Louis Harvatt (Service Record)

Authored by Louis Harvatt
Biographic Information
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: Classified
  • Height: 6'4
  • Age: 19
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Character Biography

Club history of Louis Harvatt

Up to date information regarding what I am currently doing in the club.

Current and Present Information
Current Rank: Captain
Animal Nickname: Ruby Throated Hummingbird
Command Positions: None
Cabinet and Executive Assistant Role: Assistant Fleet Commander, Pioneer Fleet

Please find below information on when I joined the club and information relating to my time within the academy:

Academy Information:
Join Date: September 2nd 2015
Academy Ship: USS Endeavour
Academy Commanding Officer: Julia Hagar
Academy Mentor: Adam W
Graduation Date March 20 2016

Information regarding any academy courses I have completed and are currently working on.

Academy Courses:
Department Head: 22 June 2017
Executive Officer: 03 August 2018
Commanding Officer: In Progress

Please find below all information on Command Positions I have held in the club.

Command Position Fleet Ship
Commanding Officer USS Constellation Infinite Fleet
Executive Officer/Executive Officer (in training) USS Ogawa Pioneer Fleet
Executive Officer USS Dresden Pioneer Fleet.

Please find all information on cabinet roles I have held in the past.

Position Title Department/Fleet Superior Date of Appointment Appointment Information
Supervisor of Experiments Experimental Fleet Executive Office April 14, 2019 Shotton Edict #3:
Fleet Commander Pioneer Fleet Executive Officer December 9, 2019 Johnson Edict #1:
Assistant Fleet Commander Pioneer Fleet Adam W December 14, 2017 Appointment Post
Assistant Fleet Commander Pioneer Fleet D Grisham February 3, 2018. Retained from previous FCOMM

Please find below information retaining to important edicts relating to my development in the club.

What was it for Date President Edict
Promotion to Captain and appointment as CO of USS Constellation January 7, 2019 President Adam W Adam W Edict #12

Current Ambitions, Goals and Targets:

Since my return to the club I have set myself to following goals and achievements that I would like to achieve in the next year.

  1. Become involved in Mentoring more specifically the Command Mentoring Programme (CMP) focusing on helping to mentor new Department Heads and Executive Officers in the club.
  2. Appointed as an Executive Officer
  3. Complete the Commanding Officer and GamesMaster courses
  4. Show more involvement in command discussions with the hope of gaining a higher understanding of how the cabinet functions.
  5. Appointment to the Cabinet in the capacity of an Executive Assistant

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