Tandra Mika

Authored by Nicole C
Biographic Information
  • Position: Incoming Chief Medical Officer on USS Challenger
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 125 lbs
  • Height: 5' 4''
  • Age: 23

Character Biography

Basic Info
Tandra Lee Mika



Age | Date Of Birth
23 | 25 July 2373

Current Rank
Lieutenant Junior Grade (LtJG)

Physical Description


Sapphire blue

Chestnut brown, pixie cut

Tandra is considered fairly pretty. A Caucasian female, she has dark, chestnut brown hair currently styled in a pixie cut. Her eyes are a sapphire blue, considered to have some intensity. Her skin is, and has always been, smooth. She has no scars, no marks. She is about average height, if a tad short, at 5‘4’‘, with a well-toned body weighing in at 125 lbs. Her figure is slim, though she is tougher than she looks. When she isn’t in uniform, her style tends to be more casual, though cute.

Personal Info
Marital Status

Orientation | Interest
Same Gender Only

Rather stubborn, Tandra can be a bit of a handful. However, she is always the optimist, looking on the bright side of everything and everyone. She’s determined to do her best. She tries to keep in mind the negative as well, but occasionally, she loses sight of it. She tends to be a bit too trusting and open. However, she is very loyal to and protective of her friends and those she cares about. Tandra tends to be rather modest, and even if she does well, she will always downplay or become embarrassed if it is mentioned. She is also very hardworking, no matter the task or job, though often she forgets to enjoy herself or have fun, leading her to have little time for socialization (something she is trying to correct). She tends to ignore and repress emotions and feelings, either prioritizing others above herself, or convincing herself she doesn’t have the time to deal with them now. This, rarely, can lead to emotional outbursts.
Within her job as a doctor, she is capable of great empathy, while also having control over how she lets that empathy affect her. Her hardworking nature means she doesn’t mind the mundane as well as the ‘cool’ stuff, Mika is generally happy as long as she has a task she feels needs doing.
(note to remind myself - if I need help with Mika’s personality again, https://www.16personalities.com/isfj-personality )

Career Information
High School diploma, GPA 4.0, extracurricular activities including track, martial arts, swim team, book club
Starfleet Academy - Medical degree
Doctor | Medical Officer

Starfleet Postings
1. USS Challenger (Academy ship): Cadet, Medical Officer (Dec 2395 - May 2396)
2. USS Challenger (Academy ship): (Incoming) Chief Medical Officer (May 2396 - Present)

Current Posting
USS Challenger

Place Of Birth
Denver, Colorado, USA on Earth

Andrew Mika (Father)
Leila Maclin (Mother)

Tao Mika (Adopted younger brother, 16 years old)

Education: The Academy, a medical degree
If anyone were to see a picture of Leila Maclin, they’d have a hard time believing she was Tandra’s mother. Leila had long, red hair, and she was very tall at 5‘8’‘. She was always a quiet, kind woman, a good motherly figure, if a little soft handed in the discipline department. Meanwhile, Andrew Mika was very strict as a parent, and he had high expectations of Tandra. He was very proud when she expressed interest in Starfleet. It was Andy that Mika got her dark hair from, and those blue eyes. However, in terms of her face and her frame, Tandra is said to be a spitting image of Leila. Nobody knew why Tandra was so short, because Andy was even taller than Leila, at 6‘0’‘.
When Tandra was very young, Leila and Andy opened up a clothing shop, for which Leila made most of the clothes herself. It was called Mika’s Makings. Andy ran the financial side of things, and when the business grew enough that they had to hire other employees, it was Andy that handled them. Often, Leila just watched the shop, usually working on her latest garment. It was in this shop that Tandra spent a lot of time in her early years, and many of the regular customers knew her well. When she started school, she was always determined to do well, and throughout most of school, she was the top of her class. When she was old enough, she’d also help out in the shop.
It was when she was twelve that Tandra decided to aim for Starfleet. It would be a difficult goal, but it was the only one she’d accept. While her mother disapproved, her father was proud. No one in the family had been a Starfleet officer. Tandra was to be the first. That same year, Leila and Andy adopted a five-year-old boy, who’s parents had given him up, for reasons which were never disclosed to the Mika family. The boy was from China, and his name was Tao. His last name was changed to match the Mika family. He fit in well with the family, despite some behavioral problems which likely came from his living situation before coming to the Mika household. Tandra spent quite a bit of time with him, teaching him things and, when he went to school, helping him with his homework.
As a teenager, Tandra was just as commited to her goal of joining Starfleet, and her school grades certainly reflected that. At that time, she had decided to study science, and aimed to become a science officer. She had many friends at school and participated in student government and other extra-curricular activities. As the years went by, Tao had begun to behave better, and the two of them bonded quite well, despite the seven year age difference.
When Tandra was sixteen, tragedy struck the family. Her mother was killed during a robbery of Mika’s Makings, which devastated the family. For Andy, that meant fully taking over the shop, which was difficult, as he did not know how to make the clothes. In the end he hired someone for that job. For Tandra, that put an end to several of her extra-curricular activities for a few years, though her grades remained good. And Tao was upset, as he had come to see Leila as a mother figure. It took the family a long time to return to normal, but eventually, they managed to move on.
Tandra graduated high school in the top of her class at eighteen. For two years she stayed home and helped her father and her brother run the shop. She applied to the academy and got in, passing the entrance exams, at twenty years old. By then Tao had taken over the job of making the clothes for the store, and everything was running smoothly. Her family, though sad she would be leaving home, was glad to see her achieve what she wanted.
Starfleet Academy was very different than anything Tandra was used to, but she was quick to adapt. In the beginning, she studied to become a science officer, just as she planned, but by halfway through the first year, she disliked many of her courses and had a hard time keeping up. After a few months of thinking about what to do, she decided to switch fields of study to medicine. It was in this field that she did much better, and she enjoyed all of the work and study. When she switched fields of study, Tandra lost several of the friends she had gained when she started the academy due to the difference in study, though some of them stuck together. And, of course, she made new friends in the medical school, and her time at the academy was enjoyable. For her final year of academy, Tandra was assigned to the training ship the USS Challenger.

Medical Information
Medical History
broken arm, 7 years old

Psychological History
Mother’s death
No major mental health issues

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