Oliver Loughty

Authored by J Ridgley
Biographic Information
  • Position: Acting Chief Science Officer on USS Atlantis
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 88Kgs
  • Height: 5ft 11'
  • Age: 39
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Character Biography

Full Name: Oliver 'Olly' Loughty 

DOB: 2357

Birthplace: Earth, England.

'A retired soldier and pilot from a bygone era now turned university professor in botany and ecology is looking for his next big thrill. He hopes to find the next big adventure within Starfleet.'

Physical Traits

Standing just under 6 feet tall Oliver sticks out in most crowds, his jet black hair only scared with a streak of silver brought on by poliosis. He has bright multi coloured, almond shaped eyes set upon a chiselled square pale face, all atop a worn muscular body the only signs of ageing within the crows feet around his eyes and the slightly round gut where a once well formed six-pack had been overcome by years of drinking coffee and homemade food has taken  its toll. 

Family Portrait 


 Oliver also goes by 'Olly', his middle name, and is a natural-born teacher and scientist. He is well informed and loves nothing more than to teach, to learn, and always strives to be the smartest person in the room which is why he became a scientist in the first place. With a gentle and kind heart though at times his emotions tend to wash away as his past begins to haunt him, Olly is always easy to find the best in someone especially if they don't see it in themselves and prides himself on his ability to accept others for who they are and whatever walk of life they come from. The only time this can change is when faced with liars and cheats, he has a very strong moral code and believes in what is right and what is wrong and will always express his opinion but in a fair and just way. 

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Quick Thinker - Olly has always had the unique ability to enable him to see an event unfold and quickly come up with an answer or response to something, this usually was the simplest response or in the form of something out of the box.

+ Loyal - Fiercely Loyal to Starfleet and in his friends, Olly is willing to help in any way to better the reputation of Starfleet and help his friends.

+ Natural Teacher - Olly has always been able to help others find understanding in something even if it's not something he is especially diverse in making him a fantastic teacher.

= Kind Hearted - Being kind-hearted can at times be a two-sided blade, one side Olly can very much interact with anyone from all walks of lives on the other he can sometimes be taken for granted and misused.

- Considered Fickle - Not because he changes his mind because he finds himself bored or uninterested at times, with his emotion disappearing and surfacing in dramatic style, Olly lives somewhat in the past the Dominion war took its toll on him and suffered form physical and mental injuries.

- Stubborn - His pursuit of knowledge and superior intellect has made Olly stubborn, he just doesn't know when to quit.


Olly has already succeeded in most things in life, he has already served in Starfleet, Achieved a PhD, Taught in a university and has even lectured at the Starfleet Academy. His next thing is to once again set upon the stars but in a capacity which wasn't caused by of war.

Hobbies and Interests
Olly is a bright and bubbly person so his hobbies and interest reflect that he plays a ukulele, and enjoy a mature sining, post water sports, painting and Photography. He considers himself as a bit of a comedian and is t scared to get up on stage. He loves flowers making work a bit of a hobby and finally loves Mixology.

Orientation: Hetrosexual

Languages Spoken: Klingon, Romulan, Vulcan, Andorian, Cardassian and Federation Standard.

Background and History

Oliver or 'Olly' to his friends was born to his English parents in Tartu Estonia in 2355. At a young age, Olly was considered smart and ahead to do his time and found getting along with our children easy, he also had a fond interest in the ecological surroundings in the Baltic states before moving to England. olly attended one Junior School, One High school and one College where he studied in Botany and Applied Science before making a massively rash career change and joined the Starfleet Fighter wing in light of the impending Dominion war in 2374.

Due to the nature of the war enlisted training had reduced its age requirements and training meaning more younger men were joining and leaving less qualified but Starfleet found themselves losing the war towards the end of 2374 so  Olly answered the call to arms.

Going through training was a harsh reality check, the one young Scientist and been thrown into an arena surrounded by violence but by the end of his year training, he was ready along with his entire intake. His first posting was the USS Trident.

In 2375 Olly saw the most of his conflict in the Kalandra system where his task force was used to retake several enemy ground bases and hold them until relieved. As was the case all along the front allied supplies were low and often the units went without weeks before resupply and reinforcements as was the case for him and his unit. During the battle faced Olly received injuries to his right arm and shoulder which is now covered by a tattoo. Olly during this time also often volunteer for ground based operation meaning he worked along side Starfleet Marines.

Towards the end of the Dominion war, Olly's unit was folded into another company but still operating from the USS Trident, and while he was not involved in the ground attack on Cardassia Prime he was in a battle on a planet which held a large dry dock in a neighbouring system and after the war was declared over fighting raged on all along the front lines until finally days the later word was finally received and the remaining dominion forces surrounded.

Olly served with the Starfighter wing until 2378 and left as a Chief Petty officer to attend Starfleet Academy once more but as a Science Officer where his true interests had always been. Upon his completion at the Academy after his four year tenure in which he studied mostly Computer Science, nanotechnology and theoretical physics. Olly found himself assigned to the USS Galileo before further moving onto the USS Trail-Blazer a deep space science vessel which operated on the fringes of federation space. He spent a year here as a Junior science officer before yet again returning to civilian life and attending The University of Tartu as a Botany and Ecology Major.

After four years he finally achieved his Major in Botany and Ecology before joining a civilian science vessel the S.S. Einstein where he served five years as a Junior and then Senior scientist before returning to the University of Tartu as a Professor however in only just two years Oliver was offered an assignment on the USS Atlantis and his place back in Starfleet. 

Reduced History

Earth, Tartu Born
2374 Recruit Starfleet Academy Enlisted Training
2374 Crewman USS Trident
Starfighter Wing Pilot
2375 Petty Officer USS Trident
Starfighter Wing 2IC
2376 Chief Petty Officer USS Trident
Starfighter Wing Squadron Leader
2378 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Starfleet Academy, Science
2382 Ensign USS Galileo 
USS Galileo
2384 Ensign USS Trail-Blazer
USS Trail-Blazer
2385 Student University Of Tartu Botany and Ecology Major
2389 Junior Scientist S.S. Einstein Civilian Scientist
2392 Senior Scientist S.S. Einstein
Civilian Scientist
2394 Professor University of Tartu
Civilian Professor
USS Atlantis
Science Officer

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