Harry McKinley

Authored by Rob J
Biographic Information
  • Position: Doctor on Outpost 42
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Human
  • Weight:
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Age: 45

Character Biography

DOB: 14 July 2350
POB: Unknown
Physical description: Harry has Brown hair although it is significantly greying all over, he is of average build and has a scar behind his left ear, the scar is noticeable enough if you look at the area specially because of his short hair but is only really visible from the side/back of the head. He has blue eyes and is of fair complexion.

Parents: Deceased - Harry was raised as an orphan bouncing between various places. He does not consider himself to have a childhood home.

Education: Again due to his constant moving and difficulty staying in one place at a time Harry had a mix of schooling, this is where Harry developed a brilliant ability to learn by himself, he has a photographic memory where by whatever he reads, he never forgets, this gave him a huge advantage in his personal education. At the age of 18 Harry managed to work his way into a testing program for medical school, he had original designs on being a civilian doctor and graduates at age 24

During a particularly interesting vacation, Harry met Catherine Hammond on Risa. Catherine was a Lt j.g Starfleet Science officer assigned to Utopia Planetia. The two instantly hit it off and begun dating. Upon his graduation from medical school the pair married. It was then that Harry decided to join Starfleet, he went though his 4 years of training studying mainly virology, and focused further on medical research (because he had already graduated medical school)

The next several years of Harrys career were uneventful, he was stuck on Mars primarily because his wife refused to request a new assignment and she was always the more stubborn of the two, she also wanted her son to be in one place and not be exposed to danger or move around as much as most within Starfleet. This ultimately became the reason for the separation. With the separation Harry requested transfer and was briefly assigned to Starfleet medical before taking up several starbase positions, he appeared to be better suited to them rather than ships. These times were very hard on him, during the separation Catherine refused to allow him to see his son and they drifted apart. Various spouts of depression and anger led to him not having a great relationship with crewmates which led to him moving posts more often than most would.

Upon Catherines death he was immediately granted leave to return to Earth where his son was waiting for him. Desmond only had vague memories of his father as he was 4 when he left, his mother had never really spoken about him and updates were sent via subspace but they never really spoke. Catherine never lied to Desmond about his father but it is clear that father and son do not really know each other. Harry was relieved from his post on starbase 21 and was due to take extended leave but he refused. He decided that (much to Desmonds annoyance) to request a new post and was transferred to outpost 42.

2350 - Born
2351 - Parents killed in accident (Workplace Fire)
2368 - Harry Begins Medical School
2372 - Year away travelling, Meets Catherine and begins dating
2374 - graduates medical school
2375 - Joins Starfleet
2379 - Passes out as Ensign Medical Officer, Assigned Utopia Planetia Shipyards for residency with Wife Catherine. Son Born (Desmond McKinley)
2383 - Divorces Catherine, Assigned Starfleet Medical virus research department,
2385 - assigned starbase 375 - Medical Officer - emergency medicine
2386 - Promotion Lt j.g
2388 - assigned starbase 114 (Celes System) - Medical Officer/research
2391 - assigned Starbase 21 - Medical Research - virology
2392 - Promotion Lt
2396 - Utopia Planetia Shuttle accident, Catherine Killed, Harry Given custody of Son, Desmond.
2396 - Harry assigned to Outpost 42 - Medical officer

Other Info:
Quarters - Deck 17 (Civilian quarters) - lives with Son Desmond

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