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Nathan gave Ang a long stare which in some circles could imply ‘crickets’ … but then a recollection came to him as he looked at the containers. “Oh. Those are them?” His gaze fixed on them. “An entity?” He shook his head and flushed a little redder as if in embarrassment. “Sorry Lt. I know there were classified containers coming down for experimental research in the science division, but what they are? I don’t know. That would be Cap’n of the SeaHawk who could possibly tell you. My understanding is they are to be received by him. It may be related to a project they are working on there. An AI project called Hollowhead.” He gestured to the crates. “But what’s in there? I have no clue.”

.. then, as soon as Hess said the word Hollowhead .. whatever it was ceased. Retreated. Vanished.
- Wookiee

Barvan remained focused on everyone in the room. His ability to monitor all sentients in the room was good, and he looked out for anything fishy…

… which happened just as Hess said “Hollowhead”. He detected that, whatever it was, it had ceased being. He kept focusing on the experiment, but this was odd and a slight expression of fear and concern could be detected on his face.

Cadet Barvan, Security

The silence began to stagnate a vapid wasteland of eternal hush. No colour, without scent or sound. Black, starless night. An infinite void of the sensations of existence now that the life force has closed its aura of energy to him. Spiraling into the unknown a strange fear trickled down as Rexar subconsciously lashed out with raw, unabated instinct.

Out. I want out!”

To watch the mind locked Andorian would have been a sight to behold. Quiet and unmoving, Rexar began to shiver and stir. A twitch in the hand or a shutter of the body could be seen as he slowly started to wake from his dreamscape. Yet with the power of Kanto’s trained thoughts and strength of control, he wouldn’t be able to do it alone.

Rexar Omtala (Engineer)

…and this would be something likely only a sentient of Barvan’s level of training could pull off. Immediately upon hearing the Andorian flailing verbally, he began to analyze the connection between Kanto and Omtala, looking for an opening to snap him out of it.

Ang frowned. “Hollowhead? Interesting,” she glanced to the crates then back to the man before her. “I will reach out to them. Thank you. Make sure you have all your items checked and ready for transport as soon as possible.” She nodded with the dismissal and tapped her comm when he was gone. =^= Captain… we need to reach out to the SeaHawk and the accepting officers. Seems they are aware of the cargo contents and we need verification of the contents before we move them. Happy to discuss in person if need be.=^= The woman wasn’t sure how much the Captain wanted on open comms.

CE (outgoing)

Cadet Barvan, Security

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