Alexander Michael Knowles

Authored by Russell Watt
Biographic Information
  • Position: Head of Education and Culture on Oed V
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 64kg
  • Height: 174cm
  • Age: 46
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Character Biography

Born in 2350, in the former country of Australia on Earth, Alexander is the oldest child of Michael and Sarah. He graduated from Brisbane Regional School in 2368, and from Griffith University with undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Educational and Organisational Management in the areas of both pedagogy and andragogy. On graduation with his undergraduate degree, he returned to his alma mater, the Brisbane Regional School and taught across a number of year levels and subject areas as he studied his post graduate studies. Completing his post graduate studies in Education, with a specialty in Andragogical Techniques, he left the school as a teacher and joined the staff at Griffith University as a lecturer and tutor as he worked on his plan to become a Ph.D candidate and complete further postgraduate studies in organisational management across cultural groups.

Working with noted Vulcan Adult Educator, Doctor Solark, Alexander designed a research study for his Ph.D. entitled ‘Longitudinal Studies across Cohorts of Xenological and other Cross Cultural Students in the Development of a Theory of Ethnomethodological Approach to Andragogical and Pedagogical approach to Education.” The study parameters and ethical guidelines for the proposed research were completed and greenlit by the Unversity and the Federation and Starfleet and a suitable location was located for the study to be carried out. That location was Oed V.

Alexander is the oldest of three children and is the only son of Michael and Sarah Knowles. His younger sisters are twins - Martha and Mary and both are officers in Starfleet - Martha in Science and Mary in Medical. Alexander is married to a half Betazoid named Rassa and together they have three children - a 23 year old daughter who is currently dating a full betzoid man and living on Betazed, a 19 year old son who is studying cybernetics at the Daystrom Institute and a 13 son in the early years of his high school studies. Karlos, the 13 year old is with his parents. The oldest two children take after their mother in terms of looks and abilities, while Karlos takes after his fathers and has neither telepathic nor empathic ability.

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