’d failed to consider an aspect of this scenario.

    Throwing his hand across his chest to strike his commbadge, he then moved back over to the Betazoid beside him. Breaking eye contact with Rixan only after he spoke.

    “Excuse me Ma’am.”

    =^=Bridge to Sick bay, Omtala here. We’re responding to a distress signal and will be needing your expertise, be on stand-by with an emergency medical team.=^=

Buckingham stood and listened as the message came through. =/\= Buckingham here, Sickbay standing by =/\=

Thomas Buckingham - Medical

LT.JG Rexar Omtala (CE)

“Permission to speak ma’am?” Given he was just aggressively put on his spot by the engineering head, he thought it might be prudent to ask before talking this time.

Cadet Barvan, Security

“Granted,” Cassandra remarked, regarding the cadet briefly.

~Cassandra Rixan~

“I have a very bad feeling about this. It seems quite strange that two ships just happened to collide into one another behind large amounts of debris and ice and just happen to know one another. The captain of the first ship knows the other captain by name. This doesn’t seem like an accident. I’d recommend we attempt to background check “Captain Crane” as well as “Ming” before we proceed with anything.

Cadet Barvan, Security

“What evidence do you have to support your theory cadet?” Cassandra asked, “Of course we’ll proceed with caution, but ‘just a feeling’ isn’t something I usually act on.”

~Cassandra Rixan~

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“Doesn’t it seem a bit odd that two prospecting ships who’s captains just seem to know one another collide against one another conveniently hidden behind a wall of ice and stone in the middle of a not-so-busy system? Seems a bit unusual to say the least! This seems particularly suspicious, and as a security officer, I am trained to seek to confirm my suspicions. There are plenty of reasons why this would be the case. Theft, robbery, extortion, hiding some nefarious activity under the guise of distress. We should put all of the chances on our side and do some profiling on these two characters, “Ming” and “Captain Crane” respectively. We should not attempt to engage this situation without fully knowing who we are dealing with. I propose myself and a few other security officers to do it, given we have plenty of officers that can replace me at tactical and security are uniquely well-trained to engage in a little bit of profiling.”

Cadet Barvan, Security

If no one else wishes to play the helmsmen. I’ll have a go next post.


“You assume too much cadet. Even if all that were true. You expect a few security officers in a shuttle to do any better than the entire crew of this vessel? If what you say is true, than better we inspect to the fullest extent permitted by the situation with all the tools available, and you should have already commenced the search to corroborate your instincts. You want to engage a suspicious occurrence with a tactically inferior ship at first glance? Not on my watch. Helm, brake orbit and make best speed for optimal sensor performance while maintaining a safe distance.”

Tightly gripping her fists, pressing her fingers against the cold, dry ebony flesh of her palms. NC. Ninkasi delicately tapped across the flight control terminal in a distinctively musical fashion.

“Breaking orbit Sir. Bearing 212, Mark 009. Maneuvering thrusters to impulse engines at one quarter speed in five seconds. Time to interception zone, two minutes seven seconds.”

Upon observing the enhanced spatial grid sent through from the science station. Aya lifted her head from the screen as her eyes ran wide of the pinpoint scrunity she witnessed before her. Vectors and telemetry data for hundreds of thousands of objects all flying about in chaotic sea of interstellar gases, planetary debris and other celestial bodies. Casting her gaze across the console, back and forth in a vain effort to analyze and quantify every path to further her flight plan. NC. Ninkasi, frustrated by the sheer volume of the task at hand, pushed herself away from the helm and swiveled about to face towards LT.JG Omtala.

Her voice snapped a facetious lashing at the barking Andorian.

“Unless you want 415 metres of duranium bulkhead scattered across the system. I’m gonna park her here Sir.”

Aya identified on the main viewer the exact positioning of the Endeavour in relation to the immediate area and showed a distance of 841 million kilometres distance from the incident.

“There’s no way we can take her any deeper without getting knocked around.”

LT.JG Rexar Omtala (CE) as NC. Ninkasi

Rexars’ voice was filled with a guttural vexation as he returned to Engineering 1 to assist Mr. Kanto in system alterations. He wasn’t surprised by the Betazoid’s suggestions, nor his strength of character. He believed those important in an officer, essential of those at his post. What disappointed him was his lack of discipline too affectionately echoed with an obvious lack of support. Rexar would now look to further investigative this inclination of Mr. Barvan to be certain he was capable of his training and understood his role on the bridge. As he believed the cadet at Tactical to be skilled and astute albeit perhaps a little brash, much like he was not so long ago.

Contacting Kanto through his console with several of the phaser modifications he’d prepared earlier. His tone notably returning to its natural computerised stoicism.

“Our phasers, even altogether will likely fail to affect many of the asteroids and celestial bodies in this region. Too many variables. But if we create a multispectral field array with the main deflector, it will have more power than our tractor beams and a greater range than our phasers. I can monitor and control the energy output to make certain we don’t burn her out. But I need you to complete the coalescences of the inversion fields to correspond with particle variances.”

“Tactical. Begin alterations to the ventral phaser arrays as per the standards required by Mr. Kantos’ calculations. Each emitter must be aligned in exact order for this process to function without serious error. Donsal weapons will remain on stand-by as necessary.”

“Understood, sir.” Being the tactical officer on board, he immediately read the calculations Kanto made and rectified the phaser arrays as requested.

A few quick steps from his terminal Rexar made the distance between Kanto and himself to stand beside him and confer on the formulations in place. Turning to face to crew moments later he spoke across to the entire bridge.

“Remember your department, they’re here to help. You can handle this task because you’re not alone in it. We’re a team we come put the way we go in, together.”

Moving off towards his station again, Rexar stopped to stand beside Barvan. In a softer, more personal tone he added.

“Inform me when your away team and mission operations are ready. Anything can happen.”

LT.JG Rexar Omtala (CE)

“There is also the fact this system isn’t ‘not busy’ cadet,” Cassandra remarked, “There’s a lot of freaking ships bouncing around here, the sheer amount of crew transfers going on and switches lead me to believe that it’s possible that something like this could transpire,” she nodded to her Chief Engineer, “You seem to have a good handle on this Chief, let me know what the sensors turn up once we get a picture on what’s gone on.”

“As a precaution, cadet, you may see what the database spits out related to the ships and people involved, check the mission perimeters, there should be some notation of what the ships were doing and where they were meant to be.”

“Very well ma’am.”

Cadet Barvan was desperately trying to hold back the humiliation he felt from being put in his place multiple times. That being said, he began to examine the database for “Captain Crane” and “Prospector Ship Golddigger”, viewing records and such.

~Cassandra Rixan~

“Aye Ma’am. As soon as we know so will you. I would report that if we do implement these deflector modifications. We’ll be limited to warp 3 for the duration. Communications and long range sensor may also be affected but I’ll be a red blooded mammal before it gets the best of us.”

Adamant and resolute, Rexar was further invigorated by Rixan’s affirmation. He came to the conclusion that, unlike before when he’d considered leaving Starfleet at the end of his tour, he may yet stay. The excitement was intoxicating, the challenge demanding. The longing for home as he knew it was a condition of habit and a place lost in nostalgic minutiae. It begged the question as to whether or not this was home…for now

LT.JG Rexar Omtala (CE)

Cadet Barvan, Security

“Ninkasi you are going to do better by every metre if I have to make you get out and pull us the rest of the way. That distance is unacceptable, find an alternative or get out of that chair.”

Rexar had sat through a few shifts with Aya and was aware of her particular attitude. He was also aware that given the correct motivation she was capable of pushing herself to meet the task. Given the nature of the emergency there were few cadets with her tenacity and vigor on board that could handle the stress with composure. It was only that, rather than allow fear to become her in an uncomfortable situation. Aya would often simply dismiss the problem as either unsolvable or to hazards. When really she just needed a hard place to throw herself against to realize there was only one place to go. Forward.

“Mr. Gral. Status update on the shield modifications.” Rexar questioned.

The tenuous Tellarite grumbled through a few formulaic expressions, muttering them over his breath. He had nearly completed the alterations before his DH insinuated his incompetence at a station that he considered himself to be quite adept. Even though Thennaars specialized in mechanical engineering the systems and staff of the Endeavour were a class above their own. Easily accessible and totally dependable, NC. Gral had only to confer, delegate and transfer the various information to correct department and confirm with computer as to the appropriate implementation procedures.

“Yes Lieutenant Omtala. The new shield geometry and grid polarity oscillators will be in place upon arrival of our destination. Additionally it should be noted that at any one time during the operation. Field generators affected will experience a minimum of 198% increase in stress density and a resonant power output of 151%. I have of course compensated for this by posting damage control teams in the most likely areas considered at risk while crews localize and reinforce the magnetic containment of conduits 7 to 31.”

While Tellarites were tenacious creatures, they were also not averse to some exaggeration. While outputs would be high in the range of where Gral had said, by the time proportional load variables were in place the shield generators precise figures would be lower. How that operated in actual experience was another thing again. All that considered, it was better than going into it on normal power.
- Wookiee

Thennaars accentuated his words with a flamboyant hauteur that he wore with a deep sense of pride.

“Let the crews know their work is appreciated Gral.”

Rexar had walked down to the helm as he spoke and hoped his comments would help his subordinate to remember who did what exactly and humble the arrogant mechanic.

LT.JG Rexar Omtala (CE)

Information was limited, but that was not surprising for speculative civilian vessels. But what they could glean was this:

Golddigger - prospector class runabout, commissioned 34 years previously
Crew 4
Current Captain and owner: Ferdinand Crane
Remainder of the crew list: Unknown
Ferdinand Crane. Age 49 came into ownership of the Golddigger 8 years previously after buying out the prior owner
Crane possessed a short list of minor felonies .. brawling, public disturbance, bribery of a port official, minor mechanical infractions

The 49’er - prospector class runabout, enhanced, commissioned 22 years previously
Crew 5
Current Captain and owner: Ming Xi and daughter Ai Xi
Remainder of the crew list: Unknown but for an Andorian named Ter Ch’kohlet
Ming Xi. Age 62 came into ownership of the 49’er 12 years previously under uncertain circumstances, presumed gambling
Ming’s past was, while skirting the law’s edges, otherwise clean. Having been cited for gambling, racketeering, theft and claim jumping no charges had stuck

  • Wookiee

“Captain, the information that I’ve managed to find seems to confirm one theory. The fact both captains seem to have a tendency for engaging in or at the very least being associated with criminal behavior means we have two hotheads on our hand with the ability to be gigantic a-holes. You were right that my suspicions were slightly misplaced, though I’d watch out while dealing with them since many of them seem quite…belligerent to say the least.”

Cadet Barvan, Security

“Noted, we’ll proceed with caution, as we always do,” Cassandra replied.

“Let me know how you make out with your modulations Chief,” she spoke to her CE.

~Cassandra Rixan~

“All systems are nominal currently Captain. But I won’t say more until it’s pushing the red as the limit is theoretical. Full update on first report Ma’am.”

Without reservation Rexar spoke to his commanding officer as they both knew his words were redundant yet the response was necessary in situations like this one. Facing Rixan as he strode to the helm, he tilted his head with a reassuring nod. Understanding what she truly asked of him.

Aya nodded deeply as she turned back towards her station. She wouldn’t back down from such a blatant challenge.

“I’m on it Sir.”

NC. Ninkasi passed her dark hazelnut eyes once more over the endlessly complicated streams of updates and notifications. Her heart built a steady rhythm and instinctively began to tap her soft hands to the personalized beat. Soon a melody emanated from the sassy helmsman, a harmonious compilation of the resounding bridge consoles and her own improvisation tune. She carried on for a short time, getting lost in for a moment or two as she furthered her stare into the vast sea of computational walls. Aya easily observed and read most of the data available but was confronted by the dynamic of all the variables. She needed a guide. A measure of control to reign in the maelstrom of incoherent activity into something much easier to handle.

It’s just music before it’s on the sheet. A total mess. I have to take what I need and push the rest aside.

“Lieutenant. We can’t just fly out there and expect a few bumps and bruises. It’s too dense. We need a way to map out the path ahead so that we can find the best route. Figuratively speaking. A class 2 probe could do it fast enough to assist in course corrections and also search the area around the accident, see what’s happening. What do you say?”

Bold with a touch of self restraint put Aya in an almost demanding position. But what she said was no more a demand as it was a fact, obvious and important.

The Lieutenant turned to face her arching down towards the flight controllers station.

“I say make it happen. Attempt to affect the greatest possible region of space without inhibiting our mission parameters of the rescue. Science, tie in lateral sensor pallet 3 to enhance remote access control and conduct the scan across all axises within 1 A.U, reduce as per necessary for navigation. Mr. Kanto you’ll have to coordinate with the helm to ensure our safe passage.”

“Mr. Barvan cross-reference this new information with those incidents you mentioned in the file. Find out if we can learn anything more about our prospectors and stay on top of the shield defection rate as we’re going in as close as we can. Phasers on standby for anything we missed. Furthermore have your away party report to the shuttle bay with a medical team. Let’s be ready to act fast.”

Standing back from the viewer off of the helm Rexar stood poised for the unexpected. With all they’ve done to ensure the safety of both parties he was still uncertain of what lay before them.

“When your ready Ninkasi, execute.”

Aya input the commands and responded.

“Probe is away and telemetry feed has been established Sir. Initiating impulse.”

LT.JG Rexar Omtala (CE)

It did not take long for the probe to draw near. This was totally inter-system and so distances were in the billions of kilometers rather than light years. Still, it felt long being on the waiting end. Telemetry brought in the situation quickly enough:

The two worlds that had collided were on the level of gas giant size; frozen worlds of ice and stone that, due to gravity, their own tortured orbits and make up, that they were slowly grinding against one another and in the process spitting out chunks of stone and ice of varying sizes. The probe picked up several short range signals noting mining or prospecting claim lines on mostly new larger chunks. Those were, of course, closer in to the two giant worlds making their position much more dangerous to undertake.

The probe mapped out the size and position of the chunks and of the two ships in the midst of it. Two things did come of it:
1. There were an awfully large number of said asteroids/icebergs and the Endeavor could only safely go so far unless it was wanting to light up the night with phaser fire which in turn could generate other smaller chunks.
2. Gravity and momentum was gripping the damaged ships; they were being pulled down to the surface of the worlds.
- Wookiee

Barvan proceeded to analyze the probe’s data. He proceeded to develop preliminary analyses for phaser vectors in case it became necessary. All this was done in silence.

Cadet Barvan, Security

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