Jennifer Wallace

Authored by Miriam W
Biographic Information
  • Position: Commanding Officer on USS Athena
  • Rank: Captain
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Age: 36 yrs
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Character Biography

Jenn has straight reddish-brown hair that falls a few inches past her shoulders. She has a western-european skin tone, and her eyes are bright green. Because of her Myopia, Jenn is required to wear contact lenses. Because of her dislike of said contact lenses, when she is off duty, she dons a pair of black-rimmed glasses.
When on duty, Jenn’s hair is pulled into a neatly contained bun or a low pony-tail, but when she has leisure time, it is generally either loose, in a high ponytail, or pulled into a messy bun.
When she is able to, Jenn also wears a necklace made of a thin silvery chain, a gift given to her by her father upon her leaving home to go to Starfleet Academy. The chain has a golden locket and a silver Star of David on it, given by her father and mother, respectively.
Although Starfleet requires a uniform when on duty, Jenn isn’t one to pass up the opportunity to dress down when she has some time off. Fellow crew-members will most commonly see her donning a pair of slacks or light-coloured jeans on her days off, along with some kind of T-shirt she has replicated from her favorite fandoms of the 21st century.

Jennifer’s story begins a couple decades before her birth, with her parents. Her mother, Alice Roberts, was a so-called “Starfleet brat,” born and raised on star ships. From an early age she knew she wanted to be a doctor, and she was certainly smart enough, easily gaining passage into the Medical section of Starfleet Academy on her first try. However, a traumatic experience on a mission early on in her career left her mentally scarred, with damaged vision and severe PTSD. Unable to serve on a star ship any longer, she retired to a small colony on the third planet of the Parvok star System. It was called New Canada, and it was there that she met and fell in love with Felix Wallace.
Felix, unlike his soon-to-be wife, had grown up in New Canada, son of a farmer and a botanist. By age 23, he was well on his way to becoming the lead botanist, following in his mother’s footsteps. Some of his main duties are overseeing the colony’s expanding crop-land, overseeing the ranching of food-producing animals, and the development of new and better high-yield crops.
The two were eventually married, and Alice took a dual position in the colony. Not only was she an assistant to New Canada’s small staff of physicians, she also took up the job of teaching the children of the colonists, a job which had previously been held by an elderly woman. There were a few dozen children in the colony of about 400 people, so she taught them in the equivalent of a one room schoolhouse. The two had four Children - Elizabeth, Katie, Jennifer, and Jacob.
New Canada itself is a very small colony, barely more than a village in population, and is the only human settlement on the planet that would eventually be named ‘Jubilee’. They occasionally have new arrivals, and by 2396 the population has reached about 800 people.

Here’s where we finally get to talk about Jenn. Raised on a remote Federation Colony and taught by her own mother, Jennifer Wallace was never exceptionally outgoing as a child. She much preferred to stay at home after school and read her mother’s old Academy textbooks, along with novels from other worlds. Her favorites were the adventure tales from Earth before WW III. It was discovered when Jenn was 12 that she was developing severe Myopia, but the colonists did not have the resources to fix her eyes, and they were too far away from Earth to send the girl away, so she was given glasses, and that was the end of that.
As she grew into her teens, Jenn became more active and outgoing, helping her father in the fields and volunteering in the colony’s small hospital, as well as helping with various other community events. When she was 18, she applied to Starfleet Academy Medical, and was elated when she got in. She was known as the star of New Canada, and any time she was back at home she was basically a miniature celebrity. Attending classes where her mother was not the teacher was difficult at first, but she had gotten some practice through some correspondence courses she had taken in preparation for her entrance exams.
At the Academy, Jenn met several people who would become lifelong acquaintances, if not friends. Not least of which was a young Andorian male names Shess ch’Dani. He was a friendly sort - having been allowed his dream of entering Starfleet after two of his three arranged mates befell tragic and fatal circumstances. The two hit it off rather well, and became nigh-inseparable friends with a sibling-like bond.
After her 6 years at the Academy, Jenn was assigned to the Academy Ship U.S.S. Challenger, allowing her to have some experience being on a ship as part of a crew before graduating. After a short stint on the USS Challenger, Jennifer Wallace was ready and rearing at the chance to face her next challenge, which this time would be on the U.S.S. Wolverine.
After a few fairly uneventful years on the Wolverine, she was promoted to Lt. and moved to the U.S.S. Equinox as Chief Medical Officer, under Captain Talyn Sun. Under Captain Sun’s advisement, she took the command training course and passed it with flying colours, but didn’t expect much to come of it. She had a good relationship with Captain Sun and the rest of the Equinox’s senior crew, finding them in general to be an odd group, but a strong crew. After 6 years as CMO on the Equinox, she was promoted to Commander and assigned as XO to the Athena.
Once a year, she takes three weeks of personal leave to go home to New Canada to visit her family and their growing families.

Biological Family
Mother: Alice Roberts-Wallace, Teacher and Medical Assistant
Father: Felix Wallace, Lead Botanist of New Canada

Older Sister: Elizabeth Wallace-Bloom, (40 yrs) Secretary/Aide to the Colony Governor
Brother-in-law: Robert Bloom, (42 yrs) Author
Niece: Rachel Bloom, (18 yrs)
Nephew: Phillip Bloom, (16 yrs)

Older Sister: Katherine Wallace, (38 yrs) Barkeep and Co-owner of “The Moose and Barrel” Pub.
Kathy’s romantic and business partners, unmarried - Mary Gable (39) and Terry Pratt (41)
Niece: Hailey Wallace-Gable-Pratt (6 mo)

Younger Brother: Jacob Wallace, (33 yrs) Farmer/Botanist
Sister-in-law: Naomi Wallace, (32 yrs) Teacher/Stay-at-home-mom
Nephew: Daniel Wallace, (10 yrs)
Nephew: Anthony Wallace, (8 yrs)
Niece: Kiersten Wallace, (5 yrs)

Extended Family:
She is a descendant of the Fleet Clan
She is a second cousin to the McGarret Family (Evie is her 1st cousin once removed)

- Academy Classmates (They called themselves the Dream Team)
Shess Ch’Dani, Andorian, Security (M)
- A cheerful and sarcastic man, Shess will tease his best friend endlessly, and that has not changed as they grow older together. He has often acted as Jenn’s wingman, being much better at flirting than her, and in the Academy he set her up with at least half of their friend group, unintentionally creating said friend group as a consequence. He’s currently dating Elias Kepler, a Human Engineer, and Jenn keeps encouraging him to get around to proposing to the guy.
Gari (now Gari Vol), Trill, Science (M)
- A man with high taste in cuisine, he loves to try every new food he can get his hands on. When not studying at the Academy, he was one of the first to come up with ideas for trouble the Dream Team could and would get into. With all the chaos he caused, it’s a wonder he managed to complete his training as a science officer. And a greater wonder that he was chosen to be the next host for Vol, his symbiote.
Elonat, Vulcan, Science (F)
H’Morr, Caitian, Counselor (F)
- Another of my PCs, former Counselor of the Ark Angel.
Ellie Farrow, Earth Human, Engineer (F) (deceased)
- Former housemate and girlfriend of H’Morr, Ellie left her dog, Finnigan, in the care of the Caitian counselor.
Kupo Esa, Bajoran, Engineer (M)
Krull, Klingon, Security (M)
Persephone, Ktarian, Helm (F)
Egam Draiser, Betazoid, Medical (M)

Romantic Interests: None
Orientation: Biromantic

Medical History:
Jenn received very few of the suggested Vaccines as a child, a fact that she attributes to her place of birth and their lack of access to resources.
As a result, it was necessary for her to undergo several months of (what she refers to as) torture as she received one shot after another over a span of a few months, vaccinating her against all those nasty bugs one is at risk of receiving as a medical officer. This was done in the summer before her departure from New Canada. (The Vaccines were specially brought in for her)
As mentioned in her background, she has a nasty case of Myopia which she developed around the age of 12. She sees perfectly well once her contacts or glasses are on.
At the age of 7, she suffered a case of the Thelusian Flu which was running its course through the entire population of New Canada.
Jennifer has never broken a bone, although she had a crack in her left femur from a nasty climbing incident during her academy days. There are still hints of that in the structure of her bone.

Psychological Profile:
Jennifer is considered mentally healthy, and has no known history of mental illness in the family.
She exhibits a high degree of nostalgia for her childhood, and has a habit of comparing experiences of the current day to past experiences.
Jennifer is prone to bouts of mild nerves and exhibits a few tells. Adjusting (or cleaning) her spectacles, (tbd).
Jennifer has a distaste for prolonged physical contact, especially when it concerns her hands. The cause has not been disclosed.

Duty Record:
Born March 2, 2360 on New Canada
2378-84: Attended Starfleet Academy, Medical Track.
2384-5: Served on the Challenger for her Cadet cruise.
2385-90: Assigned to USS Wolverine as Medical Ensign, Promoted to Lt. partway through.
2390-96: Assigned to USS Equinox as Chief Medical Officer, Promoted to Lt. Cmdr.
2396: Assigned to USS Athena as first officer

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