Garinder'Jen th'Jir

Authored by Gene Gibbs
Biographic Information
  • Position: Executive Officer on USS Atlantis
  • Rank: Commander
  • Species: Andorian
  • Weight: 170 lbs
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Age: 37

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Character Biography

Position label:
Executive Officer

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 170 lbs
Eyes: Deep dark blue
Hair: Feathery silver hair that is uncharacteristically set in a crew cut than flat on his head making his antennae look not unlike sprouts coming up from a patch of stiff grass. He has light locks of blue in his hair from a dying accident.
Complexion: A deeper shade of blue than is average for an Andorian.

Appearance: Jen has a Sergeant Rock like aura to him with his face wide with prominent bone structure. His frame is average for a humanoid of the quadrant which he is fastidious at keeping in shape. Jen has a tendency of wearing a light tunic off duty in a style that would be reminiscent of classical India dress but patterned in a wavy style that matches ancient Andorian ice-cave glyphs. Underlying that are a more standard loose trouser and soft soled shoes. When he is out training, he would typically be in his old military fatigues and boots than gym clothing. Starfleet uniforms are still something he is getting used to – sees them as reminiscent of the British redcoats.

Andorian Racial Quirks:
They have a high metabolism and are susceptible to high temperatures
They are a military race and consider such a career honorable
They have an artistic side and place a high value on family
They do not fight without a reason and deplore dishonesty
They tend to be deeply emotional and passionate, which is channeled into formalized traditions
They have few sympathies and are not very charitable
They have keen hearing and high pain resistance

Date of Birth: by Earth standards, January 3rd.

Age: 37
Place of Birth: Andor. Northern city of Kel-sha’adar
- Early education was bounced about from school to school as mother Band sh’well felt that Jen was not getting the education and attention he needed (aka felt he deserved)
- At 17 Jen joined the Andorian Imperial Guard, first joining the basic infantry group then moving on to the Marines.
- Transferred from AIG into the Starfleet Marine Division, promoted to Captain
- After the Dominion War was stationed in regions of the Badlands, promoted to Major
- Engaged in what was known as the Shadow War, promoted to Colonel and stationed on Maginot IV

Marital Status: Single, was married

Family Name: Serinde
Fathers: Xai ch’dirk and Orie th’jir
Mothers: Kirr zh’dal and Band sh’well
Sister Aggi sh’thai
Brother Cho ch’dirk
Sister Edi ch’well

Xai ch’dirk is retired from the AIG and produces impressive ice carvings
Onie th’jir is still working and is a programmer for communications systems
Kirr zh’dal owns a paint shop and small art gallery
Band sh’well volunteers at a curio/antique shop that a relative/aunt owns

Marines – General Cologne his principle patron and direct report while in the Marines

Fleet Career Summary:
- Assigned USS Chimera as Executive Officer after transfer from a Marine Colonel, thinking that a Marine XO would be beneficial to a Carrier style starship housed with 600 Marines.
- Transferred to the USS Atlantis, a Mythology Class vessel

Medical/Psychological/Personality History:
Jen has had a great deal of opportunity for injuries and has marked each of them as a personal victory.
- Jen took several minor injuries in school while training with and sparring with the blunted ushaan-tor, a ceremonial weapon going back to antiquity in Andorian history. While some strove to have this training ended due to Federation pressure, it continued at the will of the parents. Jen has several small scars from that time.
- In a training accident during the Imperial Guard Jen was too close to an explosion from a mine and suffered a concussion and partial memory loss for some months. He continued in his training, however, remembering it if not the people he was most involved with in his group.
- Medically, in a reaction test and stimuli response test, Jen showed to be most unphased by combat situations – in fact he was positively stimulated by them, while other conditions that were more domestic he held a greater fear response.
- During his deployments Jen underwent a number of injuries which filled his file.
o A phased weapon hit on his right calf resulting in a noted scar
o Three now healed lacerations from armed combat (2) and one from shrapnel during combat. These are on his right arm, left side and left shoulder.

Psychological Assessment. Doctor Harold Brahms, Starfleet Medical.
Captain th’Jir is an interesting case. Currently he is in command of Theta Company on the personnel carrier Sparta, and I have been charged with assessing listed officers within the Guard companies with the intent to determine whether they should be transferred to Shadow Battalion in the Badlands. Captain th’Jir is a serious soldier. When I say serious it is a matter of both that he treats his position and charges seriously, and that he himself is a serious individual. In speaking with ‘Jen’ as he prefers to be called, he is direct and honest. He drives his Company hard in training. This was not always so, he tells me, describing an action on Loymar VII during the Dominion War. Then a Lt and in charge of a platoon, they suffered an attack on their position. He didn’t describe exactly what happened. In checking records I found that of the platoon only one section survived, Jen included. After that, Jen said, he was far more intentional in his own personal training and those under him. His mind is quick and he is a focused individual, though most Andorians I have seen fit into that category.

Psychological Fitness For Duty Evaluation of Commander Garinder’Jen th’Jir
Commander Garinder’Jen th’Jir is a man who has been thrust into a new role. One that he never sought nor considered for himself. However, he has a strong sense of duty and will see any assignment, any objective to its end. Commander th’Jir is a natural leader and never balks in the face of challenge. Even challenges that appear not suited to his natural talents. Previous records indicate that those under him follow his orders without question and utter trust. He is the man to have coordinating your battle stations when all seems to go sideways. This man feels as if he has been stationed in the wrong place, but gives his utmost to the duty given him. And that is nothing to balk at or brush aside when so many others put in his position are not up to the task or willing to find out. Commander Garinder’Jen th’Jir considers this change in posting an opportunity to expand his experience and skills as a commanding officer. He is cool under pressure and a unique perspective and sense of humor that allows him to get along with those he serves over and serves with. “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. -Colin Powell”
Signed: Lt. Revna Edman, Counselor, USS Atlantis

.. to be continued ..

Family and Personal History:
Jen grew up in a relatively standard and stable Andorian household. One of his mothers, sh’well, was exacting regarding his schooling – which seems odd given her artistic free-thinking personality – and Jen was shifted from one school to another. In spite of a certain amount of ‘progressive’ education on Andor at the time which was to reduce the ‘ritualistic’ natures of the culture, it was alive and well on the school yard. Jen found himself in a new battle in each location. This moved forward to such an extent that he brought the ritual battle to them. Whether win or lose, Jen stood out to the annoyance of the school system and pride of the family.

He had good relations with his family. Each parent had their own idiosyncrasies however each were one in their following of traditions within Andorian society. Jen, being firstborn, was held to a higher standard than his siblings. When three of the four parents had been in the AIG, his life was, where possible quite regimented. It was not a tough call for him to choose to follow in their footsteps when both his family and many of his school mates were doing the same.

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