Shane Warwick

Authored by Jody Romero
Biographic Information
  • Position: Unexpected Guest on USS Europa
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Species: Terran
  • Weight: 164 lbs
  • Height: 6' 0"
  • Age: 44
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Character Biography

Having been gone for several years, Warwick has been rescued. Now he has to make some serious choices about his life and where it will take him.

Star Fleet Security Bio. Security Level: Classified.
Name: Shane Warwick
Rank: None. At time of LOA; Lieutenant Junior Grade
Species: Terran
Position Label: None. At time of LOA; Medical Officer, USS Crusader.

Physical Description: Tall and lanky for his six foot frame, Warwick tends to wear his blonde hair slightly mussed. On duty he is usually in a standard uniform, but off duty he can usually be seen wearing his duty pants and boots, but a white undershirt covered by a leather flight jacket. Also off duty, he is almost never seen without a lit cheroot.

History: Shane was the youngest of two children born to Richard (Rico) and Miranda Warwick. They were a Star Fleet family and moved to whatever posting Rico or Miranda were assigned to. This usually meant that Shane, and his older brother Sean, moved often to a different base, star ship, or planet every three years or so. After graduation both brothers applied and were accepted into Star Fleet Academy. Sean in the Command path, Shane in Medical.

That all changed after the Oriskany Incident. Rico was serving as First Officer, while Miranda was the Chief Botanist on the aging Trinitron class cruiser when they hit a Stellar Core Fragment. The ship was heavily damaged in the incident, and Rico was made acting Captain after the CO died of his injuries. The Oriskay held out for ten days before help could arrive. Rico and Miranda personally kept moral high and worked to ensure that their crew made it. When the rescue ships started to arrive Miranda was in charge of seeing to the evacuation of the crew while Rico went to assist the engineers in fighting a failure in the anti-matter containment system. Seeing that the containment field was going critical Rico ordered all of the remaining engineers off the Oriskany and ordered the rescue ships to jump to warp. He held the containment field as long as he could, but the core breeched when the containment field failed taking the Oriskany with it. Overcome with grief Miranda was inconsolable when she heard the news of Rico’s death, and in the morning it was learned that she had taken her own life in her distraught state.

Both of the Warwick boys were brought to the Commandant’s office and were told the news of their parents deaths together. Both reacted the same way, with anger and accusations. What had kept the rescue ships from coming sooner? Why had that Stellar Core Fragment not been charted earlier? Sean resigned his commission that very day. Shane had plans to join his brother but wanted to stay just a bit longer mulling over his options. The Oriskany had several crew members whom were relatives of Admirals and other officials in Star Fleet Command and they felt they owed the Warwick sons a debt of gratitude. When Shane started to slip in his class time as gambling and drinking took over much more of his day, one of the grateful Admirals pulled strings for him and allowed him to stay in the Academy if he knuckled down and did his work. Shane reluctantly agreed and was able to graduate dead last in his class.

Due to his low marks, he didn’t serve on the best ships, but Shane had no desire to do much of anything as a medical officer. He just wanted to do his time and be done with Star Fleet when his enlistment was over. Then he got a message from his brother. After the Academy, Sean’s disenchantment with Star Fleet got him noticed by others who shared his sentiment and he was introduced to a group of folks calling themselves The MaQui. Sean told Shane that with the MaQui he had found a home and wanted Shane to join him. Shane told him that he couldn’t just yet, but would when his enlistment was up. Sean then asked him if he would be willing to help them in the meantime by stealing medical supplies from his ship and giving it to the MaQui. Shane knew that his ship had emergency medical stores in the cargo bays for use in medical emergencies but they had not been used in years. He didn’t see a problem with taking those supplies as they wouldn’t be missed. He agreed and the brothers set up a time and place for the exchange. Shane returned to his ship and went about prepping the emergency supplies. He had them loaded up on a shuttle that he had requisitioned for a routine piloting skills refresher. It was only when he was ready to take off did something went amiss. A noncom in the shuttle bay noticed the cargo being brought into the shuttle and reported it. Shane had not been very good at hiding his tracks and the theft had been discovered. The CO happened to be closest at the time and confronted Shane with what he had done. Not really thinking about the consequences of his actions, he surprised the CO with a right cross and knocked her to the ground where her head hit the bulkhead and knocked her out. Shane took the shuttle and escaped with the supplies. After the ship’s doctor treated the CO, she demanded that they find Shane and his shuttle and sent the ship into the Badlands after him. Shane enjoyed a few weeks with his brother as he was celebrated for the acquisition of the medical supplies. While on a lone patrol mission, Shane was captured by his former crew. He was charged with Theft of Federation Property, Assault, Striking a Superior Officer, and Conduct Unbecoming. He was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years at the New Hebrides Penal Colony. (The lessening of the sentence again due to influence of the Admirals)

Shane served seven years of his time before a prison riot occurred. Several guards were caught on the wrong side and were with the rioting inmates. Shane convinced the leaders to keep the guards alive and his medical knowledge allowed him to keep them intact until the situation could be settled. These actions were rewarded by having his sentence reduced by four years. His actions also caught the attention of Fleet Captain Katelyn Jacobs of the USS Atlantis. Captain Jacobs had need of a medical officer aboard her ship and thought the arrogant Doctor skills could be useful to her. She made an arrangement with the Penal Colony that would transfer Warwick to her under a ‘house arrest’ agreement. She would be responsible for him and any slip up in his behavior would have him shipped back to the Penal Colony for the remainder of his sentence.

Shane leapt at the chance, although serving again on a starship wasn’t ideal for him. Over the next 16 months, He resumed his life of doing as little as possible to get by and even set up a few lucrative side ventures while aboard the Atlantis that brought him some latinum. All of that changed when it was learned that Captain Jacobs was to be promoted and another CO was to command Atlantis. Shane panicked! No other Captain would give him what he had with Jacobs and he knew it. He had to get off of that ship as soon as possible while he had a chance. Using some of his contacts he was able to secure a transfer to the USS Dresden just after Captain Jacobs left.

Life aboard the Dresden was fun. Shane got to know his crew mates very well, especially those in Security as it seemed that everything that went wrong aboard that ship was his fault. But something did happen aboard the Dresden that he didn’t plan on. He fell in love. He had always had a ‘thing’ for Vulcan women. He couldn’t describe it. They just ‘did it’ for him. So when he started to flirt with the new Vulcan medical officer he didn’t know how deep his affections would grow. She spurred him of course, she was betrothed after all and had been since she was 16. She seemed to enjoy his attempts and even cracked a smile or two when he came up with lame pick up lines. Finally he asked her to be his mate and to reject her betrothal. She refused, asked him to not bother her anymore, and put in a transfer to the ship her betrothed served on. Shane was crushed. He started to drink heavily and this caused a ship wide scene. Shane had done so well that he was being promoted for the first time, to Lieutenant Junior Grade. At the ceremony he arrived drunk, took the pips from the female XO, bend her over in a long kiss, thanked her then pinched her on the backside as he left the dais. Needless to say he spent some time alone in the Brig, and wasn’t promoted. Life was miserable after that until the day his PaDD started to chirp. It was a timer, a timer he had set back on the Atlantis tracking the time left on his sentence. The chirping meant he was done. His sentence was over! Ecstatic, he went to his room, and started to access the computer as he started to pack his things. After an hour he went to the Dresden’s shuttle bay, paid the tech there, in latinum, to open the shuttle bay doors and took off with the shuttle he had just ‘purchased’ from the Dresden.

Two years later the USS Europa detected something off her starboard bow. The object was large but was not emitting any signals. After a visual inspection it was found to be a Star Fleet shuttle craft. The shuttle’s home ship of USS Dresden had been painted over but could be still be seen. Inside the nearly frozen shuttle was found a single male Terran in suspended animation. Upon reviving him the man stated his name was Shane Warwick and was confused as to where he was. He was attempting to traverse the Borkim Riff, an area of null space several parsecs long. He put himself in suspended animation to survive the long trip, but his internal systems failed and didn’t awaken him. Degradation to his cells had just started to begin. It was estimated that he would not have been able to be revived if he had spent a few weeks more in that state. The shuttle had a cargo of seventeen cases of medical supplies that indicated that they had been taken from a Federation transport ship that had reportedly been lost in the Badlands. Shane acknowledged that he had found the ship and secured the only cargo that was able to be salvaged from the ship. He was transporting the cases to a colony in need of those supplies when he encountered the Riff. Warwick was allowed to stay aboard the Europa while the crew finished they current mission, which had them in radio silence. Shane acclimated to a new ship and got to know the crew very well, especially a Counselor of Terran Italian descent named Carlo. Carlo became Shane’s best friend. And due to that friendship he confessed eventually that the cargo he was carrying was the property of a Klingon crime family, and eventually he would have to make things right with them. At the end of her mission Europa allowed her crew to enjoy some R&R on the nearby inhabited world. Shane attempted to sell his medical supplies on the planet’s black market. Things didn’t go well, and he had to make a hasty retreat in his shuttle to escape the planetary authorities.

While all of this was going on, Sean Warwick had grown into a very good MaQui operative and was soon recruited by the Orion Syndicate. He moved up through their ranks, and in only a few years he was captain of the Orion Raider Gossamer Phoenix. Calling himself “The Dread Pirate Roberts”, he devised a way to remove a crew off of a ship so that it could be taken intact along with it’s cargo. This technique brought him into favor with the local Orion Crime Lord known only as The Pharaoh. Roberts became one of his top lieutenants. Roberts and the Gossamer Phoenix attempted their technique and trapped the USS Montgomery. In the process the Phoenix captured the Montgomery’s CO as well as three other crewmen. This time the trap turned on Roberts and his crew mutinied, turning him over the Montgomery’s crew. Roberts was turned over to the Federation Police Force which made a deal with Roberts. In exchange for his testimony he would get a reduced sentence. Roberts agreed under one condition, that they find his brother and have him help with the investigation. The Star Fleet JAG Corp’s investigators found Shane and told him of the deal. He agreed and after several years, the Warwick brothers were reunited. Sean was true to his word, and gave up much of the inner workings of The Pharaoh’s operation. But the Orion Syndicate has spies everywhere, and they soon learned about Sean’s disloyalty. While it happened after he had given his testimony, the Pharaoh’s assassin got to Sean Warwick killing him in his safe house. This put the JAG Corp on notice to protect Shane as well. The Prosecutor on the case had Shane assigned to the USS Resolution, “A ship of nothing but lawyers and cops’ under a new name. It was here a few months later that the Pharaohs spies gave him Shane’s location. The Assassin came aboard Resolution, and caught Shane unaware while he was working in Sickbay. Filling a hypo spray with concentrated floor cleaner, he injected Shane as he stood over a biobed he was calibrating. Only timely treatment saved his life. But the secret had been exposed. Shane could not stay, so he remained dead. Took his shuttle and left to parts unknown.

Two years later, after working in mining colonies, trade stations and other outworldly locales did Shane make a reappearance. He had devised a tracking system to track the Syndicate assassin, but he needed a Federation Starship computer to do the work. Reaching out to his friendly Admiral was not something he wanted to do again as they had been burned by him in the past and were ready to let him go. One took pity on him and sympathized with what he was doing, getting justice for his brother. He pulled strings and got him back into Star Fleet under a new name, Doctor Carson Lowe, and was assigned to the USS Draco. While aboard the Draco, he got to know the crew well, but the Captain wanted to promote him and make him Chief Medical Officer. If you’re hiding out under an assumed name, you don’t draw attention to yourself by getting promoted! He refused the promotion and job title stating he wasn’t ready The Captain insisted and couldn’t see why he was saying No. No one said No to a promotion. He figured the only way he could continue to be aboard that ship was to be honest and tell the Captain who he was and why he cannot take the promotion. Afterwards the Captain took his past into account and told him he needed him to take the promotion. He could not be a staff officer with the rank of Ensign, and he was the most experienced medical officer aboard the ship. In the end Shane agreed, but they both decided to keep it off the official records as much as possible. Shane grew and became happy again aboard the Draco. He even got to birth a baby. Then disaster struck. The Draco was attacked by Klingons and left damaged in space. Much like the Oriskany, recovery ships would be days away. Shane and his medical team did the best they could with limited resources. He needed to activate the ships EMH to keep up with the injured. When the power systems were fluctuating and the EMH was about to go offline, Shane went to his hidden still and redirected the power to the EHM to keep him functioning. In the end when the rescue ships arrived Draco was done for and she was decommissioned and scrapped. Shane and his assistant, Olivia spent the next ten days holed up drinking until they finally had purged all that they had seen from their minds and were able to move on. Shane pulled a few strings and got Olivia to join him on their new ship, USS Crusader.

Aboard the Crusader Shane could relax and be himself again, like he was on the Draco. He made some friends with his teammates and he even ironed out and ended his relationship with Olivia. Things went well until that day he returned to his room to find his tracking program had stopped. It had found the assassin. With a lock on him, Shane could follow him anywhere, now that he knew what to look for. We went to his CO and requested an indefinite LOA. In the end it was granted and Shane left to avenge his brother and the attack upon himself.

Medical History: For the most part Warwick is healthy for a Terran male of his age. In the future some things in his past may catch up to him. He is a smoker who likes his own rolled cheroots. He likes to say that he doesn’t worry about the bad effects of this because he is a doctor and can heal his own lungs. He does check himself every month to see if there are any warning signs of extensive damage. He is a drinker who will go off the deep end when things get very stressful, like when he had his heart broken aboard the Dresden or after the Draco was decommissioned. He drinks ‘the good stuff’ because he is a doctor and it’s for ‘medicinal purposes’. Again he also checks himself monthly for any ill effects to his liver. One area of concern would be the cell damage caused by his extended cold sleep. So far he hasn’t found any effects but it is something he is keeping an eye out for.

Weight: 210 lbs.
Height: 6’ 0”
Age: 44

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