Sharah Fayth

Authored by Jennifer Ward
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Star Fleet Medical Officer on Oed V
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Species: Betazoid
  • Weight: 126
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Age: 25
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Character Biography

Sharah Fayth
Position: Chief Medical Officer
Serial Number: NC-459-2486
Status: Active
Nickname: Shar
Born: 2374, Betazed

Personal Portrait


Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Species: Betazoid
Gender: Female
Height: 5‘2”
Weight: 126 lbs
Build: Petite, fit
Complexion: Pale lightly pinked skin rather than tan
Identifying marks/features:

Sharah is short, 5‘2”, with blue black hair that bounces with the slightest movement. It is the bane of her daily routine. Like all Betazoids she has pure black irises.


Sharah works well with her medical colleagues and is described as compassionate and thoughtful with her patients and easy to work with. These traits flow over into her few personal friendships. Her condition requires a lot of downtime to maintain her mental equilibrium. She prefers small social gatherings being most comfortable with one-on-one interactions or 3 to 4 people.



Personality Profile Type:

Personal Information

Sharah is a super-sensitive telepath/empath. Unlike other Betazoids, whose talents turn on at adolescence, hers were turned on at birth. The over stimulation can cause mental shut down and require hospitalization if strict care is not taken. With extreme training Sharah has trained herself to ignore the ‘noise’ even though she is unable to turn it off and constantly “hears” the thoughts and feelings of others. This noise is similar to being in a large room with hundreds of people talking at once. This is a rare condition on her planet, only a fraction of 1% are diagnosed. She has been followed by a team of doctors her entire life. Her condition can make her appear distracted, but she is not.

Census Data & Emergency Info
Citizenship: Federation, Betazed
Place of Birth: Betazed
Religion: Four Gods of Betazed


Name Relationship Job Location
Acen (Trebal) Fayth Father Betazoid Farmer/Agricultural Expert
Luanna Fayth Mother Betazoid Homemaker
Eilah Fayth Brother Betazoid Lt CMdr OP 53/CoS
Oliver Loughty Adopted Uncle Human Lt jg/Sci/Unknown

Martial Status
In a Relationship with Charles Tenkiller and Yavia Crockett


Early Education

  • Primary Education: Homeschooled
  • Extra Curricular Activities: Art and botany
  • Awards:

Secondary Education: University of Betazed

  • Major: Pre-med
  • Minor: Art
  • Extra Curricular Activities:
  • Awards: Star Fleet Academy:
    • Rank at Graduation: Cadet IV
    • Major: Diagnostic and Survival Medicine
    • Minor: Botany
    • Extracurricular Activities: Working in the Academy Gardens
    • Awards: Herbert W. Nickens Medical Student Scholarships, Summa Cum Laude, Dean’s List (6 semesters) Dean’s List with Distinction (2 semesters)
    • Extras: Sharah made top grades in her class despite the difficulties her ‘gift’ had the potential to cause. She is a skilled doctor excelling in diagnostics and survival medical treatment. She is an accomplished surgeon, though she needs an extremely focused support staff to ensure their thoughts do not interfere with her work on the patient. She has a minor in Botany. Her cadet project consisted of collecting a database of chemical compounds needed for basic medical care so that those compounds could be searched for in native areas among plants and other vegetation. This list will help those in emergency situations to find medicines when medical supplies are not available. When assigned to the Europa, she was recalled to the Academy to finish her research, allowing her to build on her medical and botanical knowledge and skills.
    Post Graduation Award: Award for Distinguished Research in the Biomedical Sciences - Her cadet project researched the viability of using local plant life to create emergency medications for away team members who were cut off from medical aid. A training program was developed to teach the skills needed to implement the research. The program also tests the viability of the medicines developed. Her project was approved and then passed completion. She plans to continue to develop the database and training program as part of her regular duties or on her own during her off hours. Languages: Betzed, Federation Standard, Vulcan, some El-Aurian, Beginning Romulan,
    • Colors: Green, Brown, Purples, Oranges - Earth Tones
    • Pet: Dog, Betazoid Kitten
    • Movies/Holos: Sharah enjoys social programs on the holodeck. Getting to experience events that include large crowds, but allow her to not be overwhelmed by the input of all those people
    • Books: Any books
    • Favorite Subject: Medicine and Botany
    • Hobbies: Books, sketching, parkour, her garden
    • Music: classical, music/melodies that are simplistic and uncomplicated
    Sharah loves books and has some talent with sketching. She spends a lot of time researching for her pet projects. Despite what appears to be a severe lack of physical coordination (but is a side effect of the distraction caused by the telepathic input she receives), she has a daring streak and will try almost anything at least once, which explains her recent interest in parkour.
    Sharah is an over-sensitive telepath/empath. Unlike other Betazoids, whose talents turn on at adolescence, hers were turned on at birth. This over stimulation can cause mental shut down and require hospitalization if strict care is not taken. As a child she was hospitalized for her condition on 3 occasions, at 1 month, 5, and 15 years of age. Soon after her arrival for her cadet cruise, Sharah suffered what at first appeared to be a severe mental breakdown. It was soon discovered she had been infected by an unknown parasite that fed and bred exponentially off her paracortex. Her DH was able to develop an antiparasitic to remove them and Sharah has been well since then. Despite her difficulties she is an extremely talented telepath.

    • 2374 - Super-Sensitivity Diagnosis - Close monitoring of Paracortex activity, begin psychological therapies
    • 2379 - Complication due to Super-Sensitivity - Monitor and art therapy started
    • 2389 - Complication due to Super-Sensitivity - Monitor and treatment of side-effects
    • 2396 - Parasitic Infection - Dr. Tandra Mika developed antiparasitic to remove Acronosomiasis
    • 2398 - Unexplained drop in BP and psilosynine resulting in loss of consciousness - monitored for 12 hours, no treatment than observation

    • Blood Type: A+
    • Vision: 20/20
    • Fitness: Average
    • Handedness: Left

    Psychological Profile:

    Sharah was in counseling several times a week with a Neuropsychologist at the Academy. Before that she saw several psychology experts on Betazed starting from about a month old..

    Sharah regularly sees a counselor to help her work through all the extra input as well as her own individual mental state.

    She has a hard time making friends, and there was an incident her first year at the Academy that has shaped her opinion of herself and her relationships with her crew and classmates.

    Recorded note from Cmdr Balaris: “When you’re a child you see your parents, they love each other, you want to be part of their hugs, you want to share their kisses, in a very childlike way. You find comfort in their affection and you want to share it because you’re a child and it’s safe and they share that love, their love as a parent, as a family with you. You don’t see the intense intimacy, the passion. Children don’t see that, they don’t understand it and good parents keep that private. Good parents, great parents can’t keep that away from someone like me. It’s very confusing and scary and there is very little logic or thinking about it. Out of all the things I ever heard a child those are the ones that are the most...destructive.”

    Service History:

    She is an accomplished surgeon, though not at the top of her class in that arena, though she needs an extremely focused support staff to ensure their thoughts do not interfere with her work on the patient. Sharah is a skilled diagnostician and expert in survival medical techniques. Her work in Botany and medicine has earned her notice in the medical field.

    Year(s) Location/Event Position Rank CO
    2374 Born/Dominion Occupation Betazed
    2391-2395 Star Fleet Academy School of Medicine Cadet 1 - 3
    2396 USS Challenger Doctor Cadet IV Cpt. Emmeline Davis
    2396 (Reassigned Briefly) USS Europa Doctor/Botanist Ensign Cpt Johann Dvorak
    2396 (4 months mid year) SF Command Medical Researcher Ensign
    2396 (End of Year) USS Ark Angel En/Science-Botanist Ensign Cpt Drudoc Andone
    2396 - 2397 USS Ark Angel CSO Lt j.g. Cpt. Drudoc Andone
    2396 - 2397 USS Viking Medical Doctor Lt j.g. Cpt Rende Asam
    2397 - Present Oed V CMO Lt Cpt Johnathan McBride
    Medals and Citations
    The Star Cross: When others wanted to create harm, and act out of fear, you stood your ground and fought for peace and understanding. You gave of yourself to find peace. To seek out new civilizations, found it and protected us all.” Captain Rende Asam
    Back Story
    Sharah Fayth was born the year of the Dominion Occupation of Betazed. Her father had taken her mother and brother with other refugees into the caves near their farm. The birth was hard on her mother, leaving her sick and weak. Towards the end clean water and food was scarce and there was little access to medicine. The children ran the risk of diseases that were still around and without vaccinations they became sick. Her brother managed to avoid this somehow. Sharah was a fussy baby during that time. Most considered it was the lack of food and her mother’s own poor health, and unable to care for and feed her that caused it. They were unaware the small baby was able to feel the turbulent emotions of everyone around her, as well as their thoughts, and she was far too small and too new to life to understand what any of it meant. Crying was the only way to express the pain and fear she herself felt. When word went out that there was a way to stop the Dominion, her father left to join the ‘fight’. Her mother was far too ill to help and even if she wasn’t, her mother had very weak telepathic abilities. Andrew was far too young to help, and that left him to help care for his mother and infant sister. Sharah screamed, fussing the whole night, by morning she’d seemingly passed out.

    Close to her first birthday, Sharah became very ill. Her mother had no idea why she was extremely fussy that day or what was wrong. Only that Sharah wouldn’t stop crying. When her father returned home he knew right away what was wrong. Sharah was telepathically projecting strongly. That was when her family discovered Sharah was born with her abilities turned on - she was a super sensitive. That began a life time of medical appointments, treatments and a search for a ‘cure’.

    Those early years were spent in mostly seclusion. Her mother kept her home away from people, in a failed attempt to help her, to keep her away from all the input. Sharah adored her brother and followed him everywhere. Sharah didn’t know how to filter what she heard and felt and would react to all of it. This often meant that she accidently shared things others didn’t want shared. By the time Sharah entered school at 5, most of the children were not friendly and the parents were frightened. The rebellion against the Dominion had been a success but at what cost to their people? They had learned to kill with their thoughts, from another super-sensitive, Hent Tevren, who had also been Betazed’s only serial killer in millenia. People were afraid of Sharah, afraid of the devastation she reminded them of, and a future they didn’t understand. Now she was old enough to understand some of the things she heard and felt. It wasn’t long before the increased exposure and the harmfulness of the thoughts concentrated on her, the over stimulation caused another mental shut down, and Sharah was in the hospital again. This time the doctors were able to help her more. Sharah learned to use drawing and sketching to focus and identify the things that had caused her breakdown.

    This was also when Sharah discovered she had a knack for helping people. Sitting alone in her hospital room, Sharah was overwhelmed by the fear and illness around her. Overwhelmed by it all she began to wander the hospital. Dr Itrad was quite surprised when the young girl wandered into the exam room. “Where are your parents?” Sharah shook her head, but didn’t answer him, instead she stared at the other child sitting on the bed. Her hand came up to cover her right rib cage and she winced, starting to cry. “It’s not his stomach,” she said, having picked up the Doctor’s thoughts about treating the little boy for his upset stomach before running a scan. “Here.” She pointed at the rib cage. A scan quickly revealed that the child had cracked a rib, the pain was making him sick, not a stomach bug. Dr Itrad was curious about the little girl and quickly became a mentor and friend and a curious researcher when it came to Sharah’s case.

    Andrew had brought a friend home on leave from the Academy. Sharah had been oblivious to the argument he was having with his friend and had run out to Andrew, overjoyed to see her brother again. His friend had been showing off and although Andrew got to her first, the phaser had gone off too close.


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