Ari O’Connell

Authored by Calé Reilly
Biographic Information
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 133lbs
  • Height: 5’5”
  • Age: 32
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Character Biography

Character Biography
Name: Avaria (Ari) O’Connell
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Serial number: Gx5794D
Currently serving:

Species: Human
Gender: Female
DoB: July 14th 2364
Age: 32
Place of birth: London, Earth
Religion: N/A
Citizenship: Federation
Languages spoken: mostly dead and ancient one’s

Parents: Jonathan O’connell (Father) Archeologist. Victoria O’Connell (neé Canarvan) (Mother) Historian
Status: deceased and living on earth respectively
Grandparents: Alexis Canarvan (Grandmother) Retired. Samuel O’Connell (Grandfather) Carpenter
Siblings: Eric O’Connell (Brother)
Spouses: N/A
Children: N/A

Height: 5’5
weight: 133lbs
eye colour: Grey
Hair colour: Dark brown with light highlights and some coloured highlights.
Blood type: B positive
Vision: 20/20
Identifying marks/Features: Celtic design Tattoo on right wrist extending upwards to her right elbow.

Short physical description: Small built and petite Ari makes up for her lack of height with her large personality. She has fair skin and stormy grey eyes.Her hair is cut in a mid length pixie cut and coloured a mix of light and dark browns with a large green dyed streak. She wears a set of 4 silver closed cuffs around the bottom of her right ear and 6 cuffs around the left ear.


A.Promotion and assignment History:
2381 enters star-fleet academy - Cadet 4th class
2382 advanced to cadet third class
2383 advanced to cadet second class
2384 advanced to cadet first class
2385 promoted to Ensign and assigned as medical officer USS Sunstone
2387 promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade as medical officer USS Sunstone
2390 promoted to Lieutenant and assigned as Chief medical officer USS Wraith
2396 promoted to Lieutenant Commander

B. Service History:
2381-2385: Starfleet Academy
2385-2390: USS Sunstone
2390-2396: USS Wraith

C. Medals and Commendations
Medical service medal
Commendation for service under duress

A. Academic Institutions Attended:
– Elementary Education and High School diploma
– Star Fleet Academy, graduation with honours

B. Service Schools Attended:
– Star Fleet medical

C. Qualifications:
Elementary, Junior High and High school education certifications
Medical Doctorate
Ch.M- Surgical qualification
Field and trauma medic certified.

D. Extracurricular activities:

A. Background Summary:

  • Avaria or Ari as she is known to her friends was born in London, England, the second child to Jonathan and Victoria O’connell.
    Her father being a famed archeologist and explorer that loved ancient civilisations so much that even before she was old enough to walk and talk the young Ari had visited every ancient civilisation birth place on earth and many within the wider federation.

By aged 10 she could identify most of these ancient civilisations by artifact and read a vast assortment of ancient languages. Indeed Ari planned to follow her father into archeology until her 12th birthday when she witnessed her father’s death in a tragic accident on a dig on Bajor while on a mission in an advisory position for star-fleet.

With the dominion war only just ended her mother felt it best for the young girl and her 15 year old brother Eric to move back to earth with her grandparents in Scotland.

A year later Ari and some friends were playing on an iced over lake when she fell through the ice. She was saved by a starfleet medical officer on leave visiting his parents. This both left her with a fear of falling through ice and also with an interest in starfleet medical. Three years later that’s where she decided to apply.

B. Personality Summary:
- Ari is a fascinating combination of ultra-competence and utter hopelessness, the kind of woman brilliant enough to understand multiple forms of ancient languages, yet clumsy enough to demolish a store of medical supplies simply by picking something up under the shelves.


A.Recent Fitness Reports

B. Psychiatric Report

C. Current Recreational Interests

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