Elemirre Serinde

Authored by Gene Gibbs
Biographic Information
  • Position: Engineering Officer on SS Sojourner
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 125 lbs
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Age: 21

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Character Biography

Elemirre Serinde

Biographic Information

Position: Engineer, Machine Shop, Warp Specialist
Serial Number: NC-103-08519
Status: Active
Nickname: El
Born: February 14, 2128


Hair: Raven black, usually worn braided down her back
Eyes: Dark brown
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Height: 5‘5”
Weight: 125 lbs
Build: Average to slim
Complexion: Fair, Asian coloration
Accent: Chinese
Identifying marks/features: El has a tattoo of a colorful, coiled dragon starting at the small of her back, running up her spine and over her left shoulder.

El has an unmistakable Asian complexion and appearance, though specific ancestry (i.e. Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc.) is difficult to pin down. She has soft, high cheekbones, guarded liquid brown eyes upon an open expressive face. El has an average to slim build which is not fully evident while in uniform. Her hands and feet tend toward small. In most instances she would be considered attractive. El’s motions are fluid and appear unhurried.


Report by Cpt Miles Humphrey, Physician, British Royal Space Marine Academy, Portsmouth, UK
Dated: June 19, 2148
Observations and Recommendations
Cadet Elemirre Serinde is a fit, if complex and conflicted, young lady. She is considerably fit and outdoes most of the men in her squad by virtue of persistence and endurance, moving with a grace that speaks of a great deal of discipline – a discipline that she does not attest to learning professionally. I wonder, though. When she was involved in hand to hand combat training or other physical tests I observed eagerness in her competitiveness, yet she held back and let herself be beaten. She showed all the ability but chose to lose. She speaks of her elder sister who is talented in gymnastics and how her mother and family friend, her Uncle Ben, trained them both. To my knowledge she never visited her home when on leave or had a family visit made to her. In this I could see a loneliness in her, again, a desire to be a part of a group or with friends yet for some reason she would never say, held back, and it affects her more than she would admit. Still, in all her interactions, she was more a servant and pleased to help and never shirked an assignment. She took hardship like it was nothing, the training and discipline like it was a cake walk. She rarely spoke of her past. She did show two aversions – one in that she had a fear of enclosed spaces, particularly where she was unable to escape. The second was an incident involved an accident with one of her squad mates during an exercise. Cdt Craig Calen was injured and bleeding and Cdt Serinde helped care for him while awaiting a medical beam out. Serinde had blood on her hands, and she almost pathologically tried to wipe it away. She cited in a post incident interview that she had always never liked blood on her, though could not say why or when that began. Medically and psychologically, though not perfect, I see no reason not to graduate her on to her future career.

Report by Major Edward Gruneau, Commandant, British Royal Space Marine Academy, Portsmouth, UK
Dated: May 28, 2148
Cadet Assessment: Elemirre Serinde
Overall Grade: High Pass, Academically Exceptional
Recommendation: Graduate with Honors
Cdt Elemirre Serinde has proven herself to be resilient, quick thinking, and faultless academically. Scholastically she has picked up every subject which required book learning and resultant exams showed promise. Her practicums, or group exercises, showed that she was resourceful and worked well in teams, however she tended to defer to others to take the flag so to speak. Her instructors reported that she had the will and the ability but still lagged back. I would say that Serinde has great promise, but it is not being used, like a part of her is being held in reserve and not wanting to be part of the spotlight. Socially, Serinde needs work. Polite and cooperative, doing tasks in her squad is one thing. Socially in a group she is a mess. Reserved, quiet, she is the stranger at the table, but observes everything. She is an awkward mess with other women unless the discussion is task oriented. It is like she has no sense of small talk or of being around women, however with time I am hopeful this will improve. Socially it is like whole areas of early development are missing. Her strength is mathematical warp theory, picking that up like it was a simple times table. She works well with her hands and did very well in machine shop. Her focus for fine detail I would say is one area where she didn’t hold back. In an interview she is intent upon serving in space

Personal Information


  • Citizenship: Chinese
  • Place of Birth: New Delhi, India
  • Religion: Buddhist
  • Marital Status: Single


Name Relationship Job Location
Jacob Abebe Adopted Father Mechanical Engineer Deceased
Evelyn Serrano Adopted Mother Mathematician, Personal Trainer Missing, Unknown
Meiling Fei Sister Waitress Manticore, Earth
Benjamin Colby Family Friend Doctor/Physician Deceased
Michael Crow Family Friend Linguist/Translator Unknown
Derrick Mar Family Friend Farmer/Barber/Botanist Dennison Mine Prison

Education :

Secondary Education: Integrated Technical Academy, Beijing, China 2143-2145

  • Years Present: Summer 2143 through Spring 2145
  • Major: Applied Mathematics and Physics
  • Minor: Computer & Technology
  • Extra Curricular Activities: Remote Schooling in Manticore.
  • Awards: ITA Award for Marks in Advanced Calculus Studies
  • Extras: Swimming

During Academy: Royal British Space Marine Academy, Portsmouth, UK

  • Years Present: Summer/Fall 2145 through Summer 2148
  • Rank at Graduation: Ensign
  • Major: Warp Theory, Mechanical Physics
  • Minor: Machine Shop Technology
  • Extra Curricular Activities: Marathon running, Swimming, Cards, Chess
  • Awards:
  • Extras:

Cantonese and English are her primary languages, but also extends to Swahili, Hindi, Spanish and Bengali after her parents and family members. German and Russian rounds off her proficiencies. She is also fluent in Manti, a mashing of Eastern tongues.

Interests :

Hobbies and Interests

  • Colors: Favorites are Burgundy and Deep Green
  • Pet: Had a pet mouse named Cricket
  • Movies/Holos: Bladerunner; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Titanic, The Notebook, Kilimanjaro
  • Books: Lord of the Rings, Brave New World, Friday, Stranger in a Strange Land, Romance Novels
  • Favorite Subject: Warp Mechanics
  • Hobbies: Reading, Meditation, Her Diary ‘Zeffie’, Gardening
  • Music: Gregorian Chants

Medical :

Medical and psychological history

  • Date - Condition – Treatment - Doctor
  • May 12, 2145 – Enlistment Physical Exam – Cpl Horace McKenzie – Cdt Serinde anxious but quite healthy. Being this her first ‘real’ time in a learning institution, and this a Marine Academy, it can be excused. Prior medical history unknown. Dental check shows healthy teeth and gums. No treatment required.
  • August 2, 2145 – Sprained Right Wrist during hand-to-hand combat training – Compression bandage applied, and x-rays taken. No further injury. Light duties for three days. Observed she was able to use her left hand with near equal utility. – MCpl Mahit Mangal
  • June 23, 2146 - Physical and Stress Test – Sgt Anabelle Leeson – Subject seemed uncomfortable but passed the stress test. I did not think that Cdt Serinde tried as hard as she could have with it. When challenged she said she was feeling off today. Observational assessment from her Squad Leader and others has that she sleeps only about 5 hours, rising at 4am for exercises. Serinde says it was a habit she had from her mother. Must have been some mother! This doesn’t appear to detrimentally affect her performance, but we will monitor this.
  • September 19, 2146 – Asp Bite During Exercise at left calf – 2Lt Karim Jabar – While on exercise Cdt Serinde disturbed an adult asp in the grasses (stepped on it) wherein it bit her just above the bootline on her left calf. Antidote administered, area cleaned and dressed, and subject monitored. Mild swelling incurred but no other ill effects. She was returned to duty the following day though monitored for any residual effects.
  • October 9, 2147 – Hypothermia, Cuts and Abrasions – Sgt Walter Keener – During an exercise accident Cadet Serinde incurred minor cuts and abrasions along with moderate hypothermia from being in the ocean for an extended amount of time. Given the nature of the incident, Serinde got off very lucky.
  • January 29, 2148 – Third Year Physical – Cpt Miles Humphrey – Serinde was distracted throughout this exam and had been expressing this during her studies. It has not affected her grades, however her field performance has suffered. She often looked out the window during this checkup and went through the motions. To me Elemirre looked thoughtful but sad. When I asked about this she said it was hard to say farewell to people who have been like family these past three years. It sounded like she had gone through this before but would not elaborate. Her Squad Leader said that she had not developed close ties with anyone – tremendous loyalty but no close ties, which made me wonder about her statement.

  • Blood Type: 0 Negative

  • Vision: 20/10
  • Fitness: Good
  • Handedness: Ambidexrous
  • Noted habit of biting her nails
  • Noted habit of wiping her hands, not compulsively, but enough to notice

Service History :

Year(s) Location/Event Position Rank CO
Aug – Oct, 2148 SS Vigilance Engineering Cadet Cmd Roger Hastings
Nov, 2148 –> June 2149 SS Bonaventure Engineering Ensign Cpt Arialla Bovar
July, 2149 SS Sojourner Engineering Ensign Cpt Marceau Renault

Awards and Citations:

Citation for Outstanding Teamwork – During the course of her second year at the Royal British Space Marine Academy, accorded by Drill Sergeant William Morris and attributed to unanimously by her squad mates, Cdt Elemirre Serinde showed exemplary teamwork, leading by example in helping her squad during exercises, barracks, and studies, and doing so without urging or asking.

Citation of Commendation for Bravery – During a Final Year exercise in which her Squad was to take a boat to Marinis Island, construct a dock, heli landing pad, and a forward observation post (all accomplished). On a return the ship was rigged to stall and with it the comms in order to test their resilience in fixing the craft and communications. During this time a storm arose followed by an explosion on board that crippled the craft which foundered on rocks. Cdt Serinde pulled her squad from the rocks and water and swam them individually to a safe outcropping before returning to the ruined craft, repaired the radio and called for help. All her squad survived.

Back Story

Records show that Elemirre was born in New Delhi and put up for adoption. She was quickly adopted by Jake, of African descent, and Evelyn, of Spanish descent, who, incidentally, had earlier adopted her sister some five years prior. While she was born in New Delhi, the family moved to an island in the South China Sea when she was 3, where she lived with her adoptive parents, sister, and three others who were in essence her adoptive extended family and was home taught there.

Two years later, the family picked up and moved to Manticore, a vast flotilla of stationary ships that had been building up for over a century. El, not entirely proud of that, would say she grew up on the island until she went to the Military Academy, rather than an old tugboat. She did home schooling until she attended the Technical School out of Beijing for two years, followed by the British Space Machine Academy in the UK.

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