Markus Woods

Authored by Sam Haynes
Biographic Information
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 83.9kg (185 lbs)
  • Height: 1.78m (5' 10")
  • Age: 33
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Character Biography


  • Species: Human
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 33 (Born 2364)
  • HT: 5’ 10” (1.78 meters)
  • WT: 180 lbs (81.6 kg)
  • Builid: Average, athletic
  • EY: Gray
  • HR: Dark chocolate brown
  • Complexion: Pale to light tan during service aboard ship

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  • Psychic - Markus exhibits some telepathic, empathic, and extra-sensory perception - usually in the form of sensations/feelings or images. - Overuse can cause headaches, and being open to paranormal and psychic phenomena can make him a target. You see it, it sees you, so to speak.
  • Trained (Engineering) - Has some training in engineering skills from multiple tours, as well as growing up on Deneva, which the ‘handyman’ spirit is still alive.
  • Telekinesis - Markus exhibits minor telekinetic abilities, able to move mostly small objects with his mind. He’s never moved anything more than fifty kilos, and that was with great effort. This could, perhaps, be enhanced or increased, but for now, he maintains infrequent practice. Too much time spent doing this can cause headaches and some hemorrhaging.
  • Behavioral Analysis - Before the incident with the device, Markus had a grasp on analyzing people’s behaviors and predicting them. After, it seems this ability is almost weaponized. In counter-point to this, he can become overly analytical and even critical, and may need to be checked or pulled back from time to time.
  • Plan - With strong analytical skills, besides behavioral analysis, Markus is a consummate planner, able to rapidly formulate both tactics and strategies in numerous situations, and can rapidly come up with contingencies. This can devolve into over-thinking though, and Markus may need tempering to keep from spiraling.

Languages: Terran Standard (Native speaker)


  • Citizenship:
  • Place of Birth: Deneva
  • Parents:
  • Siblings: Step-sister
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Descendants: None
  • Next of Kin:
  • Religion: None


  • Primary Education: Johnathan Archer ISD
  • Extra Curricular Activities:
  • Awards:

Secondary Education: Star Fleet Academy, San Francisco, California, Terra;

  • Rank at Graduation: Cadet Lt.
  • Major: General & Applied Sciences
  • Minor: Applied Quantum Dynamics
  • Extra Curricular Activities: Kickboxing
  • Awards:
  • Extras:

Posts/Tours of Duty - (As of 2397)

Year Ship Position Rank Commanding Officer
2390 U.S.S. Bridger Junior Science Officer Rank: Ensign Capt. William Thulson
2391 U.S.S. Darius Junior Science Officer Rank: Ensign Capt. Alec Steele
2392 U.S.S. Heimdal Science Officer Rank: Lt. j.g. Capt. Jennifer Blake
2393 U.S.S. Resolution Science Officer Rank: Lt. j.g. Capt. Rachel Sheridan
2394 U.S.S. Valley Forge Senior Science Officer Rank: Lt. j.g. Capt. Kyle Hicks
2395 U.S.S. Viking Chief Science Officer Rank: Lieutenant Capt. Viktoryia Ravenfall
2397 U.S.S. Viking Chief Science Officer Rank: Lieutenant Capt. Michelle Allen

Markus Woods was born on Deneva and is the son of Christopher Woods and Renee Sullivan. Christopher was a well-known and respected, if not famous Starfleet captain. He passed in June of 2380. Renee was and is a skilled astrophysicist and while her work has not been remarkable, it has been steady and she continues to make strides in her field.

After Markus’ birth, the family decided to make their home on Deneva. It was well-populated with a solid colony, and lots of trade and travel. According to them, it was like a second Earth but not so crowded. There was still a frontier, can-do attitude, where a handshake and a person’s word could go pretty far. This shaped much of Markus’ upbringing and childhood. People were friendly and the place was mutli-cultural, allowing the young Woods boy to make many friends.

In 2380 the destruction Captain Woods’ ship left the now teenaged Markus out of sorts. The possibility of losing his father was always there, but after so many years, he’d begun to feel that his father was invincible. With his heroic view shattered, Mark didn’t know what to do how to process his grief. For a time, he found himself frequently in detention for various outbursts and some delinquent behavior.

During his high school years, he’d become something of a practical joker, and had a knack for handling himself on the occasion when physical violence broke out. More that he had a way with his classmates and adults, being able to quickly grasp their behaviors and the underlying motivations behind them, and then use them to his advantage, or to formulate plans. While some might have worried about him becoming a malicious manipulator, Markus never seemed inclined toward such a path.

By the time he completed his primary education, he’d decided that he wanted to enter Starfleet Academy.


Markus’ sharp mind saw him soundly into Starfleet Academy. During his time here, he focused both on sciences and security/tactical classes, even taking some cross work in forensics. During his time here, he gained a reputation for thinking outside the box, and among the students, made some notable exploits. He gained the attention of Captain Christopher Hawkes who tempered some of his wild nature and still serves as an occasional mentor to this day. Seeing Command potential, he challenged Markus to step up, and begin taking bridge officer training and other related classes. He also met Picard briefly when being presented an award from the Vulcans.


U.S.S. Bridger
A newly minted Ensign, Markus found himself assigned to the U.S.S. Bridger, a small explorer science vessel. Excited to be on the edge of Federation space, it quickly grew dull. Until a distress call from a small observatory. They were under fire, and the Bridger, while not a warship, responded. There they engaged a Bolay ship. In the middle of the conflict Markus proposed re-tasking a phaser strip to fire a polaron beam and alter the Bolay ship’s shields. Another crewman refuted the idea, but the Ensign presented the case to Captain Thulson successfully. The tactic worked and the Bolay ship was destroyed after a few well-placed quantum torpedoes.

U.S.S. Darius
With his quick thinking, and perhaps a little help, Woods transferred to the Darius which was a Sabre-class light escort. While patrolling the borders of federation space, they encountered a mysterious alien device hovering. Small enough to be handheld, most of the time it floated on it’s own above whatever surface it was placed over approximately .33 meters. When Markus, practically the ship’s sole science officer, it imparted within him alien knowledge and activated latent psychic ability within him. It would fade within an hour for most people. But Markus spent extended time with the device before it could be returned to the core of Federation space for further study. Prolonged exposure has left Markus with unique knowledge and seemingly permanent psychic and psionic abilities.

Since this incident he has undergone frequent monitoring and study as a subject of interest, as various sections of Starfleet would love to replicate the results. He continues to train and work with his abilities. Like any muscle, they seem to atrophy, at least some of them, when not used.

U.S.S. Heimdal
At the end of his second tour, Woods was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and shifted to the heavy explorer Heimdal. The Heimdal worked to survey and expand Federation borders. Toward the end of his tour, the Heimdal was called to settle a dispute between a local planetary government and what was termed a rebellion at first. Eventually, the Away Team found themselves embroiled in a firefight on the ground. There Markus managed to defuse the situation.

U.S.S. Resolution
Shifting away from the explorer, Markus joined the science vessel Resolution for a quieter tour of duty. The ship made an archaeological discovery. Not his field of expertise, he managed to help coordinate the dig but allowed one of the other specialists to handle the social sciences behind it.

U.S.S. Valley Forge
The Valley Forge was a medium Dreadnaught and responded to a number of situations. Notably, a Federation colony suffered a terrible outbreak. They responded. In the incident the Chief Science Officer was exposed and unable to be cured at the time, Markus became Acting Chief Science Officer as he was the second most senior. Eventually working with the medical staff, they managed to come up with a cure for the outbreak and a vaccine.

U.S.S. Viking
Transferred to the U.S.S. Viking, after having served with distinction over the last few tours, he came aboard as it’s Chief Science Officer. Hearing the rumors about the sip he wasn’t sure he believed such nonsense until he arrived. The place ‘gave him the heebie-jeebies.’ During his first tour aboard the ship he spent most of his time fighting to keep equipment in working order, or from disappearing entirely. When he wasn’t doing that, he was trying to effect repairs, and run down strange phenomenon. More than once he experienced strange happenings, and the feeling of eerie if not malevolent presences aboard the ship. But those experiences never seemed to even come close to those of other crew members.

After the Viking’s destruction, he stayed on for the new Viking, and has found, so far it has been quieter.


  • Colors: Black, Navy, Blue, Brown/Beige/tan, Indigo
  • Pet:
  • Movies/Holos: Martial arts, action, adventure, drama
  • Books: Mystery, Fantasy
  • Favorite Subject: Art, music
  • Hobbies: Art, Going for walks, movies/holos or holodeck time, poker, puzzles, reading, sparring, sports (general), star gazing
  • Music:

MEDICAL DATA/HISTORY - Last updated (Date)

  • Stardate - Condition - Treatment
  • Stardate - Condition - Treatment
  • Stardate - Condition - Treatment
  • Stardate - Condition - Treatment

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 32
  • DOB: mm/dd/2364
  • Blood Type: AB-
  • Vision: 20/20
  • Fitness: Average
  • Orientation: Kinsey 2
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous

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