Alex Gaines

Authored by Katy Darrah
Biographic Information
  • Species: Human
  • Weight:
  • Height:
  • Age: 35
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Character Biography

Alex joined Starfleet just after turning 18, but he quickly excelled in undercover work.

Originally slated for Security, Alex was tapped for Intelligence a few years after his graduation. Here he was a combination of undercover agent and an intelligence gatherer watching several enemy empires. In late 2393, Intelligence reports from Starbase 75 reported that there were transmissions from within Tholian space. These decoded transmissions were thought to reveal that the Tholians were planning a mass battle plan.

Upon receiving the reports, SFI sent three operatives to SB 75 to gather information on the intercepted transmissions. They were able to gather that they did, in fact, reveal plans to form a fleet, however, the purpose for the fleet was unknown.

Upon recommendation of the operatives, SFI began to embed operatives in strategic locations, including Starbases 75, 59, and 51. In August of 2395, SFI sent Alex, undercover, to the USS Europa, under orders to standby for further orders and to observe Tholian space, monitoring for possible movement.

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