Rowynn Braudwyn

Authored by Melissa Aragon
Biographic Information
  • Species: Human...
  • Weight: 185
  • Height: 5'7
  • Age: 23
Actions Available

Character Biography

Rowynn Braudwyn
(recognized in the Klingon House of Nahmrark)

185 lbs

Born to a human mother and Klingon father, she came out without head ridges, but with the short temper, 8 chamber heart and instincts of a Klingon warrior. At the announcing of her birth, her father, T’jek of Nahmrark did something practically unheard of… He proclaimed her his heir. With her blood and heart to leave no doubt of her lineage, Rowynn was made the heir to one of the top political houses of the Klingon Empire.

Once it was finished, and she was a year old, they left the Klingon homeworld and moved to Earth. The reason given was to allow the mother, weakened permanently by the harsh birth, to be near her family for her end. Despite that she lived till Row was 11. Her father remained on earth and hid her lineage from all but the absolute necessary people in their lives. The doctors knew, as did the head of her learning academies.

Excelling in nothing in particular, she took general studies growing up while her father was a diplomat for the Empire at the Earth Embassy. The one thing she did take as a hobby, was listening and picking up odd phrases and information in a various mixing of alien languages. While she rarely knew the meanings, she could memorize phrases with nearly perfect accuracy in repronouncing it to someone else in query. Star Fleet caught wind of it and started pressing the father to enroll her in the Academy. He held back as long as he could, fearing for her. On his death, because of his long absense, Row would be forced to go back and lay claim as the head of their House. Her father, despite training her in bat’leth and Klingon fighting skills and traditions, never let her know the reason he was pressing her to the point she sometimes won out of sheer rage at being forced to spar in the first place.

At 17, without him even knowing it, she applied to the Academy and was accepted. When the congratulations letters went out, her father realized it was too late. He sat her down and explained it all. Row took it in stride and used the Academy as a way to study her Klingon side without questions be broached. She studied Klingons, as well as Romulans and Vulcans as a way to keep the spotlight off her true line of determination.

Her father, T’Jek, always made sure traditions and life milestones were celebrated to the utmost of tradition and policy so no one would be able to use it against her to fault her claim should she choose to pursue it. He had a close circle of friends, noted in the Senate and the Embassy, witness every moment that could potentially cost her her lineage, or worse, her life, when she grew up.

When it came time to graduate, she was in the middle of the road. Not the top of her class, nor the bottom. Neither drawing positive or negative attention. She knew more than she led on, gave less than she knew, and every once in a while surprised everyone when she occasionally rose above her peers in random things. Her first station was aboard the USS Mainstay, a Mars orbital ship that patrolled the space between Earth and Mars and the surrounding area. They were a listening and exploration craft set in motion to alert the Fleet is something ‘new’ came near. A year into her station, the Captain realized her scores were a poor showing of her abilities and recommended her for a deep space assignment. A place she wouldn’t be wasted and could build on her abilities.

In all her records, only the Captain and CMO are aware of her unique physicalities, and her lineage. Only the Captain learns of her House issues, but not till she has been on board for a time. So it won’t be in her initial records. And the CMO information will be coded as high enough security issue to instantly stop and instant of the CMO wanting to openly share it.

Her phobia is anything related to anti-gravity situations. From space walks to gravity failure. She had been trapped in her quarters, a small area, on her first ship when the main power failed. She was in free float, in the dark, locked in her quarters for nearly an hour before things were set to rights, lights came on and doors were opened to administer magnetic boots to everyone to ground them. She still has issues with it at times late at night if she is so exhausted she feels nearly weightless in bed. Just before drifting off, her mind mixes the sensations and tells her she is floating. It leads to extreme night terrors that were the reason for her having no roommate on her last posting.

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