Desmond McKinley

Authored by Rob J
Biographic Information
  • Position: Child on Outpost 42
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Species: Human
  • Weight:
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Age: 15

Character Biography

Son of Harry McKinley

DOB - 24/09/2379
POB - Mars Colony
Parents - Catherine McKinley (Deceased) Harry McKinley

Harry was born and raised on Mars. His Mother a science officer exclusively working at Utopia Planetia shipyards was a big influence on his life. His father, not so much. At the age of 4 Desmonds father and mother split and his father became somewhat estranged. Contact was very limited but Desmond did not really care, as far as he was concerned his mother was the only parent he needed to concern himself with.

Schooling was very tricky for Desmond, he never really picked up academic subjects like science (much to his mothers dismay). Some of his time he spent with his friends causing a wide array of mischief getting himself into a few incidents with security officers. The best way to describe Desmond is a loner, he would always shun new people and it took him a long time to say he was friends with those he is, seriously lacking in trust he would often claim that the universe had it in for him and everyone’s goal was to make him unhappy.

The death of his mother hit him very hard, one of the very few people he felt he could trust was gone and his entire world began to crumble from the inside. It was only a couple of weeks until he was then reunited with his father on Earth after Desmond had been sent to Earth to be cared for by a family friend.

Upon meeting his father Desmond became very defensive, didn’t want to spend much time with him and wanted to return to Mars in order to at least be close to his Mother in some way. Upon hearing that they would be moving half way across the quadrant Harry became irate, refusing to speak to his father the entire journey to Outpost 42, he had thought about attempting to run away but the difficulty of knowing nobody or nothing about life outside of Mars or Earth was too much of a challenge at the time.

Physical appearance - Slim but well built, brown hair , blue eyes. (looks very much like his father (very much alike)

Other Info:
Quarters - Deck 17 (Civilian quarters) - lives with Harry McKinley

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