Dante Knight

Authored by David Shotton
Biographic Information
  • Position: Commanding Officer on USS Saracen
  • Rank: Captain
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 201lbs
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Age: 41
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Character Biography

Full Name: Dante Alighieri Knight

Year of Birth: 2357

Place of Birth: Verona, Italy

______________________________________ PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS:

Hair - Short, dark brown and slightly wavy, often worn brushed back on the sides and swept back on top which has slightly more length than the sides.

Eye color - Light Hazel Green, often intense.

Body Features - Tall and solid, Dante’s physical presence is noticeable and professional. His square jaw is framed by a short and thin, shaped beard that gives him a smart yet rugged appearance which provides a more dignified look to his years, otherwise clean shaven he still tends to look boyish. He has a tattoo under his left bicep that reads 'The Darkest Places In Hell Are Reserved For Those That Maintain Their Neutrality In Times Of Moral Crises', and another tattoo of the name of a woman, 'Tasia' tattooed on the top of his right bicep.

Photo of Captain Dante A Knight (USS Saracen)

Photo of Cmdr Dante A Knight (USS Broadsword)

Photo 1 of Dante A Knight

Photo 2 of Dante A Knight

Photo of Dante A Knight (Holiday)

______________________________________ BACKGROUND:

Dante Knight is young for a Captain, especially a Captain of a large Starship like the Saracen. His career has certainly been busy, and he has served with loyalty and excellence to date very much at the expense of his personal life. Graduating the Academy as a Lieutenant Junior Grade with Security qualifications and excelling in advanced Tactical courses he soon found himself deep in service on the edges of the Federation. Assigned initially as a Security Officer to Outpost 42 he was soon transferred to a Starship and his progress was rapid, eventually taking on acting Command positions on smaller vessels until he was finally given his own Command, the U.S.S. Broadsword to which he had been Executive Officer for a number of years, and to which he finally convinced his long time partner (and now wife) Natasha Knight, to finally live with him. Unfortunately, they never reached the Broadsword as events unfolded in an unexpected way and he found himself in Command of the Saracen.

______________________________________ EDUCATION/CAREER:


Istituto Aleardo Aleardi (International School of Verona)

Star Fleet Academy:

Star Fleet Academy Graduate with Honors as an Operations Division (Security) Officer with Advanced Tactical qualifications. Spent an Extra two years at the Academy undertaking the Advanced Tactical courses.

Career Summary:

2375-2380 Starfleet Academy Cadet Operations Division (Security)
2381 USS Discovery Cadet Cruise Security Officer
2381-2382 Outpost 42 Lt (J.g.) Security Officer
2382 - 2385 USS Shangra La Lieutenant Promoted to Lt and assigned as Chief of Security. Commended for exceptional performance under fire as Acting Captain during combat.
2386-2390 USS Broadsword Lieutenant Commander Promoted and assigned as Executive Officer
2390 USS Broadsword Commander Promoted to full Commander
2391 USS Harrier Commander Acting Captain during Border Skirmish in OP42 region
2391-2392 USS Broadsword Captain Promoted and given his first permanent Command
2393-present USS Saracen Captain While on Leave, sent to investigate the disappearance of the USS Saracen, eventually finding the Saracen stuck in 21st Century Earth and assuming Command of the Vessel.
______________________________________ MEDICAL INFORMATION:

His medical files are relatively clear. They record a dislocated and broken knee a few short years ago, with the cause listed as ‘sports accident’. Other injuries which have been healed without any remaining effects include records such as ‘bite marks - lizard (Big)’, ‘broken nose - sports accident’, ‘Dislocated shoulder - sports accident’, ‘Back strain - exercise injury’ and, oddly, ‘extensive bruising to torso and legs, blunt instrument impact - sports accident’.

______________________________________ PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION

Dante often tends to use his gut instincts to compliment his logic, his style of command is much the same as his personal style. He expects a lot of himself and that bleeds down to his expectations of his Officers and crew. He has no recorded mental health issues.

______________________________________ PERSONAL INFORMATION:


Natasha Ivanov Knight Wife Lieutenant Commander, Doctor USS Saracen
Oscar Ariosto Knight Son Infant USS Saracen
Bruno Gianni Knight Father Retired, Freighter Captain Verona, Italy
Alessandra Knight Mother Science Tutor, Istituto Aleardo Aleardi Verona, Italy
Marco 'Bruce' Knight Brother Lieutenant, Chief of Security U.S.S. Harrier

Marital Status

Dante is married to Lieutenant Commander Natasha Ivanov Knight who is currently Chief Medical Officer of the USS Saracen.

The pair met at the Academy when Natasha was a Fourth-class cadet and Dante a Second-class cadet. The pair quickly became an item as Natasha pried Dante away from his previous flame, Ashley Madison. Upon Graduation Natasha and Dante selected each assignment in their career to be as close to each other as possible however, with Dante's dream of having his own Command one day, he transferred often between ships and was often out among the action. Being a Doctor, Natasha's assignments were longer in duration so she settled as quickly as possible on Outpost 42 which tended to be the home port for the majority of Dante's ship assignments.

Natasha and Dante had attempted to marry twice prior to their third time lucky wedding. The first attempt was unsuccessful due to a surprise attack on the Federation border to which Dante had to leave missing the wedding. The second attempt was unsuccessful due to Daye needing emergency surgery from an ectopic pregnancy, which Dante has been unaware of until recently.

After Dante was given his first Command (the Broadsword), Natasha eventually transferred to his ship as the Chief Medical Officer. Unfortunately the pair never made it to the Broadsword and Dante assumed Command of the Saracen, Natasha reverting back to her familiar Doctor role instead. This is the first time the pair have lived together continuously over their many year relationship.

Marriage Certificate

Oscar Ariosto Knight August 26, 2394

Birth certificate

Baby photo

  ______________________________________ Important Posts: - Dante finds out Natasha Miscarried - Vacation on Erewhon

Wedding Posts - Captains Quarters - Runabout to Gamma Tiltium - Wedding of Dante and Natasha

Oscar - Baby is Born

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