Dira Myqian

Authored by Lindsay B
Biographic Information
  • Position: Commanding Officer on USS Ogawa
  • Rank: Captain
  • Species: Haliian/Betazoid
  • Weight: 68 kgs
  • Height: 170 cms
  • Age: 43
Actions Available

Character Biography

Full Name: Dira Asala Myqian (pronounced ‘my-KEE-in’)

Hair: Black
Eyes: Black

Appearance: Like most Haliians, she has a slight bulge and indentation above each eyebrow and a crevice between the brows running down the bridge of her nose. She has the black eyes of Betazoids. Her skin tone is a light brown.

Date of birth: 2355 (September 19th)
Place of Birth: Hadran City, Vega Colony

Mother: Sesara Relva (Betazoid) [Image]
Father: Kesren Myqian (Haliian) [Image]

*Starfleet Official Personnel Record-Commander Myqian, Dira - Service Number Gamma3489Beta75***


Year Event
2372 Began medical bachelor degree
2376 Psychiatry residency & Starfleet training on Earth, working at Starfleet Medical, doing trauma counselling.
2376 Spent 9 months as part of a Mobile Emergency Psychiatric team that dealt with large group trauma, such as when a particular event affected an entire crew or speciality team. 9 months was the limit for stints on the team due to the high burn-out rate. This assignment earned her her first commendation.
2380 Passes board examination. Promoted to Lieutenant j.g and assigned as a Psychiatrist to the USS Eldridge, a deep space explorer.
2382 Promoted to Assistant CNS.
2386 Promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to USS Halcyon as CNS.
2392 Promoted to Lt. Commander and assigned to USS Calypso as CNS.
2394 Does Command Training by Distance Education.
2395 (late) Completes Command training.
2396 Promoted to Commander and assigned as Executive Officer of the USS Ogawa.
2399 Promoted to Captain and assigned as Commanding Officer of the USS Ogawa.

Academic Degrees:
Bachelor of Medicine

Commendations (2376, 2382, 1387, 2394)


Dira identifies as pansexual and she/her. Her mother, Sesara, is a neuroscientist and father, Kesren, is an artist. She had a pretty adventurous childhood with a good mix of boundaries and freedom; her father especially believed in exploring and making mistakes. Parents amicably separated when she was young (6), but lived near each other and had a good relationship, so Dira’s upbringing was stable for the most part. Because of her mixed heritage, Dira’s abilities are strong and she rates as a full telepath.

Dira joined Starfleet just as the Dominion War was ending, so her residency was spent doing trauma counselling for both Starfleet personnel and their families.

She experienced a rough patch during her residency after a slew of her patients ended up with negative outcomes. It took her awhile to work through that before she regained her confidence and was able to separate circumstances from her ability to be a therapist.

In 2386, Dira’s partner, Paige Hester Sheppard (a security officer she had been in a relationship with for 3 years ), died during a first-contact mission. After three months, Dira requested a transfer, citing personal reasons.

In 2394, an away mission took a serious turn and Dira was forced to take charge of an away team, though she was a more junior officer to the team leader. Risking insubordination to do so, the rest of the away team supported the decision. It was this incident that prompted the psychiatrist to apply for the command training program.


Dira is a compassionate and patient person, though exacting in her work and expectations of others. After her residency she was noted to become a much more cautious person, and she can at times get over-invested in shipmates beyond a professional level. She’s been aware of this tendency and taken steps to guard against this in her therapy practice.

She dresses in vibrant colours in rich fabrics off duty and enjoys being social. She’s notably, perhaps contrarily, a bit of slob when it comes to her personal quarters.

Medical Record

Dira is generally in good health. She’s had a few injuries and illnesses while in Star-fleet as listed below:

Year Notation
2382 Ankaran influenza. Last 4 days and required rehydration treatment in Sickbay.
2382 Second degree phaser burns following a critical incident.
2383 Distal radial fracture following a white-water kayaking accident while on R&R. Treated and fully healed. Required minimal physiotherapy post-repair.
2387 Moderate concussion during an attack on the Halcyon.
2394 Injuries from away mission: head lacerations, bruised ribs.
2399 Partially dislocated left shoulder and completely dislocated left wrist as a result of escaping abduction, as well as lacerations and bruising to both wrists from being bound. Mixed agent containing chloroform used to sedate her and caused subsequent heart issues. Treatment in Sickbay relieved the cardiac distress and fast tracked the removal of the residual agent from her body.

[Note: Myqian is currently testing a device that suppressing her telepathic abilities when worn. Styled as a discreet metal headband, she has a medical exception to wear the headband on duty as needed.]

Psychological Record

Myqian has passed her yearly and boarding evaluations without issue. Additional notations on her record are as follows:

Year Notation
2376 During time as a member of the Mobile Emergency Psychiatric Team (MEPT), Dira had several therapy sessions with the Team Leader to help cope with the sometimes exceptionally difficult cases she was dealing with.
2377 Lost two former patients she had been working with as a member of the MEPT. [One patient resigned commission after traumatic event despite Dira’s efforts to help them through the aftermath. The other committed suicide.]
2378 Three patients committed to long-term treatment. Another two patients honourably discharged due to ongoing issues and referred to civilian mental health teams. Dira nearly gave up her commission after the negative outcomes began to pile up. She was encouraged to take some time off and work with her therapist to reframe her efforts and the outcomes. It was a slow process but she was able to accept that given the high number of cases she dealt with on a regular basis at Starfleet Medical, the negative outcomes were well within an expected percentage, especially given many of them were long-term post-war patients.
2386 Dira suffered the loss of her long term partner. She did six months of grief counselling before and after she requested the transfer off of the Eldridge. For two years after she sought an appointment on the anniversary of Sheppard’s death.
2393 Myqian sought external advice regarding a patient whose behaviour was becoming uncomfortable. An issue of transference was making it difficult for her to be an effective therapist and in the end she had someone else step in and take over the case.
2394 Following an away mission gone awry where Dira was forced to take drastic actions for the safety of the team and the mission, the team leader accused Myqian afterwards of insubordination. But the investigation later supported her actions and Captain Siterra awarded her a commendation. In the aftermath though, Myqian sought therapy to both deal with her conflicting emotions about the event and help bring clarity to revelations that she might be ready for a shift in her career.
2399 Treated with a neurosuppressant following psychological distress due to perceived oversensitivity to telepathic input. Daily dose was administered for four days.

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