Authored by James Sinclair
Biographic Information
  • Species: Takaren
  • Weight: 315 lbs.
  • Height: 6'11"
  • Age: 37

Character Biography

Parents: Ma’Shay (Father, Chief Engineer - Takara Engineering Consortium)
N’Lasi (Mother, Professor of Mathematics)
Siblings: 36

Service Record:

Takaren Institute of Engineering and Science - Advanced Degrees: Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, and Warp Technology
Takaren Engineering Consortium: Lead Space Systems Engineer
Star Fleet Academy - General Engineering Training; Enhanced Training - Warp Propulsion, Weapons Systems; promoted to Ensign
USS Monterrey - Lead Watch Officer, Engineering Section
Starbase 1, Earth - Assistant Chief Engineer, Space Trials Division; Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
USS Fort Apache - Chief Engineering Officer, Third Officer; promoted to Lieutenant
Star Fleet Special Operations Command - Classified
Current Assignment - USS Dauntless, Chief Engineer

Languages Known (F = Fluent, no accent; PF = Fluent, accent noticeable to native speaker; P = Can Read / Write, accent discernible; P2 = Read Write = Limited Speaking; P3 = Read / Write, Non-speaking; L = Passing familiarity, cannot Read / Write):

Federation Standard - F
Bajoran - F
Vulcan - F
tlhlngan Hol (Klingon) - F
Cardassian - PF
Takaren - F
Ferengi - P2
Tellarite - F
Andorran - F
Breen - P3
Various Others - L

Physical Description:

Si’Rek is an imposing figure standing almost seven feet tall and muscularly built. This build is indicative of a physical strength above average for a human. Unlike the vast majority of Takarans, he does have numerous tattoos.

Medical History:

NOTE - Takarans are characterized by a very unusual anatomy and physiology where their internal organs are not as distinct as those of most humanoids. Their organ systems are much more evenly distributed around their bodies, resulting in Takarans having a very high resistance to injury; one Takaran was shown to be capable of walking even with a significantly-sized hole in the center of his chest, although it is unclear how long he could have maintained this if he had been required to survive in this condition for longer. Takarans also have voluntary control over their own physiology down to a cellular level and can place themselves in a form of stasis resembling death. This allows them to function on very little sleep. Roughly ten hours a week is sufficient to stay healthy. To Starfleet medical equipment, only the rate of cellular decay can verify whether a Takaran is dead or alive – a slow rate of cellular decay was indicative of a Takaran in voluntary stasis; the rate of cellular decay is much faster if the Takaran is truly dead. Takarans are also able to put only a part of their body in stasis at a time, enabling them to slow injury in specific areas and thereby reduce the overall impact of the injury. This cellular control also prolongs their life span far past the human average. Most Tarkarans are not considered true adults in Tarkaran society until late into their second century of life.

Subject has received numerous injuries in his lifetime. However, due to the nature of his species’ physiology, none of these have had any lasting effect. Radiation burns, phaser burns, and multiple broken bones are the more severe of the list.

Psychological History:

Si’Rek is of above average intelligence and has a natural aptitude for engineering. This aptitude has been cultivated over his lifetime, and has brought him to the belief that Engineers are somewhat superior to other professions, save the Sciences which he views as an equal. He has little tolerance for politics, but can be professional in a diplomatic or professional situation. He has been called “brutal” when others ask him for his opinion on their performance; although he has no reputation for being dishonest. He is simply not tactful if he feels that the effort would be wasted. He is passionate about his duties as an Engineer, and has little patience for dealing with interference in that area… especially from non-Engineers. His a capable leader and a selfless teacher to those who demonstrate a desire to learn.

Socially, Si’Rek is somewhat introverted but does maintain some close friendships. Among these are some wealthy and socially powerful individuals and families who view Si’Rek as a close confidant. His loyalty to those he considers family is without boundaries; a factor in why he is held is such high esteem and regard.


Born to a upper class family on the planet Takara, Si’Rek is one of thirty-six siblings. His father is the Chief Engineer and Board Member of Takaran Engineering Consortium; a highly respected and much sought-after engineering design firm. His mother is the Department Chair of Mathematics at the planets premier university. It was observed that Si’Rek had a natural aptitude for engineering at a young age, and his parents spared no expense in cultivating that gift. He was accepted to University at a younger-than-average age for Takarans, and excelled in his studies. He finished with the Takaran equivalent of a a P.h.D in Mechanical and Computer Engineering, multiple advanced degrees in related fields of study, and the title of Learned Regent (the equivalent on Earth is ‘Doctor’).

Upon completion of his academics, he joined his father’s firm and was made the youngest Lead Engineer in the company’s history. Some felt this was nepotism, but Si’Rek’s abilities proved to be invaluable. He worked there for ten years, but then had a falling out with his family for reasons unknown and left the company. He arrived on Earth and walked into the Academy with a record of his education and glowing recommendation from a former Star Fleet Admiral Dresh, and was accepted into the next class. His family protested vocally to the Academy Commandant, but were told that as a sentient being and member of the Federation he was allowed to do as he wished. He entered into the Academy the following week.

His first two years of generalized training were successful, albeit not socially. He was seen as somewhat arrogant by the majority of his classmates, and his failure to participate in many social events left many to consider him aloof. This was not the case, unfortunately. He was simply older than ninety-nine percent of the class, and did not feel it appropriate to try and be a part of their social circles. He spent most of his free time conversing with faculty from all departments, and finished first in his class for the first half of his tenure at the Academy.

His second term as an Engineering Cadet was much more enjoyable for not only himself, but for his classmates in Engineering as well. He was already more than qualified as an Engineer, but wanted to go through all the steps that most Star Fleet personnel go through. His refusal to take a straight commission into the Fleet endeared him to his classmates and many faculty as well. They, in turn, took full advantage of having a PhD Engineer in the class and had him assist in lectures, guest speaking in off-campus conferences, grading lower class assignments, and much more. Si’Rek’s ability to multitask and unwavering sense of ‘whatever it takes to make this class the best’ resulted in him not only finishing first in his class, but being promoted to full Ensign at the termination of his classwork.

His forst assignment was to the USS Monterrey, a combat operations vessel working on the border between Romulan and Federation space. He was commended multiple times for service, and received a Purple Heart for injuries sustained in combat operations. Despite the serious nature of his wounds, he remained in the section alone and kept the dilithium chamber stable in order to prevent a catastrophic failure by manually adjusting the power regulators and draining off the excess energy build up. His close proximity resulted in radiation burns across sixty percent of his body. If it wasn’t for the specific physiology of his race, he would surely have perished.

His actions earned him a transfer to the Space Trials Division of Starbase 1. Here he was the Assistant to the Chief Engineer responsible for signing off on trial runs of newly constructed and experimental space craft. His knowledge of star ship systems was invaluable, and he was seen as a very critical but extremely competent systems inspector. The vast majority of the ships he signed off on a passing have a higher than average engineering efficiency rating; a fact contributed to Si’Rek. For his service in this capacity, he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

His capabilities were brought to the attention of Captain Suvol B’train, Commanding Officer of the newly commissioned USS Fort Apache, a vessel Si’Rek had signed off on himself at the end of their space trials. He requested Si’rek as his Chief Engineer. Si’Rek served on board for three years as Chief Engineer, and was promoted to Lieutenant during his second year. He was then ordered off the Fort Apache and sent to Star Fleet Special Operations Command.


After his tour at SFSOC was complete, he was assigned to the USS Dauntless as the Chief Engineer.

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