Dorian Kelmain

Authored by David Bennett
Biographic Information
  • Species: Human (Modified)
  • Weight: 1323lbs(600kg)
  • Height: 6'6"(200cm)
  • Age: ???
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Character Biography

Dorian is from an alternate reality. He has been so heavily modified through cybernetic surgery that the only organic parts left of him are his brain and spinal cord contained in an EM shielded and armored capsule.

As for his physical appearance, it depends on how his cybernetics are configured. Combined with skillsofts, Dorian could be assigned to any crewman position or duty.

Data File Excerpt:
-Under normal circumstances when a person’s physiology is reduced beyond a certain undetermined amount, the body seems to loose the drive to live. The techniques used on the subject have seemed to convince the body that it’s still alive.
-Exactly how the process works is unknown, but many theories, hints, research, and guesses have provided a framework but most details remain unknown. It’s suspected that an array of scientific techniques are used to keep the organic component functioning , including implanted auto-injectors with reservoirs of necessary drugs and nutrients, nanites that continuously update the subject’s DNA sequence, and cybernetic stimulation of memory centers to ground the subject’s awareness.
-The most obvious advantage is that the subject seems to have been able to accept implants to a level beyond what is naturally possible. In effect, the subject’s abilities could be boosted to unimaginable levels, guaranteeing that the subject will be one of the most feared combat monsters in his environs. Realistically, the subject has crossed a line and can no longer be considered fully Human, the subject has been transformed into something else entirely, more machine than Human. He probably represents one of the first Cyborgs of his culture.
-The negative aspects of the process seem to far outweigh the positive aspects.
-First on the list of drawbacks seems to be that the organic component must be kept alive artificially. It want’s to be dead, but medicine and some unexplainable energy entanglement prevent it from expiring. This requires constant checkups and regular fill-ups of implanted reservoirs. This upkeep is both complicated and time consuming, and it would inevitably result in death if not continued regularly.
-Second, the constant nanite driven DNA-resequencing that is part of the process has not been perfected, nor have we been able to improve on the original technology implanted in the subject, and errors and mutations may develop. Mutating cells are not likely to spread far enough to cause actual physical deformities (they would be noticed and eliminated months or years before reaching that stage), but they create a very real risk of cancer even in our time. The time frame for such development has not been determined, the the risk increases steadily over time.
-Third, the subject’s overall physical integrity constantly becomes more unstable, due to the complexity of the biological, implant, and undetermined factors. If the subject’s health is severely threatened, perhaps severe trauma or wound, the subject’s system is more likely to collapse than someone who is more “organic”. The subject finds it harder to recover from potentially survivable wounds and may die despite receiving immediate medical attention.
-Fourth, the subject suffers from severe mental detachment, apathy, and general malaise, known as chronic disassociation syndrome. If the subject’s mind is not regularly stimulated, his focus on remaining alive rapidly diminishes and he may fall into a catatonic state. From this point, the subject could quite possibly lapse into a coma and die. To prevent this, the subject has apparently been fitted with what he calls and Invoked memory stimulator implant which randomly triggers memories from the subject’s brain.
-Over-stimulation can also be a problem as the subject may become engrossed in minutiae without realizing it, again with the result that he may possibly die.
-Fifth, the subject’s will to live is dramatically decreased. He seems barely aware that he is alive and fails to gain any fulfillment from being so. While he doesn’t consciously wish to die, he seems to have lost many ingrained survival instincts.
-The sixth drawback derives from the previous ones. The subject is creepy, hard to relate to, and generally shunned by others.Extensive implants have given him a monstrous and inhuman appearance, which is not at all offset by his complete lack of presence, empathy, or other emotions. This apparent lack of Humanity has made it popular to refer to the subject as a cyberzombie.
-Upon learning that Star Fleet Command had rushed through assigning Dorian to a ship for duty, Doctor Miike, the lead psychiatrist, had this to say. “You still don’t understand what you’re dealing with, do you? It’s been modified for perfect hostility. It’s an uncompromising survivor… unclouded by conscience, remorse, or morality. If you put it out there, the inevitable deaths that will follow will be on your heads! My opposition is on record.”

The original frame found with Dorian was the BU-55c combat frame.
Height: 6‘6”(200cm)
Weight: 1323lbs(600kg)
Armor: High density Abotex
Run: 45mph(72kph)
Fly/Skim: 90mph(145kph)
Lift Capacity: 14,520lbs(6.6 metric Tons)
Extending Arm Blade (Left Arm)
Mouth Laser
Heat Canon
Arm Laser (Right Arm)
Flight jets in calves and back.
Shieldable optics with targeting, low light, and IR functions.
Analysis Array (Equivalent to a Tricorder)
Communications suite.
Nanite restoration and configuration system.

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