Alexander Cochrane

Authored by James Sinclair
Biographic Information
  • Position: Commanding Officer on USS Manhattan
  • Rank: Fleet Captain
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 186 lbs.
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Age: 32
Actions Available

Character Biography

Parents: Douglas Cochrane (Father)
Rear Admiral, Ret. Deborah Higgins-Cochrane (Mother)
Vash’tur Cochrane (Step-Mother)

Siblings: Lieutenant Commander Racheal Cochrane, Star Fleet Science (Twin Sister)
Dr. Alfred Cochrane (Older Brother)
Stova Mashir (Step-Sister)


Star Fleet Academy – General Studies; Security Section Specialization
Klingon War College – Coordination of Multi-Vessel Engagements
Star Fleet Academy - Advanced Tactical Training
Star Fleet Academy – Inter-Species Negotiation and Cultural Cue Recognition
Vulcan Science Academy – History of Federation Diplomatic Efforts
Star Fleet Academy – Command Officer’s Course

Languages Known (F = Fluent, no accent; PF = Partially Fluent, accent noticeable to native speaker; P = Passable, Can convey moderately complex ideas, Can read / write, accent discernable and minor errors in grammar; P2 = Passable, Can convey simple ideas and emotions, Can read /write with effort; P3 = Can convey simple ideas, cannot read / write without assistance; L = Limited, can recognize less than 25% of spoken words, cannot read / write):

Federation Standard – F
English – F
tlhlngan Hol - F
Vulcan – F
Romulan – PF (2 of 3 dialects)
Andorian – P2

Service Record:

System Patrol Ship USS Balmorra – Cadet; Security Officer; promoted to Ensign
Deep Space Five – Security Officer; Watch Officer; promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
System Defense Vessel USS Macgill – Chief of Security
Exploratory Vessel USS Shambala – Chief of Security / 2nd Officer; promoted to Lieutenant
TAD Star Fleet Academy – Staff Instructor while attending Advanced Command Officer’s Course; promoted Lt. Commander
USS Ark Angel – Executive Officer
USS Manhattan - Commanding Officer

Awards and Citations:

Star Fleet Legion of Merit – 2 Awards
Extended Tour Ribbon – 3 Awards
Star Fleet Decoration for Gallantry
Karagite Order of Heroism
Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallentry

Physical Description:

Cochrane is of slightly-above-average human height with a lithe, athletic build. Jet black hair serves to intensify the ice blue eyes set above a sharp, hawkish nose. He appears slightly thin, but that belies a solid musculature.

Medical History:

Broken humerus
Slight scarring from burns on back and left shoulder.
Large scar along left side of spine; result of shrapnel removed from area after Macgill incident.

Psychological Profile:

Alexander Cochrane possesses a strong sense of duty and commitment to the Federation. He takes a great deal of pride in his family’s history of service; and is serious in his duty and responsibilities.

This is offset by a sense of humor that endears him to many, and his off-duty hours are usually filled with social activities fulfilling his desire to be in the company of others. This most likely results from the conflict he experienced during the tumultuous separation of his parents and the ensuing fall-out in his and his sibling’s relationship with their birth mother.

A note should be made that Cochrane can come across as only of average intelligence. This is a conscious and meticulously created façade that serves to disarm those he deals with. He is quite intelligent and is a good judge of intent and character.

Cochrane downplays another facet of his personality: his aptitude for music. He learned to play various instruments at an early age, quickly mastering the guitar, the bass guitar, upright bass, piano, and saxophone. He is also an accomplished cellist.


Born on Earth, Ralph Alexander Cochrane (named for two of his ancestors: Ralph Cochrane of the Royal Air Force in WWII and Admiral Alexander Cochrane of the Royal Navy in the Napoleonic Wars) was one of three siblings born to Rear Admiral Deborah Higgins-Cochrane and her then-husband Douglas Cochrane. Alexander was one of twins, his sister being born three minutes before him. The two are the younger siblings of Dr. Alfred Cochrane, the noted star ship design engineer.

Cochrane’s childhood was mostly normal until his fifteenth year, when his parents separated both suddenly and quite publicly. It was revealed that his mother had been having an affair with an Andorian Federation ambassador. This relationship had served to influence her in a series of negotiations concerning Star Fleet aid to the system, and she was forced to resign from her post and was returned to Earth. Reporters surrounded the family estate home for months. They showed up at the twin’s school and tried to ask them questions. The spectacle meant they had to be removed from school and taught at home. The Cochrane legacy of an unblemished history of service to King, Queen, Country, Planet, and Federation stretching back more than thirty generations had been ruined almost overnight. It destroyed his parent’s marriage. Multiple high-profile careers were ended in shame. It was even the direct cause of at least one suicide and Alex and his sister were forced to testify at the inquiryt. The public fallout was almost too much for the two twins to bear, and their father moved them to Vulcan where he served as an advisor the Vulcan Science Academy. His older brother had already made a name for himself as a star ship design engineer but removed himself from some of the more public projects he was attached to.

His family life returned to a more stable state when his father was remarried to the famous Vulcan writer Vash’tur. She adopted the human custom of taking the last name of the spouse and became Vash’tur Cochrane. With the new step-mother came a new sibling, Vash’tur’s daughter Stova Mashir. Her father had passed away some years before, and Douglas Cochrane legally adopted her.

All the Cochrane siblings grew very close, and the family unit became quite strong. Their birth mother was still a disruptive factor, demanding visits and showing up unexpectedly at social events. Their father tried to complain to Star Fleet, but it fell on deaf ears. His ex-wife had many connections in both in Star Fleet and Federation government and utilized them to silence the complaints. This disruption would continue for several years.
Both twins wanted to repair what they perceived as the slight to their familial service record and applied to Star Fleet Academy when they turned eighteen. They were accepted and left Vulcan to return to Earth.
Their arrival at the Academy was met with more than a few whispers and curt welcomes due to the actions of their birth mother. Adding to this was a singular event which drove a wedge between the twins and their mother that exists to this day.

The third day of their Academy career, Rear Admiral Higgins-Cochrane came to the Academy and demanded to see her children. As they were still in the process of checking in, there was no reason to refuse the request and the Academy Commandant brought the two Cadets to his office. Upon seeing their mother both Cadets were trepidatious… and it showed. The Rear Admiral began gushing and telling the Commandant how the two new arrival’s careers would progress, with her guidance of course, and began to demand special considerations for her children. Alexander finally stepped in front of the Rear Admiral and looked at the Commandant.
Excerpt from the accompanying incident report: “Cadet R.A. Cochrane then said ‘With all due respect Commandant; the Rear Admiral most certainly does NOT speak for me or my sister. We do not wish any special considerations, nor any assistance from the Rear Admiral with regards to our careers. Nor do we wish to receive any advantage due to our relationship with her. In fact, Admiral, we wish nothing to do with the Rear Admiral at all. We do not recognize her as anything other than a Superior Officer in Star Fleet, and we respectfully request that she be kept from us as this ‘relationship’ she so adamantly desires is an invention of her own agenda, not ours.” It was at this point that Rear Admiral Higgins-Cochrane struck Cadet R.A. Cochrane in the face, drawing blood from his lower lip. The Cadet did not respond nor attempt to defend himself from the blow. Cadet Racheal Cochrane inserted herself between the two and the Rear Admiral attempted to strike her as well, but was stopped by Admiral Hathaway, Commandant of Star Fleet Academy.”

The incident was enough evidence of Cochrane’s mother abuse and instability, and she was forced to retire. The Commandant made sure that the instructors knew how the two Cadets had weathered the situation, and their time at the Academy began to take on a more positive tenor.

Alexander finished in the top ten percent of his class in the first two years and elected to go on to Security training. His sister went to Science. He graduated second in his class, and was assigned to the USS Balmorra, a system patrol ship. Cadet Cochrane performed his duties well and was promoted to Ensign prior to his transfer to Station Deep Space Five. It was here that Cochrane began to take interest in aspects of Star Fleet outside of the standard Security training and he attended many advanced training programs. His ability to do well in courses while balancing his duties on the station was instrumental in his continued development. He earned the reputation of a fair if somewhat strict officer, and it was this reputation that garnered him an invitation to the Klingon War College.

Temporarily relieved of his duties on the station, he spent a full year at the College learning aspects of both Klingon warfare and inter-species interaction. By the end of the course, he had earned the respect of his Klingon hosts. Returning to DS 5, he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and transferred to the System Defense Vessel Macgill as the Chief of Security.

He spent his time as Chief of Security well, garnering many commendations and awards, including the Decoration for Gallantry and the Karagite Order of Heroism for his actions in stopping a Borg incursion that threatened to consume the Magill. The Commanding Officer credited Cochrane with “… steadfast determination and exemplary leadership abilities in the face of a technologically superior force. Despite suffering painful injuries, Lieutenant Junior Grade Cochrane remained on the bridge when the Senior Officers were incapacitated and ensured all sections responded in the crisis.” His role in the situation and with the recommendation of his Commanding Officer, he was transferred to the Exploratory Vessel Shambala as Chief of Security and Second Officer and promoted to Lieutenant.

Again, proving himself a valuable member of the crew, Cochrane was part of two successful first contact missions operating in the roles of security and an advisory capacity to the negotiating parties. Due to his success over the past few years, he was ordered back to Earth and the Advanced Command Officers course at the Academy. His successful completion at the top of his class earned him promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

The newly minted Lt. Commander Cochrane was ordered aboard the USS Ark Angel to take his next assignment: Executive Officer under Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone. While on board, Cochrane was key in the Ark Angel’s struggle against a temporally shifting race known as “The Serpents”, and stopped a boarding attempt by them against the Ark Angel. After a successful tenure aboard, Cochrane was promoted to Captain and given command of the USS Manhattan.

Theme Song: I’m Still Standing - Elton John

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